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What to do with old plates Craft ideas with porcelain dishes for home and garden

Do you have an old set of plates at home? Don’t throw it away. Creative wall decorations, beautiful flower beds or functional storage space: We show you how you can make great unique pieces for the house and garden with old plates.

What to do with old plates Make an étagère out of porcelain dishes

What to do with old plates Etagere make ideas

The old porcelain tableware can be upcycled in many ways. Regardless of whether it is found items from the flea market or grandma’s old tea set, with a little skill and a lot of creativity you can make an étagère yourself. You need a vintage-style cake stand, a large and a small plate and a teacup and saucer. How to build the tiered stand:

  • Clean all plates and let them dry. Paint it on request or spice it up with the napkin technique. You can also use decoupage to hide stains, discoloration or scratches.
  • Wet the plates with gasoline and drill a hole in the center of the cup and plate bases with a drill for porcelain. The hole should be large enough for the rod threads to fit through.
  • Clean the plates and let them dry. Then assemble the étagère as follows: insert the étagère rods through the holes and then twist them into each other.

Make wall decorations yourself with old plates

What to do with old plates and cups ideas

The next thing to do with old plates is some creative wall decor. For this purpose, you can paint the porcelain dishes any way you want. Both acrylic and special porcelain colors are suitable for this. In the craft shops you can find paints that do not need to be baked. In stores you can also find special porcelain brush pens that are suitable for beautifying old porcelain cups. You can use it to paint small details or draw contours. If they are not baked, the porcelain paints can be removed with alcohol without any problems. They are not dishwasher and weatherproof, so you can hang the plates on a wall in the living room, bedroom or kitchen.

Hanging old plates on the wall DIY

If you want to hang up a plate, you need the following materials and accessories:

  • Plate
  • Safety pin
  • Felt fabric or a suitable pad
  • scissors
  • hot glue

Thoroughly clean the plates and let them dry. Close a safety pin and position it on the back of the plate. Glue the safety pin in place with the hot glue. Let the glue dry for several hours and then check that the safety pin can really hold the weight of the plate. Then cut out a small piece of felt fabric and glue it over the safety pin. Then choose the appropriate place on the wall where you want to attach the plates. So that you can get a better idea, you can cut circles the size of the plates out of cardboard and tape them to the wall. When you have found the right place for each plate, you can mark the place with a pencil. Then attach a hook to the wall. Make sure that the plates will visually hide the hooks. Now you can hang up the plates.

Alternatively, you can also use an adhesive suspension. These suspensions are self-adhesive and allow easy assembly and straight attachment. They are therefore perfect for beginners.

What to do with old plates Make a wall clock

What to do with old plates upcycling ideas

Turn an old plate into a beautiful wall clock. You need the following materials:

  • a medium to large plate
  • a clockwork
  • Safety pin, felt fabric, hot glue and scissors for the hanging. Adhesive suspensions are not suitable
  • on request: colors for painting and brushes

If you want, you can first embellish the plate with decoupage or paint it with porcelain paints as you like. After the surface has completely dried, you can use a porcelain drill to drill a hole in the center of the plate for the clockwork. Glue the safety pin in place, install the clockwork and the new wall clock is ready.

Use old plates as garden decorations: bird feeder

Old plate upcycling ideas bird seed

Do you have an old teacup and saucer that is too good to throw away? Then you can turn them into a bird feeder. You need the following materials:

  • a teacup
  • a saucer
  • a feeding stick with hooks for hanging
  • hot glue

Simply glue the cup to the saucer so that the handle points straight up and then hang it on the rod. You can fill the cup and saucer with birdseed every day. This handicraft idea has a decisive advantage: You can reach the bird feeder at any time and clean it or throw out old bird feed and replace it with new one.

Turn old plates and cups into bird feeders

There is another variant. You will need a rod with a washer, a large plate, a tea cup, and a saucer. First, stick the rod in the ground, then attach the large plate to the washer. Wait for the glue to dry completely. In the meantime, you can glue the cup onto the saucer with the handle facing upwards. Then place the small plate in the middle of the big one and glue it on.

