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Tapestry decoration: 24 ideas for modern wall art made of macrame or fabric

Tapestry decoration macrame woven neutral color bedroom wall decoration ideas

Whether made of fabric or macrame, hand-knotted or machine-woven, modern or oriental: a tapestry decoration turns every room into an oasis of well-being. Yes, when it comes to wall decoration, tapestries are real classics that never go out of style and that always create an inviting atmosphere. Regardless of whether you stage them as a soloist or together with photos, paintings and other wall decorations, the hanging decoration always cuts a fine figure. We have collected 24 ideas in different styles for you and give you tips on how you can set accents in the room with the artful wall decoration, which patterns go everywhere and what the fabric images harmonize particularly well with.

Macrame tapestry decoration automatically attracts attention

Tapestry deco macrame large designer living room country style set up

The macrame knotting technique comes from the Orient. The Crusaders and Moors brought it to Europe, where it quickly became very popular. After a brief heyday, however, it was forgotten, but then experienced a revival again after 40 years, was then forgotten again, etc. Macrame tapestries made a comeback for the last time in the 1970s. Now it’s that time again and they are trendy again. Numerous artists from all over the world offer their designs that can be harmoniously integrated into both modern and retro interiors.

Tapestry decoration macrame geometric pattern wall design bedroom bed low Scandinavian living style

The talented young artist Milla Novo has specialized in the production of elaborate macrame tapestries. The complicated motifs are made exclusively by hand and skillfully combine geometric shapes and ethnic patterns in a stylish design.

Tapestry decoration ideas macrame black

Novo proves how well minimalist furniture and ethnic tapestries go together. The complicated shapes and the structured surface of the knotted wall decoration give the modern interior an exotic touch, while the simple furniture allows the elaborate patterns to come into their own.

Tapestry decoration ideas: natural shapes in harmonious colors

Tapestry decoration ideas modern woven three-dimensional geometric pattern

The carpet manufacturer CC-Tapis recently released a collection of tapestries. Our absolute favorite: The “Hello Sonia” design, which fascinated us with its strictly geometric shapes and its three-dimensional look. As far as the color scheme is concerned, the innovative wall art is cautious. Black, beige and gold form the perfect color ensemble for a retro-style interior. The armchairs with velvet upholstery, a material that has experienced a real revival in the last year, the sculptural side table and the minimalist floor lamp are the perfect combination partners for the tapestry.

Tapestry decoration asian pattern woven wooden chair designer fabric pictures

The tapestry by Finnish artist Kustaa Saksi is more like an abstract work of art than a wall decoration. The high-quality designs present an exciting mix of modern interpreted natural shapes and geometric patterns. When it comes to colors and textures, Saksi is particularly keen to experiment. The combination of angora wool and cotton with metal, wood and even rubber results in a textured surface.

Makrama tapestry decoration: a real eye-catcher

Tapestry deco dining room modern macrame woven dark blue maritime

The next few macrame tapestries are inspired by the Australian landscape. Behind the “CrossingThreads” brand are two sisters of Filipino origin. With their modern works of art they express their love for their homeland Australia. The result is impressive: every hand-knotted carpet is unique.

Tapestry decoration woven macrame ideas dark blue

The tapestries fascinate with a successful color combination of sand, beige and various shades of blue that make us dream of the coming summer, the beach and the sea.

Tapestry deco white macrame woven modern country style interior

The fans of the maritime style of living have been addicted to the macrame trend for several years. The wall objects made of macrame can be perfectly integrated into a Mediterranean, Scandinavian or purist interior. In combination with faux fur bedspreads and decorative pillows in boho style, they create a stylish and inviting ambience.

Tapestry deco macrame sea inspired dark blue white ideas woven modern

Tapestry decoration ideas macrame modern wall design ideas

The tapestry decoration by the talented Australian artist Tammy Kanat inspires with a nature-inspired design and precise manufacturing. Kanat weaves her macrame wall art on her own. The expressive design language and the successful color combination make the handmade hanging decoration an absolute eye-catcher. They blend in particularly harmoniously with simple furnishings in a modern country house style.

Tapestry decoration ideas clouds pattern gold asian living room set up wall design

Urban Outfitters tapestries are also inspired by nature. Clouds, mountains and rivers adorn the fabric wall art. The designs prove to be real all-rounders and can be effectively staged in vintage and boho chic furnishings as well as in modern interiors.

