Lose weight quickly without a diet – the secret of Penelope Cruz

Losing your dream figure quickly and effectively without a diet

Penelope Cruz is undoubtedly one of the top actresses – but she is also a beautiful woman. In contrast to some of her colleagues, however, her top figure is not the result of strict diets. Just the opposite – the actress loves chocolate and fried meat. With a well thought-out nutrition plan, she manages to keep her dream figure after two births. With these simple tricks, you can too lose weight quickly without diet.

Lose weight quickly without a diet – set a nutrition plan

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It is especially important to establish a nutrition plan at the beginning. For example, women and girls over the age of 18 can ingest 1,400 calories a day. These should be divided into three meals and three times in between. Chicken, fish, fresh vegetables and fruits are compulsory for all that lose weight quickly without diet want. The menu should consist of 50% carbohydrates, 25% proteins and 25% fats. Only butter and whole milk cheese are prohibited – but you can eat chocolate and drink alcohol. If you stick to it and combine the diet with half an hour of exercise or cycling per day, you can lose up to 10 kilograms for a month.

Lose weight quickly without dieting – keep your dream figure

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Penelope Cruz’s favorite dishes include caramelized red onion, pizza, chicken fillet, salad with cucumber, tomato, olive oil and mozzarella. You can add beef with almonds and prunes to the menu. Mango, pineapple and strawberries can be eaten in between meals. Delicious juices without sugar, coffee and of course yogurt should not be missing from the nutrition plan. You can sweeten your life with black chocolate. And most importantly – take care of your body – your natural feeling of fullness tells when you have consumed enough food.

Healthy nutrition without having to forego delicious desserts?

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