Make garden decorations: flower from old plates

Tinker garden decoration upcycling ideas with plates

You can make a beautiful garden decoration yourself from old porcelain and glass plates. You need a large porcelain plate and a large, medium and small glass plate in the same color. You also need a glass door knob, hot glue, an adhesive suspension for plates from the craft shop and a feed stick with hooks from the garden center. Proceed as follows:

Make garden decorations with old plates of flowers

Attach the adhesive hanger to the back of the porcelain plate. Place the porcelain plate on the work surface and glue the large glass plate onto it. Then put the other two plates on top and glue them together as well. Finally, position the doorknob in the middle of the smallest plate and attach it.

Convert old plates into flower beds

Old plates in flower beds convert DIY ideas

You can not only conjure up a garden decoration from old plates, but also make a beautiful border yourself. The porcelain crockery is only partially frost-resistant, so you can remove the plates from the ground at the end of the gardening season and store them in a dry place in winter. Next spring you can start designing the flowerbeds again. The quickest and easiest way to do this is to place the plates halfway in a moist, loose base. This allows you to visually delimit the flowerbed.

Make jewelry stands out of old plates

Make a cake stand with old plates and cups

For the next craft idea you need two vintage plates and the base of an old cake platter. The jewelry stand can be put together in a few minutes and you don’t need to pierce the plates.

Make wall decorations from old plates yourself

Old plate and old door as a wall decoration in Shabby Shic style

Make a mix-and-match decoration and spice up bare walls. You can combine plates of all shapes and colors, as long as they all have the shabby look and are decorated with natural motifs. Animals, flowers and plants just go well together.

Make wall decorations with old plates and blackboard paint

Do handicrafts with old plates wall decoration with blackboard paint yourself

If the paint has peeled off or cracks are visible, then you can simply spice up the plates with blackboard paint. Not only do you have creative wall decorations, but you can also write shopping lists, tasks and inspirational quotes on the plates.

Wall decoration with old plates and blackboard paint

Old metal plates can also be painted with blackboard paint and hung up as a door wreath. Depending on the season, you can embellish the plates with natural materials, bows and decorative figures.

painting old plates ideas for wall decoration

Hobby artists who have a talent for painting can opt for the next idea. First draw a design on paper, divide it up and then transfer it to several plates. Hang up the plates so that you can see the motif straight away.

Do handicrafts with old plates ideas for yourself

Animal motifs are best, but they require previous knowledge, a sure hand and a lot of skill in drawing. Alternatively, you can opt for stickers that you cut into several pieces and then attach each piece to a plate.

Painting old plates ideas for DIY decoration

Alternatively, you can paint the plates individually. There are no limits to creativity. Flower patterns, animals, beautiful landscapes – depending on the plate size, you can conjure up different motifs. Upon request, the motifs can pick up on certain decorative themes or colors from the interior.

Handicrafts with old plates Wall decoration for bedrooms

A wall decoration made of old plates above the bed headboard also cuts a fine figure in the shabby chic bedroom. Make sure that the suspension is stable and that the plates will not fall off. Bring the plates high enough to sit comfortably in bed. Choose white plates with subtle floral or nature motifs. Strong colors and intricate patterns are out of place here. Instead, white, cream and pink ensure relaxation and convey a visual calm in the sleeping area.

Decoration from modern dinner plates

Wall clock from an old plate craft ideas

Modern plates also get old at some point and wear out. Instead of throwing them away, however, you can turn them into beautiful decorative objects. Porcelain tableware that fakes the old look blends in particularly harmoniously in furnishings in modern country house style or in industrial style.

Make jewelry storage out of old plates

Hexagonal saucers can also set accents in a modern interior. First paint them all in white or any other neutral shade of your choice. With gold paint and tape you can then quickly and easily paint geometric motifs such as triangles or stripes. The small hexagonal plates can then be grouped together on the dressing table. You can use them not only as a decoration, but also to store small pieces of jewelry such as earrings and rings.

Make wall decorations with old plates and paint modern figures

You can also draw simple geometric animal motifs with the help of a ruler and porcelain pencils in metallic colors. For this purpose, you can download a tattoo template, customize it and then transfer it to the plate with a porcelain pencil. Or you can draw the motif freehand.

There are numerous ways to spice up your own house and garden with old plates. Let yourself be inspired by the suggestions and find a new application for the old porcelain tableware that has already served its purpose.