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Space party idea for decoration, food and more – create your own galaxy!

A galactic party, whether for a birthday, for Mardi Gras or just because, is fascinating and beautiful thanks to the dreamy colors. The space party inspires young and old and can be implemented without great effort. All you need to create the right atmosphere is actually just the right colors. And then use them for decoration, food and accessories. We would like to support you in the preparations for the space party by offering you a few suggestions, recipes and craft ideas.

Space party – the right colors

Space party for children and adults - tips and ideas for planning

The magical effect of the combination of blue and purple is what is so special about the decoration at the space party. You have surely seen a photo of a galaxy before and were fascinated by the variety and combination of colors. The two colors mentioned are the basis, but you can add more to the decoration: black, turquoise, gray, pink or yellow and beige, but metallic tones such as silver and gold are also ideal. Also, don’t forget a little glitter to symbolize the stars.

And you can use these colors as you like for Galaxy make-up, as well as for decoration, but also for desserts. With food coloring, you can easily get the desired effect for the space party. Here are a few space party ideas for food, invitation cards and homemade space party decorations.

Space party invitation

Design a space party invitation to match the theme party

The colors already mentioned should also appear in the invitation. Furthermore, stickers in the form of stars, planets or the moon can be used to design the galactic invitation card. Here and there you can spray on a little spray glue and add glitter. Despite the unmistakable space design, don’t forget to mention the motto so that all guests know what to expect. It goes without saying that the date, time and place should also be noted.

Space party food

Attractive cupcakes with a cosmic look on a dessert stand

The snacks should not only fill you up, but also serve as a decoration on the table or buffet. The best way to achieve this is to choose galactic colors for the desserts and, more precisely, for toppings, creams and the like. Here are a few options that are guaranteed to be a big hit at the space theme party.

Ice cream for the space party for kids and adults

Space party dessert - make your own ice cream in galactic colors

Whether it’s a party for adults or a children’s birthday party with a space theme, ice cream is guaranteed to be well received. And the beautiful color choice makes the ice cream even more appetizing. Simply choose your favorite ice cream recipe, which you simply colorize, or our suggestion. This is how the delicious ice cream is made:

  • 500 g confectioner’s cream (or whipped cream)
  • 225 g sweetened condensed milk
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • any food coloring
  • optional edible glitter

Beat the cream with a mixer until stiff. Then add the condensed milk and the vanilla and mix all the ingredients together again. Then divide the cream into several bowls and color them in the colors you want. Then combine them in a larger baking pan. The colors should blend well into one another. But be careful not to mix them up too much. If you want, you can sprinkle some glitter over it, after which you freeze the vanilla cream for the space party.

Galactic jelly for space birthday

Galactic dessert with jelly in a galactic look

  • blue jelly mix (or clear gelatin, any flavor and blue food coloring)
  • Sprinkles and edible decorations in star and ball shape, glitter, etc..

Simple instructions for galaxy jelly in a glass

Prepare the blue jelly according to the instructions on the packet. If you cannot find a blue jelly, you can also use gelatine and color it yourself and flavor it with flavor. Divide the finished pudding into several glasses or bowls, decorate it with the edible decorations and place it in the refrigerator to set.

Marble glaze for donuts and other pastries

Attractive glaze for donuts and other pastries with glitter

  • 200 g powdered sugar
  • 4 tablespoons of milk
  • 1 dash of vanilla paste
  • Food coloring in any color
  • edible glitter at will

Mix the powdered sugar, milk and vanilla paste together well. The finished glaze should not be too firm, but also not too runny. If necessary, add a little milk or powdered sugar. Divide the glaze into several bowls and color them in the colors you want. You can add glitter to some (or all) colors (or sprinkle glitter over the still wet glaze at the end).

Donuts with galaxy glaze - recipe for making marble topping yourself

Now put a little of each color in a deep plate, mix them roughly with a stick and dip the pastry in it. Set it aside to harden and continue with the rest of the time.

Space birthday decoration and craft ideas

Wall design for space party with balloons in marble look

Alone with Balloons you can kill two birds with one stone: On the one hand, you can use it to implement the color theme anywhere in the room. On the other hand, they can symbolize the planets or stars, especially if you opt for round instead of oval models. There are also great balloons in alternative shapes such as stars or with matching motifs (planets, astronauts, rockets, etc.). They can also be used to create great balloon garlands.

