Tips for losing weight through diet & exercise depending on your body type

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Every woman has a specific body shape and structure. These properties show us the weak points of our body, so to speak, when it comes to the perfect figure and thus also which area of ​​the body we should pay special attention to in order to successfully lose weight and achieve our dream figure. So if we want to lose weight in a healthy way through certain diets and exercises, we should focus on our body shape. Some Tips for losing weight we have put this together in this article.

Tips for losing weight on an apple-shaped body

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Ladies who have an apple-shaped body usually have their problem area in the abdomen. That is where they gain weight the fastest. This is then reminiscent of the shape of an apple. The legs, however, are quite slim. The tips for losing weight should therefore be aimed at this problem area in order to be able to lose weight successfully.

Tips for losing weight with exercise

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It is best to choose an endurance sport if you want to lose weight on your stomach. The tips for losing weight include exercises on the treadmill, which should also be at a slight angle so that you run uphill, so to speak, is perfect. You should also prefer to climb stairs rather than use the elevator. This helps to shed the pounds in the stomach area. You should avoid the cross trainer, as it might not be good for your legs.

Tips for losing weight through diet

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You can also lose weight on your stomach with the right diet. Helpful tips for losing weight on the stomach are the consumption of fresh fruit, legumes and oatmeal. Healthy fats that are found in fish and nuts, for example, are just as suitable. In contrast, you should avoid animal fats. Drink plenty of water and herbal teas.

Body with a pear shape


In contrast to the apple shape, the pear shape has a slimmer stomach, while the hips, thighs and buttocks are more luscious. In addition, the waist and breasts are less pronounced. If you recognize your body here, you can use the following weight loss tips to do something about the problem areas.

The right sport to lose weight


Endurance sports that focus on the lower areas of the body and promote weight loss there are the best option. So you can lose weight perfectly on your legs. Walking or riding a bike are good tips for losing weight. In order to create a balance between the hips and upper body area in the body structure, you can also combine strength training for the upper body.

How can I lose weight quickly – tips for nutrition


Diet tips are also beneficial. This should be low in fat. You can consume fruit and legumes without any worries. However, it is best to consume small amounts of products such as potatoes, bread and white beans, as these contain a lot of starch, which in turn expresses the problem areas.

Rectangular body shape


This body shape lacks curves and more pronounced body areas by and large. This body type is also compared to a banana. The body is straight. Women with this body shape want a more pronounced hips, a slim waist and a slightly stronger upper body, which can be achieved with the following tips for losing weight.

Lose weight healthily with the right sport


One of the sports tips for losing weight is undoubtedly aerobics. However, you should not use any additional weights at the beginning. Only when you have achieved the desired figure can you expand the exercises with weights. The cross must be spared. Therefore, avoid sports exercises that strain the back too much or even cause pain.

Eating tips for losing weight


Since you want to gain mass in certain areas after losing weight, you should by no means do without proteins. Chicken, fish and legumes are rich in protein and therefore welcome on your menu. Again, pasta and rice products should be avoided. Don’t forget to always provide your body with sufficient water.

Hourglass as a body shape


This body type is characterized by a slim waist, while the upper body, hips, buttocks and thighs are pronounced and roughly the same size. If women with this body shape gain weight, distribute the extra kilos evenly between the upper and lower body. The same also applies the other way round – when you lose weight, the pounds drop equally above and below.

Sports tips

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The sport for the body shape that is considered to be perfect should be composed of both endurance and weight training. A balance should be achieved. These weight loss tips are the best way to balance proportions. After all, you want to lose weight, but still maintain that great body structure, don’t you?



Proteins are also recommended for the hourglass body. But white meat is only one possible product. There is also plenty of it in eggs and milk. Other tips for losing weight include eating vegetables and avoiding heavy meats and nuts. Drink enough water. This promotes detoxification of the body and contributes to weight loss.