Losing weight after pregnancy, but how? Tips for healthy weight loss after childbirth

The long weeks of pregnancy are over and you have welcomed your little bundle of joy at home. In the first few weeks after the birth, everything revolves around the little miracle, but after a few days most new moms start to wonder if and when they will get their old figure back. Losing weight after pregnancy is quite possible, but you should proceed with caution. Lightning diets and excessive exercise can be harmful not only to the mother but also to the baby. The best tips for healthy weight loss after childbirth can be found in this article!

Lose weight after childbirth: how long does it take to get back to previous weight?

Losing weight after birth with a caesarean section takes longer

Whether or not you find it easy to lose weight after pregnancy depends primarily on how much you gained during pregnancy. Weight gain varies greatly from woman to woman, with 10 to 15 kilograms being considered normal. However, many factors can trigger greater weight gain and women often have to expect 30 or even more pounds of pregnancy weight. The more you’ve gained, the longer it will take to get to the desired weight.

Lose weight after pregnancy Duration up to the initial weight

Doctors and experts advise that women do not lose the weight they have gained too quickly after pregnancy. On average, the way to the previous form should not take less than 6 months. Women who were slim before pregnancy also lose weight faster than women who were previously a few pounds. Those who gave birth by caesarean section usually take a little more time and effort to shed those baby pounds.

When thinking about your post baby weight, keep in mind that the body changes often during pregnancy and you may never look quite like you did before. However, this fact shouldn’t discourage you at all, because you have brought a new life into the world and that is much more important than a perfect figure.

How and from when to lose weight after pregnancy?

Problems Losing Weight After Pregnancy Tips

If you are worried about the fat rolls and the soft belly after giving birth, then of course you can do something to shed those extra pounds. However, give yourself enough time to allow your body to recover after delivery. You should definitely avoid strenuous physical activity in the first four to six weeks after the birth. In addition, you must not follow any diets while breastfeeding, but rather have a healthy and balanced diet to provide the baby (and yourself) with all the essential nutrients.

First of all, the good news: You lose an average of five to seven kilograms during delivery. This includes the baby’s weight, which is usually two to four kilograms, the amniotic fluid, about 1.5 liters, about 0.5 liters of blood and other water retention. With normal weight gain during pregnancy, roughly half of the pregnancy weight will be gone shortly after birth.

Regardless of how much exactly you want to lose weight, you should be careful about weight loss after childbirth. We will give you some tips on how to lose pregnancy weight in a healthy and effective way without harming yourself or the baby.

Get rid of the excess pounds with breastfeeding

Breastfeeding helps you lose weight after pregnancy

One of the most effective ways to lose weight after pregnancy is breastfeeding. Breastfeeding mothers tend to lose pregnancy weight faster than women who give the vial. For many new mothers, however, breastfeeding doesn’t work for one reason or another; others just don’t want to. If this is the case with you too, don’t let yourself be persuaded to have a guilty conscience! Infants fed ready-made milk develop just as well as breastfed infants.

Losing weight after pregnancy by breastfeeding is effective for most women

In addition to its many positive effects on babies, breastfeeding also burns plenty of calories. The body gets the energy it needs for milk production from its fat reserves. Thus, the fat tissue regresses and you lose weight. In the first days or weeks after the birth, the regression of the uterus is supported by breastfeeding, which also causes the abdomen to regress.

However, not every mom can rely on breastfeeding alone, as there are women for whom it does not have any effect on weight.

Create a healthy eating plan

eating healthy after pregnancy helps in weight loss

Tips for breastfeeding mothers

If you want to lose weight, the right diet plays a crucial role. Diets are absolutely forbidden during breastfeeding. When dieting, the body attacks the fat reserves, which releases harmful substances that enter the baby’s body through breast milk. In addition, if the calorie intake is low, there is a risk that both mom and baby will not be adequately supplied with the most important nutrients.

Breastfeeding mothers need to consume 300 to 500 more calories per day than non-breastfeeding mothers. But that’s not an excuse to snack on cakes and chocolate bars every day. You should meet your calorie requirements with a balanced and healthy diet and not forego any important nutrients.

