The Best Yoga Exercises – How To Relieve Stress And Lose Weight Fast

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Being lean and flexible all year round indicates good health and longevity. Yoga exercises take care of this and also help to get rid of stress.

The best yoga exercises for the fight against extra pounds

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Long and exhausting aerobic exercise is not the only means of shedding a few pounds. Yoga exercises ensure relaxation as well as an ideal figure. Warming up shouldn’t be missing.

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First comes the so-called headstand – known as the king of asanas. If you are a beginner, it is better to postpone this yoga asana to a later date! However, if you feel ready for this challenge then you can always lean against the wall. Get on your knees on the floor, fold your fingers! Elbows are included. This way you will form triangle. Let your neck rest on your hands. Next – straighten your knees and then lift your thighs! Take small steps forward towards your head. Lift your knees to the top, feet no longer grip the floor. Now try to slowly stretch your legs upwards.

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Shoulder stand is an equally effective and calming yoga position. Lie on the floor, then lift your legs up, continue until your whole body is vertical. Elbows are on the floor, hands support the body. This yoga exercise trains your arms and shoulders.

Yoga exercises offer a variety so you can never be bored

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This is followed by the yoga position of the fish. Put your hands under your backside – the palms of your hands are facing the floor. Bend your torso upwards with the help of your elbows. The head is also lifted up and directed at its highest point on the floor.

yoga exercise plow sport disguised bright roomThe next position is similar and is called the plow. Instead of your upper body, you should remove your hips and legs from the floor and let your legs hang over your head. After a while, slowly straighten your body back to normal.

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At the end there is the head-to-knee posture. You are sitting on the floor. The goal is to bend the upper body as much as possible forward towards the legs. All Yoga exercises are to be held for about a minute, the normal breathing rate is of great importance. Before you continue with the next asanas, you definitely need a few minutes to relax.