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Proper dental care – how can you prevent an abscessed tooth?

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What is an abscessed tooth and how should we fight it? A tooth abscess occurs when a tooth nerve and the associated blood vessels in the tooth neck become inflamed. Usually this is due to tooth decay, but the cause could be elsewhere. That’s why it is proper dental care of great importance.

What is proper dental care??

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Pus is collected and the only place it can be released is the neck of the tooth. In this way, pressure is created under the tooth and it becomes sensitive when touched. This pain varies – it can go from dull to intense. This is very dangerous as it can damage the whole face and expression. How should we prevent such an abscessed tooth? The best way would be – proper dental care. One of the best solutions to this question would be to never go to bed without brushing your teeth! If we should get such an infection anyway – visit the dentist immediately! In order to get rid of such problems and – better – never get them, we would of course have to observe a few rules. For example, absolutely avoid sweets and sweet drinks. Another good solution would be to brush your teeth regularly – morning and evening. At least two minutes each time. We should also floss very often – once a day would be enough. It is very important to visit the dentist’s office regularly as well. Any problems with our teeth are thus quickly prevented or eliminated.

Proper dental care and still have a tooth abscess?

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We would have to have the affected tooth treated immediately – at the dentist. It is entirely possible that the pus will flow out of the tooth. Sometimes then it would not be possible that the tooth could be saved. There is a great risk that the inflammation will happen again. In this case, the tooth should be taken out. Another danger is that the pus will find its way out of the gums. The pain is relieved – this should not provide any relief, however, because the terrible inflammation is still there. In the case of an abscess, one should never put warm clothes at the site of the inflammation. The explanation for this rule is that the heat increases the pain and swelling. It would be better on the contrary – do something cold on the affected area. The use of painkillers is recommended and in the worst cases it is necessary that antibiotics are also used. They ease the pain and fight inflammation. The most important thing to remember is: Please visit your dentist immediately if you are worried about an abscessed tooth! And take care of yours proper dental care!

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