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Table decorations for baptism – 19 ideas and suggestions for festive decorations

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A child’s baptism is a special emotional moment for the family and a good reason to celebrate. During this first, larger, more familiar event with the little earth citizen, the Table decorations for baptism be correspondingly festive. You want a unique table decoration that optimally underlines the special occasion. In the following article we present you great ideas for a loving table decoration that will make this party a great and lasting memory.

Design unique table decorations for the baptism and create an unforgettable atmosphere for a special occasion

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For a successful table decoration for the baptism, it is first and foremost worth considering what the entire color concept will look like. Before you get the individual decorative elements for the festive table or make them yourself, you should think about them. what color you would like best for baptism. When choosing a color, it is not only the gender of your child that is decisive, but also perhaps the meaning of the individual color. Of course, everything that you like and that you consider appropriate is allowed. For a classically laid table, for example, subtle colors are suitable, such as delicate pink for girls or light blue for boys.


White and cream are also popular colors for baptism, as are green and purple. The white color, for example, represents purity, innocence and wisdom, which is what makes it so popular on this special occasion. The color green stands for hope and confidence. The wonderful combination of white and a shade of green creates a particularly fresh table decoration for the baptism. The color of love, red, is also very suitable for decoration. A unique festive table decoration results from the white-red combination. Suitable for the church occasion is a table decoration for baptism in the color purple, which stands for spirituality and the spirit.

Basic elements for table decorations for baptism in enchanting designs

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For a harmonious and wonderful table decoration you need some basic elements that make a successful table decoration. Color-coordinated cloth napkins and table tape should not be missing. Choose a table ribbon or table runner made of organza, satin or sizoflor and lay a nice foundation for the remaining elements of the decoration. In stores you will also find motif table bands that are provided with flowers, writings or various Christian symbols and are very suitable.


If you like to do handicrafts, are skilled and want to be active yourself, you can, for example, conjure up your own printed table bands in no time at all. For this you simply have to prepare stencils of the desired motifs, which you use to print the table hinge with textile paint. For example, what do you think of a table decoration for a baptism with your baby’s tiny and cute hand or footprints??


When it comes to the choice of napkins, all options are open to your imagination. If other babies and toddlers are involved in addition to the person being baptized, colorful and patterned napkins are a good choice. Make your little ones smile with teddy bears, little ducks, fish, pacifiers or colorful baby shoes. You can also achieve effective table decorations for baptism with self-folded napkins made of fabric or paper. A popular motif for table decorations for baptism, communion or confirmation is the cross. For the festive folding of the napkins you need a 50 cm by 50 cm cloth napkin. To avoid inaccurate creases, the napkin must lie straight.


If you want to fold a napkin in the shape of a cross, you have to unfold it for the first time and bring all four corners to the center. Carefully turn the cloth napkin over and fold the corners to the middle again. Carefully turn them over again and fold all the corners towards the middle for the third time. Turn the cloth napkin over and pull the lower right and upper left corners outwards. Then pull the other corners outwards. If you now turn the folded napkin over, the desired motif is easy to see. You can fold other figures out of napkins to match the festive occasion. A fish symbol made of patterned fabric, for example, looks great and also has a special symbolic meaning.

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For a cheerful and fresh overall impression, the flowers should not be missing on the festive table. Regardless of whether you decide on a flower arrangement from a florist or want to design the flower arrangement yourself, a floral table decoration is indispensable for the baptism. The flowers can be seen symbolically as a sign of new life and joie de vivre, which makes them the perfect decoration for any celebration.


You are welcome to take any type of flower and arrange the flowers nicely in a few simple steps. For example, place short cut freesias, roses or lilies in small round or square glass vases. If you want more shine, you can decorate the glasses with small pearls or lace. The simpler the jewelry, the better the natural beauty of the flowers comes into its own. You can also present other flowers with large blooms, such as peonies, chrysanthemums and gerberas, in glasses. The hydrangeas also look very subtle, noble and festive.


At a baptism, the christening candle is certainly the most striking symbol. The design of the christening candle itself is usually very individual. Not only the symbolism, but also the loving decorations of the candle make it particularly suitable for the table decoration for baptism. The christening candles are usually thick enough to be integrated into the decoration without special candlesticks.


Place the christening candle in the middle of the table and perhaps distribute a few lanterns in soft colors on the banquet table. If you want to create original candle holders, you can use old CD’s, which you put on the table with the label facing down and wide pillar candles in the desired color on top. You can achieve a great effect with the self-made candle holders, as the candlelight makes the CD surface sparkle. You are welcome to choose figures and motifs with religious significance.

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Color-coordinated scatter decorations that harmonize with the table ribbons take up the theme of baptism again. The selection of giveaways for girls and boys is almost endless. Scattered decorations such as confetti in the form of baby bottles, footprints or pacifiers transform a festive table decoration for a baptism into a special eye-catcher. The topic of baptism for girls is also reflected in tiny decorative items such as embroidery shoes and jackets or heart stones and flowers. Small rompers in blue, strollers or baby lettering are a suitable scatter decoration for a boy’s christening party.


At the christening ceremony, small place cards help your guests to quickly find a seat where they can sit together with those guests with whom they can have a good chat. Creatively designed place cards can also be part of the table decorations for the baptism. Design the cards with the guest names according to your taste and in harmony with the rest of the decoration. Get a noble construction paper and design the place cards as a double card or in the form of a baby figure or a cradle. Let your imagination run wild and enliven the self-made place cards with a personal reference to the respective guest.

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In addition to the name, you can depict something that characterizes the person or what they like to do. Tiny cards with envelopes, for example, look very nice. If you want to make the place cards yourself, you can simply design them as napkin rings. So the cards do not take up any additional table space. Many of your guests will keep the pretty place cards as souvenirs. After all, it is a great pleasure for each of your guests to be able to participate in such a unique occasion.


If you want to surprise your guests and offer something nice, you can think about small gifts for guests. This tradition is becoming more and more popular and is a nice opportunity to thank the guests for the wonderful celebration and for the presents for your child. These are very small gifts that are more of a symbolic character. You can prepare fortune cookies with sayings for each guest, buy key rings or small angel figurines, or maybe give away something handmade.


Sugar almonds in blue for the boys and pink for the girls are particularly popular as guest favors. Pack the famous christening almonds in organza bags or small candy boxes and decorate with small labels or stickers with your words of thanks. The nice guest gifts give the whole table decoration that certain something and leave a great memory with your friends and relatives.


Sweet delicacies that are lovingly and colorfully decorated are ideal for table decorations for the baptism. Small snacks such as mini muffins, cake pops or macarons are delicious finger food that can be presented beautifully. Your guests can access it at any time and indulge in the sweet temptation. Floors with several floors look good on the festive table and present a great selection of biscuits. For example, you can offer the macarons on narrow, elongated plates or use them to build a colorful turret. If you want to present the small, delicious cake balls on a stick in a sophisticated way, you can use a special popcake stand or serve the delicacies in decorative mason jars.

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If you want to give the table decoration a particularly individual touch for the baptism, you can include a very personal decorative element in the decoration. A wish tree for the person to be baptized, for example, is a great opportunity for the guests to present the child with their personal wishes. Let your creativity run free and design a dream tree according to your own ideas.


A beautiful plant on which the guests can attach notes with their wishes is a great idea for table decorations for baptism. It is also an original idea to conjure up a dream tree directly on the tablecloth. Simply paint a tree on it and let your guests and all your guests write their wishes on the branches of the creative dream tree.