Tapestry decoration ideas: Abstract modern wall art

Tapestry decoration dining room ideas classic zebra carpet Venge wood

Because of old-fashioned! The next ideas for a stylish tapestry decoration will convince you that the fabric pictures can also look like abstract works of art. The talented artist Olga de Amaral from Colombia spreads modern design throughout the room with her minimalist tapestries. They sparkle in gold or silver and refine the interior.

Tapestry decoration idea hallway design innovatively

The artist El Anatsui was born in Ghana in 1944. Originally he made headlines with his futuristic sculptures, but in recent years the African has caused a sensation worldwide with his wall art. He arranges geometric shapes like a puzzle in order to destroy precisely this regularity afterwards. The contrast between order and chaos is what makes his murals so attractive.

Tapestry decoration in boho style

Tapestry mandala decoration pattern vintage bedroom ideas

Mandala tapestries have enjoyed great popularity in recent years. The sacred circles can have a positive effect on people’s psyche and have a calming effect thanks to the symmetrical arrangement of the symbols. That is why a mandala tapestry is particularly suitable as a wall decoration in the bedroom. Pictured above: A multifunctional design by Urban Outfitters that can hang on the wall as a tapestry or replace the bedspread if necessary.

Tapestry decoration fabric modern cacti pattern boho chic bedroom

Nature motifs, but this time cacti, characterize the Wiki Wiseman collection. The tapestries with the colorful print fit harmoniously into the vintage furnishings. A self-made bed from Euro pallets, a small wooden table painted in white and a kilim form the perfect background for the imaginative wall decoration. The home accessories made of natural materials add the finishing touches to the interior.

Tapestry decoration ideas pattern cacti boho bedroom set up

The fabric pictures from Wiseman can also be staged in modern, purist interiors without any problems. The colorful, wide-area wall decoration gives the facility a splash of color and can easily replace wall stickers and wallpaper. This variant also proves to be very practical for the rented apartment, as you can save yourself the effort of attaching or removing wall stickers.

Decorate tapestry deco bedroom macrame wall art

Ranran Design’s macrame tapestries are available on Etsy. Our favorite is the macrame rainbow in large format, which turns out to be a playful decoration alternative for children and teenagers. The wall decoration is made using oriental knotting techniques. Best of all – it’s the perfect craft project as it’s very easy to recreate.

Tapestry decoration with vintage charm

Tapestry decoration nature pattern hummingbird birds wall art fabric

Not only artists bring collections of tapestries onto the market. Fashion houses like Alexander McQueen also work with numerous carpet producers and design various fabric images for them. Those who opt for their woven hanging decoration bring a piece of nature into their own four walls. Of course, it looks particularly charming when hung over an antique chest of drawers. Vases with signs of age and porcelain dishes from the flea market bring a romantic touch from the past and allow the vintage charm of the fabric to come into its own.

Abstract art or modern tapestry decoration?

Tapestry decoration modern fabric wall art abstract fabric pictures living room neutral

And sometimes the line between modern art and wall decoration just blends together. The tapestries and wall hangings then look more like canvas pictures than hanging decorations. They are a good choice for anyone who wants an expressive tapestry in large format. Such a large-format wall hanging is perfect for rooms with high ceilings, where it can be staged particularly effectively.

Tapestry decoration fabric modern pattern geometric purple red black

Our next suggestion is confusingly similar to a canvas picture. Even the color scheme – red, purple, and black – is typical of a minimalist painting. By the way, interior designers had deliberately avoided wall hangings until recently. The designs looked too retro. In recent years, however, numerous trends from the 70s have made a comeback, including fabric decorations.

Playful wall hangings: “Rainbow” macrame tapestry

Tapestry decoration idea to make rainbow macrame yourself

Empty, white walls look cool and sterile. But a color change is rarely possible, especially in a rented apartment. In these cases, macrame wall decorations are the ideal solution. The “rainbows” by ErnieandIrene (available on Etsy) are compact and cut a good figure above the chest of drawers, above the desk or in the living room when hung several times.

Tapestry decoration hand-woven three-dimensional pattern

Incidentally, wall hangings can not only be knotted and woven, but also knitted. The manufacturer CC-Tapis proves this to us with its three-dimensional tapestry. Happy spring colors such as peach, pink and berry nuances simply cannot let go of your eyes.

Tapestry decoration hallway three-dimensional geometric pattern fabric ideas

Other designers rely on models that create an optical illusion. The narrow carpet is ideal as a wall decoration in the hallway, but can also bring out niches and corners better.