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Wall unit ideas for lots of storage space in a small area

Living room-wall-unit-wall unit-high-quality-MDF-panels-integrated-lighting

In addition to the sofa set, wall cabinets and add-on walls also form the heart of a living room. The modern wall unit systems are designed to offer generous storage space as well as imaginative arrangement options. Are you looking for a suitable model? Would you like a modern wall unit with a timeless and elegant design? Here we have put together 20 wall unit ideas that offer options for individualization when designing your living room.

Wall unit ideas for a stylish interior

modern design extension walls living room storage space resilient shelving system

Modern wall units are available in different designs, colors and shapes – almost all wishes can be realized. Modern wall units are characterized by an open and airy look. For the fronts, you can choose between classic solid wood – oak, beech, walnut, maple, high-quality profiled MDF panels or an easy-care plastic surface that can be color-coded very well. The appearance of the modern wall unit is additionally enhanced by shapely handles.

Wall unit ideas – modern and practical designs

modern-wall units-ingenious-wall systems-natural wood-lighting-integrated

Living room walls can be put together as practical extension walls from individual components. In addition, you can arrange the individual elements of the design extension wall as you like and also freely choose the space between the individual pieces of furniture.

The practical TV niche with a rotating plate is the fixed location for the flat screen. You can stow CD’s and DVD’s in several small compartments. Pretty showcases with sophisticated glass doors offer you plenty of space for vases, bowls, decorative bowls and other valuable home accessories. Most of the new pieces of furniture are equipped with coordinated lighting systems so that they can be perfectly staged even in the dark and become an absolute highlight of the facility.


Wall unit in wood look offers a multitude of possible uses

With their flexible shelves, cupboards and drawers, wall units can be configured so that they fit perfectly in any room – whether for the living room, guest room, office or children’s or youth room. In any case, your design add-on wall offers a uniform overall picture.

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Simple model

Design-extension walls-modern-easy-care-plastic-surface-colored-lacquer

Colorfully combined and yet calm in appearance

Design-extension wall-storage wall-ideas-stylish-furnishing-relax-armchair-red

Design extension walls set highlights

Colored-plastic-surface-doors-wall unit-ideas-modern-practical-designs

Living room wall ideas for colored decors

Wall system-ideas-modern-practical-design-TV-board-drawers

Modern extension walls in wood look

Storage wall-ideas-storage-space-on-a-small-area-resilient-shelving-systems-wall-mounted

Modern successor to the classic wall unit

Storage space options-living room-white-resilient-shelving-systems-TV-sideboard

Living room-extension wall-plastic-surface-gloss-blue-white-tv-board-modern-living room

Living room-extension-wall-white-timeless-elegant-design-integrated-lighting

Solid wood furniture-living room design-extension walls-shelving system-TV-board

modern-extension-walls-wood-look-simply-kept-model-living room

modern-sideboards-storage space-arrangement variants-dark-wood decors


modern-wall-unit-ideas-white-high-gloss cabinet-system-practical-corner-solution


Living room cupboards-extension walls-shapely-handles-wall cupboards-straight-line-wood-look