Lose weight without a diet – Don’t be hungry but lose weight

healthy eating set an example for several peopleIf you’re having a hard time dieting over and over again, we have some great ideas for you Lose weight without diet and weight loss without constant feeling of hunger.

Losing weight without a diet includes the so-called relaxation days – full eating days and hunger days

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The Satisfied Food Days are suitable for those people who have not yet chosen a suitable nutrition plan or who do not want to completely change their previous eating habits. The “losing weight” effect achieved will appear soon. The feeling of fullness can only be an advantage. It is recommended that you opt for such detoxification days two to three times a week. The calorie intake per day is between 700 and 1000. Be careful with fluids – drink tea, fresh juice and water. It cannot be less than 2 liters every day. The first suggestion offers Flesich (400 g) and fresh vegetables (800 g) divided into 4-5 meals. Do not add salt. A glass of low-fat milk drink before sleep is allowed. Second idea for Lose weight without diet allows the intake of 500 grams of seafood and 800 grams of steamed vegetables. Another day of relaxation could include 1-2.5 kg of fruit in combination with 300 ml of low-fat yogurt. Again, four meals are recommended here.

Losing weight without diet can be achieved with the help of detoxication

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The fourth variant allows you to eat 800 grams of strawberries, raspberries or cherries with low-fat quark. You can continue to drink coffee, but you should avoid sugar. Do not forget the water – this is the only way to burn fat in a highly effective manner. Fortunately, hunger days have nothing to do with hunger. In fact, you can eat a lot during the day. The special thing about it is that it can only be one single food item. In this way, the gastrointestinal tract relaxes. Performing this regimen once a week is quite enough. Drinking water and tea is considered the main rule. The calories ingested are between 500 and 900 per day. Our suggestions are again four. You can choose between a watermelon, 1.5 kg of apples, 6-7 bananas and 1.5 liters of low-fat milk drink. When looking for a good eating plan, the many benefits of healthy eating should never be forgotten! Good luck with Lose weight without diet!

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