How to lose weight after pregnancy with a healthy diet

Tips for non-breastfeeding mothers and after breastfeeding

In principle, women are allowed to diet after breastfeeding. However, you should proceed with caution if you have a lot of excess pounds. Crash diets that promise rapid weight loss are anything but healthy and don’t work either. They are really hard to hold out (especially with a newborn) and have an undesirable yo-yo effect. Slowly losing weight after pregnancy is not only healthier, but also more effective in the long run.

Pick a suitable nutrition plan

The first thing you should do to gain and maintain a healthy weight after your baby is born is to allow yourself enough time. Midwives often say about pregnancy weight: “It comes nine months, it works nine months.” If you want to set realistic goals, you should expect that it could take six months to a year to get to your starting weight.

Tips for healthy eating after childbirth

Proper diet after childbirth is not much different from diet during pregnancy. Here we have collected some tips that can help you create your own nutrition plan.

  • Don’t skip breakfast.
  • Make sure you have regular meals.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Bring high-fiber foods to the table, such as: B. oats, beans, lentils, grains, seeds, etc..
  • Avoid white sugar entirely.
  • Replace wheat products with whole grain varieties.
  • Avoid fast food, confectionery, and soft drinks with added sugar.
  • Replace unhealthy fats like margarine with healthy oils, nuts, avocados, and those foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Eat fewer carbohydrates in the evening.
  • drink a lot of water.

Movement is the key

Exercise is key to weight loss after childbirth

Good weight loss results cannot be achieved without exercise. And that applies in full to weight loss after childbirth, even if lightning diets are impossible. Regular exercise can not only shed pounds, but also has positive effects on your cardiovascular system. Also note that women who were more active before or during pregnancy usually lose weight significantly faster than those who did not have any physical activity.

How To Exercise After Childbirth First Steps To Lose Weight

First, start with light exercises for regression. In this way, you train your pelvic floor, which has achieved a lot during pregnancy or a normal birth. Walks with the stroller or with the baby in a sling as well as light stretching exercises are also a good option. When the pelvic floor is fit again, you can start with a light exercise program.

Lose weight after pregnancy program with light exercises

At the beginning, a light exercise every two days is sufficient. Then, when you feel good, you can increase the duration or effort of the workout a little from week to week. You can watch videos for postpartum exercise and get started.

No classic sports are recommended in the weeks after the birth. After about two to three months, you can support weight loss after pregnancy by swimming or cycling, for example.

Only after 6 weeks (maybe a little more in the case of a caesarean section) is a slightly more intensive training allowed. Many women often want to lose weight specifically on the stomach in order to tighten it. However, exercises only for the core of the body are not sufficient for this. You have to train your whole body and eat healthily at the same time. We have collected more tips in this article.

Tip: Even if you feel ready for a more intense exercise, discuss your exercise program with your doctor first to rule out any negative consequences for your health. Exercise caution is recommended, especially after a caesarean section.

Lose weight after pregnancy exercises with baby

Exercise with baby

The path to weight before pregnancy can in some cases take more than 12 months. The bigger the baby gets, the less time there is to train in everyday life. Exercises that you can do together with the baby are a great option. The baby can lie next to you on the play mat with a play arch while you exercise. There are also exercises you can do with the baby in the baby carrier.

If you like to train outside, you can also try a workout with the stroller. Leg raises, lunges, squats and many other exercises also work wonderfully with the buggy as support.

How to Lose Weight After Childbirth Exercise Walks With Strollers

Don’t stress yourself, you can do it!

Exercising with baby ideas for home workouts

Even if losing weight after pregnancy doesn’t work out as well as you expected, don’t panic. Nobody expects a new mom to look like a model or to lose the weight of pregnancy after a few weeks. Your body went through many important changes during the week of pregnancy, and it is perfectly normal for it to take time to get back into shape. So don’t stress yourself and enjoy the first few months with your baby. you can do this!