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Storage baskets for decoration create a functional eye-catcher – 20 ideas

Storage baskets for the decoration -living room-deco-couch-colorful-idea

Decorating with baskets is very trendy and fits in with a wide variety of living styles. They are practical and beautiful, mostly made of natural materials. So that the storage baskets are really suitable for decoration, they can be individually designed in colors. They can also fulfill their original storage function and loosen up the living environment.

Storage baskets for decoration in the living room

Storage baskets for decoration - colorful-colorful-wall-decoration-living room-couch

Depending on the shape and size, a distinction is made between baskets that are intended for storage, for carrying or simply for decoration. But everyone can do a lot of different things and bring variety to our living area. Baskets with handles are originally hand-woven from willow or seaweed. There are now designs in very different materials, such as wire, fabric, plastic or even leather. Much is now produced by machines, the hand-made products can be distinguished by their small irregularities in structure and color deviations. These make the baskets interesting and authentic.

Storage baskets for decoration in ethnic style

Storage baskets for decoration - wall decoration - round - hanging baskets

Beautifully colored storage baskets made from natural materials can fade over time. If these are only used for decoration, they can also be colored and refreshed afterwards. Almost all water-based dyes are suitable for this purpose, including water colors in this number. Finally, fix the refreshed colors with a little spray paint or hairspray.

Storage baskets for decoration in a country house style

Storage baskets-decoration-dining-room-cupboard-dishes-vintage-white

Storage baskets are practical and have a particularly decorative effect. The woven natural material wonderfully complements wooden furniture in a rustic or industrial style. In addition, wickerwork and wicker work wonderfully with any living room with a wooden floor. Small or large, they are versatile and can be designed to be attractive. For example, a bread picnic basket can quickly become a planter.

Storage baskets for decoration in vintage style

storage-baskets-decoration-vintage-picnic-basket-wall-coat rack

You will certainly find beautiful, traditionally handcrafted baskets in the attic or in your grandmother’s basement, but also of course at the flea market. The braid is well known for its insulating properties. That is why people used to clad different containers for drinks and other containers on the outside with wickerwork. This means that the contents stay cooler for longer and are also protected from light.

Design colorful storage baskets for decoration

Storage baskets for decoration -woven-basket-color-decorate-paint-diy

A simple storage basket made of willow, wood or water hyacinth can be quickly and individually designed and thus adapted to the rest of the interior. You are welcome to use acrylic paints here. It is easy to work with and there is a really wide range of colors to choose from. The acrylic paint is applied to the basket surface with a brush. For best results, dissolve a little of the paint with water and apply it to the desired areas with a brush.

Storage baskets for decoration – put together different designs

Storage baskets for decoration-make-yourself-wicker-decorate

The acrylic paint can be thinned with water, but once it dries it cannot be removed. Baskets that are used functionally and not simply decorative can be embellished in this way and used as before. If you simply want to spice up the wickerwork with colored stripes or other geometric shapes, use painter’s tape here. This gives you clean stripes and edges.

Large storage baskets for decoration around the fireplace

Storage baskets-deco-fireplace-mantelpiece-decorate-natural materials-idea

In addition to the baskets made of natural materials such as wood, willow and water hyacinth, there are also easy-care models made of polyrattan or plastic. Their greatest advantage is that they do not absorb moisture and are therefore easier to clean. But every material has its own charm. Natural materials are more popular, especially among lovers of country house and vintage styles.

Storage baskets for decoration and practical use


Braided tricks made of willow branches, twigs or grass look wonderfully natural and are the perfect solution for flexible space gain. They can be perfectly integrated into an open shelf and used to store all kinds of things. When something is needed, one or the other basket is simply taken out and then pushed back in. For open shelves like this one, we recommend using several baskets of the same type. In this way you create more order, but also in a visual sense.

Storage baskets for decoration in a minimalist interior

Storage baskets-decoration-scandinavian-minimalist-black-white

Natural rattan conveys warmth and friendliness. They add variety to a modern and simple interior. They loosen up the room ambience and go wonderfully with the minimalist or Scandinavian style. It is advisable to use natural materials here, because they enhance the simple furniture and white wall paint and present it in a more friendly way. Baskets can be used in any area: in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway or baby room and simply in any area where flexible space is needed.

Small storage baskets for decoration


Small baskets are always useful. These can be set up and put away quickly. They accommodate small and large, but can also be used wonderfully as decorative elements on tables, on shelves or in the bathroom. Of course, they should match their surroundings, but the desired effect is quickly achieved if you simply set up several baskets in a set. Different sizes can accommodate everything anywhere in the apartment and thus create a decorative context.

Storage baskets for decoration – put flower pots in large baskets

Storage baskets-deco-flowerpots-wicker basket-white-interior design

The storage baskets can not only accommodate all small items and accessories, but also plants. They can be converted into decorative planters and serve as wonderful covers for conventional flower pots. You just have to find a suitable basket for the selected planter and place it in it. To protect the wicker basket from moisture and water, it makes sense to lay fleece or foil on the inner side.

