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Bad Breath Causes – What Can We Do About This Problem?

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Bad breath is a very common problem for many of us. But he is ahead, what are they Bad breath causes?

The clinical term for bad breath is called halitosis. Chewing gum or peppermint candies sometimes manage to temporarily hide the bad breath. But this is not a long-term solution because the bad breath causes are still there and will not be eliminated.

Bad Breath Causes – You Should Know About Them!

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It is well known that poor and irregular oral hygiene leads to bad breath. Bacteria collect in the oral cavity, accumulate and destroy the tooth enamel. This not only leads to various diseases, but also spoils our breath.

Food and drinks that have a strong smell and are savory, such as onions, garlic, and coffee, are all capable of causing bad breath. However, they are not only noticeable in the mouth area, but also throughout the body. This is so because their aroma succeeds everywhere with the blood.

The saliva neutralizes the acids in the mouth, which are produced by the numerous bacteria there, and aids in oral hygiene, the removal of dead cells and the removal of leftover food.

Dry mouth (Greek xerostomia) is a common cause of bad breath. The dry mouth is also caused by smoking. Nicotine, tar and toxins are deposited on the smoker’s oral mucosa and count as Bad breath causes.

Other chronic diseases of the tonsils and tonsils such as tonsil stones are also a very well known cause of bad breath. These are leftover food, mucus and bacteria that calcify and stick to the roof of the mouth in the form of white dots. These can be eliminated with a mouthwash. If such a rinse is not done regularly, more and more such points will accumulate and the problem with bad breath will increase.

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Flu, sinusitis, cold, or other respiratory diseases are also common bad breath causes of halitosis. The explanation can be found in the secretions that flow in the throat during this period. The breath then becomes sour. The worse the mouth smells, the worse the disease one is suffering from. The unpleasant breath could also come from the nose – this is where the cause is to be found.

If the bad breath smells heavy and sour, it is called a ketone odor. This very often means that there is a problem with the metabolism, that is, fat is being digested instead of glucose – a sure sign of diabetes. Another option would be a diet low in carbohydrates.

the Bad breath causes could also be due to gastritis.

Some good advice from us would be to help combat bad breath – eat an apple or carrot regularly. They mechanically clean our teeth and promote saliva production. The saliva alone has an antibacterial effect – this is how it eliminates bacteria and germs.

But if, despite all measures taken against bad breath, nothing helps, be sure to visit your dentist!

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