Garlands and curtains for the space party for the children’s birthday

Space party in black and white with stars and planets and many balloons

Would you like to make the space party decoration yourself? Then make garlands, for example, by gluing stars or planets out of paper on string. If you hang such garlands vertically, you get a nice curtain that you can hang in front of a wall. By the way, tinsel is also suitable as a theme party decoration. Anything that sparkles, glitters and shines can be used for decoration.

Craft ideas for children's birthday parties with the motto cosmos - rockets

Decoration rocket

Especially if the party decoration space is intended for a children’s birthday party, the rocket should not be missing. There are great printable templates available online so you can craft the rockets ahead of time to use as decorations for the party. But you can also make a few rockets with the children during the celebration itself. Here is an idea:

You need:

  • Paper towel roll
  • Cardboard or tissue or crepe paper
  • Colored paper
  • Glue
  • scissors
  • paint brush
  • Acrylic paint
  • optional: glitter, paper stars, stickers etc..

Do handicrafts with children at the space party - make rockets yourself out of paper

Paint the roll any color and make a cone out of the paper and glue it to one of the ends of the roll. You can then make “legs” out of the cardboard, which you first paint and then attach to the rocket by cutting into the roll. The handicraft project becomes even easier if you simply fold the tissue paper lengthways several times instead of the legs, put it in the roll and puff it up slightly.

Tinker astronaut

Especially when a birthday is celebrated with children in space, activities are required at some point so that they do not get bored. A few handicraft projects are then a great idea. And since it is a space party, the tinkered must of course also match the motto. An astronaut is a great idea. How about this idea: Draw a man with a helmet on a piece of paper and then design it with cut-out elements made of self-adhesive foam rubber.

But you can also cut a rectangular hole out of a paper plate and then use it as a mask (astronaut helmet). For another option, see the video below.

Wall design to match the motto

Organize space party for children's birthday with galaxy as background

If you want to highlight the wall behind the buffet or create a photo wall in front of which everyone can take a picture, you can redesign a white sheet for this purpose. Whether you use textile or acrylic paint is up to you. Dilute the colors well enough so that they can then be applied to the sheet in spots and even transitions can be created.

Suggestion for a Star Wars party with a black sheet and stars as a background

Finally, you can use a brush to add white or light yellow splashes for stars. You don’t need to dilute the paint for this. You can also paint planets, the moon or other cosmic elements such as falling stars. Alternatively, you can use a black or dark blue sheet and a couple of neon colors that glow in the dark.

Minimalistic and monochrome in black and white

Monochrome and minimalistic space party decorations in black, white and gray

We said that blue and purple are the main colors, but of course that doesn’t mean that you can’t use your own interpretations of space for space party decorations. This idea in black and white, for example, looks very elegant and attractive and is suitable for both a space party for children and a galactic party for adults.

Celebrate galactic birthdays with “Two the Moon” parties

Mottoparty idea and sayings for the second birthday and with word games

With word games you can make the theme, the decoration or the cake even more interesting and original. In particular, the Two-the-Moon birthday party, which is often chosen for the 2nd birthday of children, can be implemented in this way. The English word “to” (zu / zum) is replaced by “two” (two). Since both words sound the same, this creates a funny play on words. Or how about that:

  • You are out of this world!
  • Love you two the Moon and back (I / we love you to the moon and back)
  • You are just galactic!
  • You are my / our universe!

Further ideas

Idea for the wall decoration with silver paper plates in the shape of stars

Party decorations in silver for a futuristic atmosphere

Futuristic party decoration in silver for a space celebration for a birthday

Idea for a white cake

Birthday cake in white with space glaze with sprinkles

Galactic design drinks for the space party with food coloring

Make drinks galactically for the space party with food coloring

Decorate with stars

Balloon garland and stars to decorate the dessert table

Funny robot gift bags

Up to the moon motto - planet garland and gift bags as robots

Table decoration with balls in metallic

Table decoration for the space party with balls

Original cake with sweets in metallic, pink and blue

Lively birthday cake decorated with sweets in pink, blue and gold

Galaxy paper plates and mugs

Beautiful paper plates and cups with galaxies print for the celebration

Make galactic slime yourself

Celebrate trendy galaxy parties for a magical experience

Decoration idea for a party for adults

Space party for adults in blue and white with cakes with star constellations

To the Moon theme party with balloons and garlands

Space party in the colors orange, blue and silver with decoration made of tassels and balloons

Mirror glaze cake with starry sky design

Galactic cake with mirror glazing and space lollipops

Make galactic popcorn yourself with chocolate and sprinkles

Make galactic popcorn yourself with melted chocolate and sprinkles