Various storage baskets for decoration

storage-baskets-deco-modern-minimalist-wood-natural materials

Regardless of size and color, storage baskets are always a great decoration. Made from natural materials, they are mostly brown, but black, white or patterned baskets can also be found. Regardless of the color, their unmistakable braided structure gives them a very cozy and cozy flair. The color design only creates a connection and a connection to the rest of the interior, but the characteristic material gives that certain something.

Design storage baskets for decoration 

storage-baskets-decoration-minimalistic-scandinavian-wooden bench-fur

A black storage basket may not be common, but it does add a wonderful piece of nature to the home. In addition, this minimalist design fits wonderfully with any Scandinavian and / or modern living space and sets wonderful accents at the same time. The natural and sustainable element of wood creates a homely, cozy atmosphere.

Traditionally made Moroccan storage baskets for decoration in white


Baskets with lids are very practical, especially when you stow utensils and don’t necessarily want to see them all the time. Then a lid is very helpful and this basket can be used as a laundry basket. The flat models with handles fulfill the important task of a picnic basket and thus all necessary utensils for a magical picnic can be transported. Whole sets with picnic blankets included are of course in abundance on the market.

Storage baskets for decoration and storage


Storage baskets for decoration do not have to be made of wood or other wickerwork. Living with natural materials is undoubtedly the most beautiful, but not always very practical in terms of functionality. Plastic is easier to care for, more robust and even lighter than wood. In addition, laundry baskets often have dirty clothes lying around for a few days. Natural materials quickly absorb odors and moisture, so it’s better to attach a protective bag made of a stronger material from the inside.

Practical storage baskets for decoration – magazine basket

storage-baskets-decoration-magazine-storage-wicker-basket-living room-reading material

Storage baskets look especially nice when they function as drawers. Small items such as folders, magazines, CDs, handkerchiefs and others look tidier in a basket than on a normal shelf. In addition, the baskets remain open on one side, giving you free access to the items inside.

Storage baskets for decoration on the wall 


Storage baskets for decoration are very popular and widespread. Often one or the other area appears too cool or bare, as the interior is usually white and uniform. There, the beautiful wickerwork radiates warmth and unmistakable, decorative charm. The natural and close-fitting material from which they are made immediately creates a cozy atmosphere.

Storage baskets for decoration with a difference


This is a great idea for imaginative wall decoration with a storage basket. You can hang a loosely woven basket vertically on the wall and simply insert colorful cards or other elements into the woven structure. The variety of colors of the cards, the prints and the fonts contrast with the rustic surface and the woven structure. The arrangement looks chaotic and unusual, the atmosphere is relaxed.

Storage baskets for decoration in industrial style – wire basket


Baskets are extremely functional and these made of robust materials such as wood or wire are mainly used for transporting somewhat heavy things. Often firewood is raised to stoke the chimney. The large models can be used for outdoor decoration. Placed at the entrance area, they invite you to live comfortably.

Creative ideas for storage baskets for decoration


You can also make a few small decorative baskets yourself from thin wire. Add used jam jars and don’t forget the hanging option. Put tea lights in the glasses and with little effort you will have great homemade lanterns.

Storage baskets for decoration in the youth room

Storage baskets-decoration-children's room-wall hooks-bed-headboard

Wire baskets are very robust and extremely easy to care for. Therefore, they are suitable for storing large and small and can completely replace the boxes. When it comes to keeping things tidy, creative ideas and new ways of stowing away are often in demand, especially in children’s rooms.

Mount storage baskets on the wall for decoration

Storage baskets-decoration-children's room-wall-decoration-toy-wire basket-carpet

Wire baskets are very light and therefore very suitable for storing children’s items. If your child wants to bring their accessories and toys here and there and play with them in another room, a lightweight basket with handles is the best solution.

Storage baskets for decoration – chic design with a copper look


Chic models in different metal colors set accents and complement the modern interior wonderfully. Designs in copper or gold optics are very current at the moment.

Practical storage baskets for decoration on the wall


Wire and metal baskets are mostly powder-coated and therefore mostly ideal for outdoor use. But not only in the outdoor area, but also in the kitchen or hallway, particularly undemanding and easy-care materials are in demand.

Storage baskets for decoration – compartments in the girl’s room

Storage baskets-decoration-children's room-girls-room-gray-pink-fairy lights

Storage baskets for decoration in a minimalist style 


Make storage baskets for decoration yourself – knit from yarn 

Storage-baskets-decoration-fabric-yarn-cord-children's room-stuffed animal

Soft materials are required in the baby room. Why is the traditional, robust wood and wicker material of the baskets being replaced by textile cord. Beautiful storage baskets can be crocheted relatively easily, even by laypeople.