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Unusual modern flower box


Incorporating live plants into the home environment is beneficial on many levels. Plants are beautiful, clean the air, and attract insects in urban areas. Although some would not see this last point as desirable, it is very important for the ecological balance of our planet. Here is a selection modern flower box, that will help you brighten up your house, patio or balcony. Some have a sleek, minimalist appearance, and others add a sense of humor and quirky personality to your plants.

Modern flower box for lively wall decoration


In garden design, changing the level of your flower beds and creating an arrangement according to the characteristics and size of your mature plants and flowers is not a problem. In the house, on the terrace or balcony, this is not always that easy. The white multiple planter allows you to arrange a group of plants together so that they are all seen at the same time by displaying them on different levels. It’s a bit like having a portable bed in your house. Other modern flower box Shown here are transparent and allow you to create attractive focal points that can be hung from the ceiling like lanterns. That means you can bring a lot of green into all of your living spaces. Some very clever modern flower box are designed to hang rails on the balcony, creating more space for your favorite flowers. If you want even more versatility, there are examples that also work as small tables when space is an issue.

Modern flower boxes become personalities


Many people talk to their plants and some believe it helps the plants grow and that they have feelings. Well some designers with a sense of humor have found a way to give your plants an identity. How about those little flower pots that turn cacti into fun little characters? Grown kids would love these, plus the glass plates to protect little fingers from the spikes, which aren’t that amusing. (obviously these are not toys and should also be kept away from small children)

Balcony flower box

balcony flower box poles

If you really want to make someone laugh then send a gift of a personalized flower pot adorned with their face and then embellished with a bushy green hairstyle! But be careful, these are not to everyone’s taste. When in doubt, choose a sophisticated modern flower box for a gift.

by Jaz

white multiple wall flower box


cute cactus flower pots



funny modern flower box with faces




flower box lantern