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Table decorations in late summer – colorful and impressive

Table decoration in late summer bouquet and apricot combination

The period between late August and late September is simply a time to enjoy. Despite the rain you still have the pleasant warmth of late summer and the autumn-colored nature. For the Table decoration in late summer you can wonderfully take the colors of autumn leaves as the motto and weave in refined maritime elements in a summer look. You can find more ideas about decorating in late summer right here!

Table decorations in late summer – ideas with natural products

Table decoration in late summer fruits-nuts-wooden tray-hydrangea bouquet-red tablecloth

There are many uses for a table in late summer – it is best to orientate yourself towards nature. Once the color scheme is in place, it goes on to the decorative elements and accessories. Sunflowers, tasty fruits and pumpkins provide an autumnal charm. Grasses in full bloom with their filigree leaves are available as accompanying plants for the table decoration in late summer. Birds and butterflies are also beautiful motifs that give your table decorations a slight childlike touch.

Outdoor table decorations in late summer

Table decoration in late summer yellow-crockery-set-wood-table-orange-fly cap-food

When summer is drawing to a close and the weather is still fluctuating between warm summer days and cooler autumn evenings, you have the last chance to say goodbye to summer until next year with late summer decorations on the outdoor dining area. Catch the last rays of sunshine with a colorful garden party or dinner for two on the terrace. In addition to delicious specialties, guests can also look forward to creative decorations. A bouquet of flowers with dahlias and roses, dishes in warm autumn tones and with autumn motifs are beautiful late summer eye-catchers. You also need a few bright accents – yellow for a good mood, orange and red tones for a delicate autumn feeling. Late summer flower arrangements and imaginatively folded cloth napkins make the ensemble perfect.

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Late summer colors with a feel-good factor

Table decoration in late summer lanterns-legumes-vase fillers

The transition time between these beautiful seasons brings a magic with it. In addition to autumn products, beautiful maritime decorations such as shells, driftwood, starfish, etc., which can also be easily collected from nature, are suitable for the motto late summer. Lanterns filled with sand and shells provide that summer feeling on the table even after sunset.

Table decoration in late summer, colorful-patterned-tablecloth-garden

Table decoration in late summer

table decoration-late summer-glass-bottles-cut flowers-orange-chairs

Roses in red and orange tones

table decoration-late summer-wood-dining-table-rose-bouquets-orange-red

Burgundy red and yellow


Blackberry branches in a bouquet

classic-table decoration-bouquet-autumn-plants-blossoms-colorful

Bouquets and flower arrangements – atmospheric decorations for the house and garden

table decoration-ideas-green-apples-candle holder-summer-look-outdoor-table

Decoration ideas for late summer in a country house style

festive-table-motto-late-summer-red-orange-color-flower arrangements

Tasteful decoration for parties in late summer

ideas-natural-decoration-late summer-lanterns-wheat straw-bouquet-country style

Lanterns make the table shine

Wild bouquet with cream or pink flowers

Lanterns – simple but impressive

table-decorations-in-late-summer-colorful-ideas-tablecloth-lime-green-flower-vases-paper-lanterns-diy-garden party

Flower vases made from small paper lanterns

table decoration-summer-look-ideas-candles-jam jars-pebbles-easy-DIY-impressive

Natural decoration in late summer

Red-orange-colors-autumn-late summer-decoration-ideas-pumpkins-flower-vase-diy

Pumpkins and flowers are already real eye-catchers



Table decoration-late-summer-diy-pumpkins-colorful-color-concept-eye-catcher-festive

Late summer-autumn-colorful-idea-table decoration-country-style-tree branches-tea lights-pumpkins