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Salt dough ideas with a recipe for young and old – 7 great craft inspiration

Surely everyone played with salt dough at least once as a child as an alternative to modeling clay. If that is the case with you too, you will know how much fun it is. If your child has reached the age of handicrafts by now or you are looking for something to do during the afternoon of games, this type of homemade modeling clay is wonderfully suitable. And the best thing is that the finished figures can even be stored afterwards. We have put together some great salt dough ideas for you to try out. In order for you to succeed, however, you also need a suitable recipe for salt dough.

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What can you make of salt dough?

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You should know that the dough or the handicrafted figures can also harden in the open air. Since the salt dough dries for several days without baking and children in particular usually do not have such patience, many prefer to use the good old oven, in which it only takes a few minutes. But now we come to the simple recipe and the subsequent salt dough ideas.

Salt dough recipe and ideas – how to make salt dough?

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For the salt dough instructions and ideas you will need:

  • 2 cups flour (or 1 1/2 cups flour and 1/2 cup potato starch for a smoother batter)
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup of salt
  • 1 teaspoon vegetable oil

All products are mixed together, first mixing the dry ingredients, then adding the water, kneading and finally working in the oil. Since the dough is very elastic, you can also use a mixer or a food processor for this. When you prepare the dough for the children, you can offer them to knead the salt dough. The little ones are sure to have just as much fun. If the whole thing becomes too sticky, a little flour and salt are needed, if the dough cracks again and is too dry, you can add a little more oil. And you can get started with the salt dough ideas.

Tinker Christmas tree decorations with children – 46 ideas from salt dough

Make Christmas tree decorations with children from salt dough

Handicrafts with salt dough for Easter – conjure up creative Easter decorations with children

salty dough ideas guardian angel-gift-soccer-wing-precise-work

It is baked at 50 degrees. The time then depends on the thickness of the figures. In general, you can rely on the fact that every half an inch has to be baked for an hour. So if the dough is one centimeter thick, the figures should stay in the oven for 2 hours. The oven should be opened regularly to allow the moisture that evaporates to escape.

Make colored salt dough

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You can also color the finished dough with food coloring for the various salt dough ideas. Colors for Easter eggs are also well suited. Just try the right amount yourself. The more color you put in, the stronger the dough color will be. Again, use less color for a paler look.

Salt dough-ideas-brush-paint-watercolor-fir-tree-inspiration

On the other hand, it would be easier and possibly more fun for the children to paint the baked and cooled salt dough figures. If you want to paint salt dough, you can use watercolors, acrylic paints and poster paints. Water should be saved with watercolors. This dissolves the salt in the dough, which could ruin the figures. The figures are particularly durable if you also paint the salt dough after painting. Simply use clear varnish for this.

Salt dough ideas for children and adults – pretty pendants


Such pendants are particularly easy to make. The dough is simply rolled out as thick as you want and then cut out either free-hand or with cookie cutters. You can design pendants for any occasion. Suitable motifs for the Easter bouquet or Christmas tree are very popular. But personalized pendants are also well suited if you want to make a special gift. You can scratch the still soft dough shapes and write on them, or you can write on them with paint after baking.

Salt dough ideas with handprint

Salty dough-ideas-handprint-kids-dad-mothers-day-gift idea

Such handprints are also wonderful gift ideas with salt dough. Baby footprints are also very popular. You can make them as a keepsake for yourself or as a treat for a relative. Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, for example, are great occasions. Simply roll out the dough in any shape and size. So it doesn’t have to be round. A square also looks nice. Then press your hand or foot in. After baking, you can use paint to make the imprint a little more noticeable.

salty dough handprint christmas tree decorations santa claus

Paint the salt dough handprint: Snowmen

Make salt dough handprint Winter decorations for children's rooms, make snowmen

Crafting with salt dough – ideas for a vase


This vase is also made a lot lighter than you might think. All you need to craft such ideas with salt dough is, of course, the dough and a glass bottle. Roll out the dough, place the bottle on top and wrap it with the dough. With the superfluous part you can then make beautiful flowers or other motifs and decorate the vase with them. After that, all you have to do is bake the salt dough.

Original bowls as ideas made from salt dough

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If you want to make something particularly simple out of salt dough, such bowls are also great salt dough ideas. Above all, their irregular shape is very appealing and has a rustic flair. You get the shape by using ready-made, refractory bowls. Put them upside down. Then place the rolled out dough on top. It can be rolled out irregularly here. You can place different things between the bowl and the craft dough to create specific patterns. This can be a leaf, but also a lace doily and the like. Then press lightly on the dough so that it can take its shape.

