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Style short hair – 7 hairstyles for pixie cut to imitate

Anyone who thinks that only the long, wavy mane is characteristic of femininity is completely wrong. Short hairstyles bring out a pretty face and more and more women are daring to make radical changes. From rasp-short to chin-length style short hair and style your hair individually – romantic, rocky or minimalistic.

Short hair style -pixie-blond-bangs-highlights

Style short hair – Pixie Cut and the timeless style icon Audrey Hepburn

Short hair style -pixie-audrey-hepburn-star-classic

Undoubtedly, of all short hairstyles, the pixie cut is the most popular. It was the Hollywood star from the 50-60s Audrey Hepburn enforced. The short haircut was then, is still today, a symbol of women’s independence, emancipation and self-confidence, as nothing can be hidden by long, full hair. The viewer’s attention is drawn by expressive eyes and beautiful, delicate face shapes.

Style short hair – stars with pixie cut

Style short hair -stars-pixie-rihanna-anne-hathaway

These pixie short hairstyles transform every woman into an almost angelic being and bring out the fine facial features. Perhaps that is why it means elf in English. The look depends entirely on the wearer. But there are so many variations of the classic pixie cut that it really suits every woman. Stars and celebrities from Hollywood experiment with hairstyles and you can collect some inspirations from them.

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Style short hair – volume at the back of the head

short-hair-style-instructions-pixie-volume-back of the head

The classic pixie cut can vary in length, as well as to some extent in the haircut itself. The latest version is very short at the neck and sides, 2-3 centimeters long. At the front, on the top of the head, the hair is cut into a triangle and is often worn longer. This front section of hair can be styled as a fringe as you like.

Pixie Cut or Style Short Hair – Instructions


When styling short hair, it is very important to maintain natural volume, especially at the back of the head. The hair should not lie flat, but creatively styled upwards, away from the roots, with structure and stand. It is best to keep the hairstyle flexible and naturally falling. You can achieve the effect by blow-drying the right way and using styling tricks.

Style short hair – naturally feminine


When blow-drying, use round hair breasts and your fingertips. So you always blow-dry in the upward direction, so that a natural volume is created. If desired, you can apply volume foam to the still wet hair and then style it. However, styling products usually create a matte look, which is not desirable for the pixie. The hair should look shiny and healthy. Why choose care products that provide extra shine.

Style short hair – top hair on the side


Short hair is especially practical. They can be styled perfectly in no time at all, but can also be styled differently for a party. Experiment with the top hair, with the bangs and always create a look for a few minutes if you blow dry it differently.

Style short hair – bring top hair in order


Leave the face open and style the top hair to one side. With the round brush, blow dry outwards with a twisting motion. Use the right products to make the hairstyle long-lasting. It should not appear rigid, but rather soft and shimmering. This requires nourishing fats that contain a hair wax or pomade.

Style short hair and wear top hair as a pony


When applying styling products, pay attention to the exact amount, as they will only come off when you wash it off. Rub a little of the product between your hands and then style with your fingers.

Style short hair – waves on the top of the head


The waves striven for in this way can also be conjured up with short hair. As usual, the curling iron comes into its own here. The hair should be completely dry and so that the hairstyle lasts longer, it is best to wash it the previous day. Comb the top hair forward, towards the forehead and catch the strand from the tip of the head to twist the curling iron.

Style short hair – make waves yourself with a curling iron

short-hair-styling-instructions-pixie-wave-curling iron

Give your hairstyle a perfect finish with hairspray with an extra sparkle. Qualitative products also contain protective agents, for example against UV light. It is important to keep a distance of 20cm when spraying so that the hairspray mist is evenly distributed. Then briefly shake the hair upside down and style it nicely.

Style short hair – casual waves


The thin hair often loses its volume after the first or second day after washing, as it becomes greasy at the roots. Freshen up the short haircut, but not only, with styling powder or dry shampoo. Powder the product in a very small amount on the hairline. Too much of it will make her hair color look gray.

Style typical 60s short hair

short-hair-style-instructions-pixie-side parting-elegant

Quite the opposite of the last hairstyling, the short hair can be styled straight. Twiggy caused a sensation in the 1960s with the famous sleek pixie cut. Very conservative and strict is the perfect hairstyle for the popular minimalist or neat college look. Hairspray and hair wax are required as fixing styling products. You choose these according to your hair structure.

Style short hair – style the pixie cut with a side parting straight


You can achieve the sleek effect with short hair when you either have straight hair or straighten it first. Make a side parting and start straightening like this. Do not forget to protect your hair from the heat before the thermal treatment. This is very important for a healthy hair structure, despite the short hair length.

Elegant and chic kStyle short hair – smooth and shiny with a sleek effect

short-hair-style-instructions-pixie-side parting-smooth-elegant

When you’ve got your hair the shape you want, apply a little hair wax on your hands and straighten it with your hands a few more times. Set hairspray in place for that extra sheen.

Backwards kStyle short hair – like Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence in 2014


Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence presented another stylish way of styling pixie cuts on the 2014 red carpet when she wore her hair very short. This hairstyle is really elegant and very suitable for special occasions. The hair is blown back step by step with the round brush while it is still wet, then lightly fixed with hairspray. The hair styling should appear very natural, not rigid or too styled.

Asymmetrical Style short hair – longer strands on one side or extensions


The asymmetrical pixie cut is currently very trendy because it looks really casual and is well suited for young women, including teenagers. Longer strands are left on one side, which can be styled in a variety of ways. Optionally, which extensions can be worked in, which are used in the bridging time for the long mane.

Effective kStyle short hair – experiment with color and undercuts


When it comes to short-cut hair, you can experiment with color and bold under- and sidecuts. The hair grows out quickly and is also cut regularly, thereby renewing it and not damaging it.

* Pixie-cut style instructions from Refinery 29