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Wedding decorations at the table – 30 ideas for a barn party

Wedding decoration at the table round-tables-rose-leaves-mirror

From now on, the barn is no longer a functional building, but a popular wedding location – because more and more couples are longing for a party in the middle of nature. The trend started in the USA and has been enjoying increasing popularity on this side of the ocean for several years. But what is the reason for the rustic charm of the barn and how it can be decorated accordingly at low cost – we will guess this in the article. We’ll also show you 30 great ideas for Wedding decorations on the table in country style.

Wedding decorations at the table – original ideas to make yourself


If you want to rent a barn for your dream wedding, you should prepare a questionnaire when you travel to the location. Ask about the lighting / for example candles and lanterns are allowed /, ask for addresses and contact details of local florists and where you can order your wedding cake nearby. The goal – the shortest possible transport time for the flowers and sweets. Take a look around the barn – flowers can be arranged on old wine barrels, old carts can be turned into a buffet table, bales of straw can lead the way to the barn.

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Then you can start planning the Wedding decorations on the table kick off. You can buy several teapots from the flea market – and arrange arrangements of seasonal flowers inside. Lanterns and lanterns create a romantic atmosphere at the table – so that there is no risk of fire, you can buy LED candles. The fairy lights hanging over the tables are also beautiful and inexpensive. Seasonal fruits such as apples, grapes or pumpkins can give the table a natural touch. Satin ribbons give the decoration a glamorous touch. In the photo gallery below you will find more inspiring ideas for your dream wedding in the barn.

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