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Summer table decorations – bring home 41 ideas for a holiday atmosphere

summer-table-decoration-orange-wedding-glasses-vases-glass-flowers-tablecloth-table runner Summer table decoration is one of the most important elements that create a festive or relaxing atmosphere in a house. The choice is huge – the range of possibilities extends from luxurious, traditional, Mediterranean, to maritime and nautical. Here are some great ideas and tips that will help you invite summer into your home!

Fresh ideas for atmospheric summer table decorations


If you follow the tips below, you can let your imagination run wild when designing the summer table decorations. The most important rule is: not too much, not too big. It not only relates to the height of the flower arrangements and vases that are placed on the table, but also applies to the other decorative items.

Summer table decoration ideas in a summer mood


The perfectly decorated table is simply a must this summer. A summer table decoration does not have to be expensive. This of course includes flowers, fruits, shells, starfish, atmospheric napkin rings, tablecloths and dishes. The decorations must be harmoniously coordinated.

Summer table decoration with daisies and starfish 

summer-table-decoration-flowers-shells-runners-sackcloth-tea lights-sea stars

In the middle of the table, the main piece of the table decoration should be enthroned – e.g. a lantern or glass vase. The summer decoration should be able to stay on the table when the food is served.

Maritime summer table decoration


Adorned with cheerful summer table decorations at the table, you can enjoy the sweet life in a summery atmosphere. With a summer table decoration you show your guests in a special way that you look forward to sitting at the table with you and having a chat.

Design the table with color in summer

summer-table-decoration-tablecloth-stripes-blue-white-pink-vases-wine bottles

Held in vibrant summer colors and combined with a tablecloth in a country house style, this summer table decoration comes into its own.

Magnificent summer table decorations for a dream wedding 


Tablecloths and runners in delicate pastel colors, such as lilac, are always appealing and attractively romantic as part of the summer table decoration of a dream wedding. Pretty napkins and a uniform color scheme for the overall picture complete the arrangement.

Interesting variant for a summer mood at the table for every occasion – pinwheels in pastel colors

summer-table-decoration-wind wheel-wedding-funny-bride-smile

Use glitter discreetly for a stylish summer table decoration 


Yellow roses on the table for a wonderful garden party

summer-table-decorations-roses-yellow-wase-water-glasses-garden-party-tea lights

Pentecost flowers look gorgeous and bloom in May and June

summer-table-decoration-peonies-lime-vase-salt-pepper-shaker-tea lights

The dining table can also look particularly atmospheric at home


Decorate beautiful flowers in orange and white with tangerines

summer-table-decoration-orange-white-tangerine-limo-garden party-cutlery-dishes

Combine pistachio-green cloth napkins with white and add a Lilium flower

summer-table-decoration-lilium-white-green-wine glasses-cutlery-cloth napkin-dishes

Summer table decorations should always look fresh



summer-table-decoration-wedding-boho-pink-tablecloth-white-table runner-chairs-vintage-flowers-hung


summer-table-decoration-garden party-garden furniture-planter-flowers

summer-table decoration-garden party-cocktail-umbrellas-biscuits-colorful-flowers-roses-decorative

summer-table-decoration-garden-party-flowers-roses-white-soft pink-teacups-cupcakes-table runner

summer-table-decoration-flower-vase-glass-tea lights-wedding-lilium-rose


summer-table-decoration-bouquet-vases-glass-white-pale pink-wedding-stylish-simple

summer-table-decoration-flowers-roses-hydrangeas-pink-white-silver-metal-tea lights-number-table

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