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Wire mesh like fine point – creative wire fence from Demakersvan

creative wire fence lace demakersvan room divider

The designers from the design studio Demakersvan from the Netherlands have combined the small and delicate with the large and industrial by creating a Wire mesh like fine point design. A creative wire fence, which has received a completely new dimension. A mesh with numerous uses both indoors and outdoors. “Lace Fence” is suitable for everything – fences, balcony railings, doors, room dividers, facade decoration and transforms houses, parks and public buildings.

Creative wire fence designed by Joep Verhoeven

creative wire fence lace demakersvan lace fence wall decoration inside

Demakersvan is a global company founded in 2005 by Joep Verhoeven, Jeroen Verhoeven and Judith de Graauw and based in the Netherlands. Joep Verhoeven, the designer of the wire fence, works with plastic-coated steel wire that is easier to bend and weaves complicated patterns. The design was inspired by traditional Dutch weaving techniques. A creative wire fence decorated with delicate flowers and leaves.

Creative wire fence with numerous possible uses

mesh lace demakersvan handrail white

Customer requirements also play a role in the planning and design of Lace Fence. Size and color are changed and adjusted individually. A variety of ornamental, floral and geometric patterns are available. Special requests such as company logos can also be implemented. This chain link fence works in interior design as a decorative design element in both private and public areas.

as wall decoration  mesh wall wire fence tip demakersvan

woven mesh

wire fence design lace demakersvan wall decoration

at home or in the office  creative wire fence lace demakersvan decoration public area

beautiful lighting effects

wire fence demakersvan woven lace flowers pattern

chain link fence spitze demakersvan joep Verhoeven

creative chain link fence lace flowers demakersvan

wire fence lace optics parks demakersvan

creative wire fence lace demakersvan facade decoration