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Wrapping ideas with wrapping paper – tips for wrapping gifts

Wrapping ideas with wrapping paper -gifts-wrapping-ribbon-lilac-pattern-lilac

The gift ritual includes wrapping the present, which most of us find difficult. Especially when you consider that the elaborate creation will later be cut up in a few minutes, you lose all motivation. Then you can remember the best thing about receiving a present – the curiosity and anticipation in the moment before unpacking. In order to give the gift an individual touch, it should not only be carefully selected, but also wrapped in an original way. Why do we make your task easier with some original and practical ones Wrapping ideas with wrapping paper.

Wrapping ideas with wrapping paper – materials required

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Some people carefully unwrap their gifts, carefully unfold the paper and carefully remove the remains of adhesive tape so that the paper can be reused later. Nobody thinks that there is a trend in wrapping paper that dictates fashion colors year after year. A huge amount of it ends up in the rubbish bin after the party. Over 50% of annual gift wrap sales come from Christmas wrapping, as everyone knows that a real gift has to be beautifully wrapped. There are no official statistics, however Mitteldeutsche Zeitung calculates that if only 100 grams are calculated per German citizen, that results in around 8,000 tons of waste paper. To protect the environment, choose 100% recyclable wrapping paper. Depending on the specific occasion, you will find numerous designs of recyclable paper online at Medewo and we help with creative design options.

Packaging ideas with wrapping paper for children’s birthday parties

Wrapping ideas with wrapping paper -gift-wrapping-child-birthday-ribbon

For a children’s birthday, the gift and its packaging should be right and create a lot of good mood. You’d rather opt for multi-colored papers, with colorful motifs or with your favorite cartoon characters. Please note that children tend to be among those impetuous who want to get to the content as quickly as possible and in this respect too complicated wrapping ideas with wrapping paper would only annoy the child. A bow on top will ensure a special, festive appearance, which could be oversized. You design this yourself with the selected wrapping paper or with one from your own remaining stock. Cut out nicely and fix with double sided tape. Adhesive residues that are confusing must not appear.

Simple packaging ideas with wrapping paper – easy and effective folding

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If eye-catching gift wrapping is not appropriate for the occasion or the person receiving the present, choose plain wrapping paper or even tissue paper that you fold in a special way and thus create interesting effects. This will require a slightly larger piece of paper, as part of it will be overlapped several times. Fold a narrow lengthwise crease on the short side with the help of the ruler, crease it, repeat the action several times if desired and fix from the inside with adhesive tape for more stability. For each overlap, note how much paper is left and whether there will be enough for the rest of the packaging.

Packaging ideas with wrapping paper and clear film

Wrapping ideas with wrapping paper -gifts-wrapping-valentine's day-love-gift-foil

The crystal-clear film usually looks too simple and show pieces are usually packed like this. With this, however, very creative packaging ideas can be combined with wrapping paper. Small multi-part presents and souvenirs come into their own, and are also compactly packed, regardless of shape and size. All you need is a nice decorative ribbon, preferably a satin ribbon or something wider that you can use to tie a nice bow. The crystal-clear film is extremely tear-resistant and you can use it if the gift is to be transported several times.

Wrapping ideas with wrapping paper – give an appealing wine bottle


You can proceed in a similar way if you want to give a high-quality wine bottle or other drink. Alternatively, wrap them in wrapping paper, fold the rest over the bottle like a fan and tie in the middle with nice ribbon.

Wrapping ideas with wrapping paper – fold the gift bag yourself


Most purchases are in paper bags when the disposable plastic bag is no longer an option for environmentally friendly reasons. Unfortunately, the gift would look exactly like an item bought in a hurry, impersonal and without paying any attention to the occasion or the person. It’s child’s play to design a gift bag from wrapping paper yourself using a template. It would also make sense to support the bottom of the bag with cardboard from the inside. If you also want to integrate carrying handles, fix the inside with a piece of cardboard and choose extremely tear-resistant paper.

Original ones Wrapping ideas with wrapping paper – plant gift


Plant gifts are always a good idea to give joy to a woman, especially in spring or summer. Plus, she’ll surely remember you every day. In order to present the houseplant beautifully, not only the selected variety should be right, but also the packaging. With the help of imaginative packaging ideas with wrapping paper, each planter can be beautifully presented. Just put a suitable mat or a flower pot plate underneath and wrap the planter with wrapping paper.

Wrapping ideas with wrapping paper – small gifts, big attention


Little things and jewelry are given with great care. It is worthwhile to put in more diligence when packing. You can easily make a small gift box out of a small piece of cardboard using the template. Wrap these again with wrapping paper or simply decorate with cutouts from which to give the pack a festive note. You are welcome to use scraps of paper here.

Varied Packaging ideas with wrapping paper and decorative tape


If you are not very skilled at gift wrapping, you have one option – to decorate the simple packaging in an original way. The easiest way to do this is with decorative adhesive tapes, from which you cut out small figures, such as triangles or squares, and attach them to the package. Colorful mini pennant chains are easy to make and use instead of the usual decorative ribbon.

Packaging ideas with wrapping paper and tags – fold the small fan yourself

packaging ideas-wrapping paper-gifts-wrapping-decorating-decorating-folding-compartments

Small tags or labels look particularly good on simple packaging ideas with wrapping paper. You can easily fold mini-compartments from sheets of paper according to the accordion principle. Connect two together in the middle and fix with transparent glue or decorative string. Put several of them together in different sizes and colors and decorate the gift in an original way.