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Innovative means against tooth decay – coconut butter for healthy tooth enamel

Coconut Butter Antibiotic-Against Caries-Dental Care Tips

Do you know innovative means against tooth decay? We would like to introduce you to one of these – coconut butter. Incredible but true – coconut butter is used as one of the newest methods of preventing unpleasant dental caries. Coconut butter is a vegetable oil made from coconuts (from their kernel). During digestion, enzymes are secreted that practically destroy a large part of the pathogens that cause tooth decay.

Coconut butter against tooth decay

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Doctor Brady from the University of Warwick, UK, believes that coconut butter is an antibiotic that could be very useful in combating diseases in the oral cavity and for oral hygiene. This enzyme, found in coconut butter, quickly fights streptococci (bacteria that colonize the oral cavity and cause dental caries).

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Streptococcus mutans is a bacterium, which is the number one cause of tooth decay. This bacterium is caused by poor oral hygiene. S. Mutans is a gram positive oval-shaped bacterium that sticks to tooth enamel, forms colonies, and all of which causes dental plaque. These colonies of bacteria feed on the scraps of food that stick on our teeth. Over time, due to people’s active metabolism, these bacteria use sugars that are deposited on our teeth, secreting lactic acid and thereby damaging our tooth enamel. This tooth enamel becomes so thin that it is perforated – a tooth decay occurs.

Ideas for highly effective means against tooth decay

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Coconut butter has been found to prevent these processes. The bacteria cannot multiply and colonies form – the teeth stay clean. The first laboratory test shows very clearly that this enzyme in coconut butter significantly reduces the number of S. mutans bacteria and thus prevents the development of tooth decay.

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According to Doctor Brady, this butter can be used not only against dental caries, but also against other bacteria and fungi, such as Candida albicans, for example.

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