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Summer flower decoration ideas for a unique charm in the house

summer flowers decoration garland-roses-astilbe-peony-meadow-flowers-garden-clothespins

Flowers are plentiful in summer. And if you don’t just want to enjoy them in the garden or, unfortunately, don’t have one at all, but would rather have them indoors, you can simply decorate any area with summer flowers for this purpose. Whether as flower arrangements for the table decoration or in the form of other ideas for the decoration with summer flowers does not matter, because if you want to bring a summer mood into the house, you can achieve this particularly well with summer flowers. But what could you make with them? We would like to show you that in this article. We have searched and found various ideas for beautiful summer flower decorations for you. Imitate them or use them as a stimulus to implement your own ideas.

Summer flowers decoration ideas for doors

summer flowers decoration hydrangea-basket-white-flowers-summer

It is not just the entrance door that is often decorated on various occasions. Doors inside the house are also wonderfully suitable for this and can be used to bring that summer feeling into the house. Flower wreaths are usually used for this purpose, but you are welcome to try something different. A simple basket like this is a wonderful alternative to the vase and also to the door wreath. If you still have one lying around, you can rearrange it a little by attaching a loop that you use to hang it on the door.

summer flowers decor door decorate-bucket-metal-rustic-daisies

If you like, you can also attach such a blackboard label, on which you either write down the name of the respective flower, as here, or another message. In this case, a hydrangea was used, which is not only suitable if you are looking for white summer flowers, because they come in a wide variety of varieties. It is best to put a container of water in the basket so that the flowers stay fresh longer.

Decoration with flowers and glass containers

summer flowers decoration tree trunk-lemon-meadow-flowers-idea-stimulation-summer-bouquet

In general, unusual containers are a wonderful idea to showcase the summer flower decoration or to give it the finishing touches. So not only baskets are suitable for the door, but also small wooden trunks that have been hollowed out and can thus serve as a vase, whereby the real vase is simply placed inside. But you can also create a decoration in a glass with a summer flower in any color or you can simply combine several types.


For decorations in glasses, the simple glass vases are not meant. How about the popular terrariums that are commonly used for succulents, moss, and air plants? In it you can perfectly display summer blossoms and not only decorate the table, but also hang them up and create a summer flower decoration for different levels.


Such an idea for summer flower decoration also creates an interesting atmosphere. Old light bulbs are simply used for this. Spread some flowers in it after removing the wire. You decide for yourself whether you choose yellow summer flowers, blue summer flowers or summer flowers with white flowers or other colors. At the end, the lightbulb is simply filled with water.

Use fancy vases for summer flower decorations


We have already mentioned a few ideas for vases and containers. But there are tons of others that you can come up with if you just have a little imagination. A wide variety of objects are suitable. How about if you reuse the old rubber boots and flaunt some beautiful summer flowers in them? The decoration with flowers is especially nice when the boots are in a cheerful summer color. Did you already know that you can even paint the boots yourself? This is how you get the look you want quickly and easily. It is best to decorate the hallway next to the front door or the patio door with this unique summer flower decoration.


Admittedly, a simple wine bottle as a vase is very beautiful, but no longer the most unusual idea. However, if you personalize these, this changes quickly. It is up to you whether you use rope, as shown here, or linen fabric to create a rustic decoration or lace for a vintage flair. Then all you have to do is find the right summer flower. A single one is often an advantage here, as not many stems fit into the thin neck of the bottle. Alternatively, a beautiful, colorful bouquet of various summer meadow flowers can be created.


Also suitable are cages for an interesting and romantic flower table decoration, which by the way are now also offered specifically for this purpose, watering cans and for outside also old sieves that you can freshen up and spice up with a new color. Simple vintage cups and jugs with romantic floral decorations on the porcelain are also a nice addition to the colorful summer flowers.

Decoration with flowers on the ceiling

summer flowers-decoration-table-decorate-hanging-flowers-wood-frame

Especially for a special occasion, such a decoration can be made, which is attached to the banquet table. For this, different summer flowers are simply hung on the frame of a box. Of course, other frames can also be used. Embroidery frames made of wood or other frames made of metal are suitable. The main thing is that it fits in with the rest of your interior or design. If you then also use strongly scented summer flowers, success with this design is guaranteed! We also recommend flowers that can withstand a little longer without water, as in this case you cannot put them in water.


This is a similar variant that can be hung in any location, but is particularly effective on the light wall. The flowers are simply tied to a branch or other object. Of course, not only roses can be used. Any summer flower is suitable and has its own charm. The summer flower decoration is especially cheerful if you combine different types and flower colors with each other. Long flowers are particularly suitable here. You can also add a little greens and hang the flowers upside down or the right way up as you like.

Summer flower decoration ideas to imitate


As you can see, it does not always have to be the classic arrangement or the simple bouquet if you want to decorate your home with fresh flowers from the garden or trade. Instead, let your imagination run wild and distribute the charm of the flowers in very different and original ways. This not only guarantees a good mood for you, but also for the whole family and, not to forget, for the invited guests. The garland of flowers from the cover picture is just another example.