Jewelry made from salt dough – creative ideas to imitate


Children will also have great fun making necklaces from homemade beads. The dough colored in advance with food coloring looks great here, but of course it can also be colored afterwards. Balls of any size are formed from small pieces of dough, which are then placed on kebab skewers. This is how they get their holes through which the thread will later be threaded. They do not necessarily have to be spherical shapes. Flat stones are also well suited. Bake the pearls with the skewers. Put them on fireproof glasses or other objects for baking. If the pearls are simply placed on a surface, they get a flat side.

Make elaborate figures yourself

salty dough-ideas-figures-stimulation-clown-3d-modeling

If you are looking for more elaborate salt dough craft ideas, you can also dare to work on such 3D figures. Whether angels, clowns, fairies or animals does not matter. The elasticity of the dough enables even tiny elements, so there are no limits. Figures like these are guaranteed to be a nice gift idea, if only for the reason that they are homemade. Just experiment. Salt dough projects are not just fun for children.

Tinker food as salt dough ideas

Salty dough-ideas-food-donuts-painting-acrylic paint-brush

Different foods are also great options for children. You can then play wonderfully with it later. So if the little ones have their own play kitchen, you can equip them with it. Whether such donuts, bread, cakes, fruits or even dishes does not matter. It is best to just let the children decide for themselves what they need. You can then help with tips for implementation.

Salt dough ideas for spring

Salt dough spring ideas in vintage style instructions

Welcome spring with a charming decoration! We will show you how you can make stylish pendants with salted dough, cookie cutters and self-made stickers. These tags can decorate bottles with homemade juices, cures or jams or round off the packaging of a gift. But they can also be perfectly staged together with fresh flowers. The beautiful pendants also cut a fine figure with vintage home accessories made of old silver. If you wish, you can of course create the sticker yourself and decorate it with seasonal motifs.

Make pendants out of salt dough yourself: handicraft instructions

Make salt dough spring ideas for Mother's Day gifts yourself

Make pendants out of salt dough yourself: DIY spring decorations

Salt dough spring ideas tinker instructions for pendants for Mother's Day

The template for the stickers

Salt dough spring ideas for gifts for Mother's Day template to print out

Crafting with salt dough in spring – unicorns for the nursery

Salt dough ideas for children's birthday unicorn make handicraft instructions

Do you have cookie cutters for cookies with a horse’s head at home? Then you can surprise the children with a colorful decoration for the desk or wall. These cute unicorns are the perfect addition to the decor in the girl’s room. You need salt dough, yarn in different colors, small glass beads, a sharp knife and a toothpick or, better still, a brush. First cut out the salt dough cookies, then use the back of the brush or toothpick to make holes for the horse’s mane and eye.

Crafting with salt dough: different variations for unicorn decorations

Make salt dough with children, make unicorn yourself

Let your creativity run free and try out different variants. Combine the unicorns and stick them on the wall or make a garland that you can use to beautify the girl’s room. This handicraft idea is also the perfect leisure activity for children between 6 and 10 years and is also great as a DIY project for children’s birthday parties.

Craft ideas for toddlers: Salt dough ideas for Mother’s Day

Salt dough ideas Mother's Day flower bowl make yourself Instructions for toddlers

Surprise your mother with a homemade present for Mother’s Day. Lovingly crafted gifts are guaranteed to put a smile on her face. For example, you can use salt dough to make a decorative flower-shaped bowl yourself. This handicraft idea is even suitable for toddlers who want to give mom a treat for a special occasion. In any case, you need help from an adult who bakes the dough in the oven. This is how the flower bowl is made: Cut out a flower with a flower shape, bend the petals slightly upwards and let the dough dry in the oven at a temperature of 70-80 degrees Celsius. Paint the finished bowl as you like.

Salt dough ideas for Father’s Day for kindergarten age kids

Salt dough ideas Father's Day make yourself instructions

Not only Mother’s Day but also Father’s Day is coming soon in spring. Make fun donut-shaped key rings. First, cut out the donut, dry the salt dough in the oven, and then paint it. Then sprinkle the finished donut with sprinkles before the color has completely dried out. This is how the sprinkles stick to the donut. Now all that remains is to tie a piece of string around the donut.

Crafting with salt dough for Easter

tinker with salt dough make and paint your own Easter egg in spring

Easter is also approaching. If you have toddlers, then you might be planning an Easter egg hunt. We offer you an idea for colorful pendants made of salt dough to go with it. These Easter eggs are suitable as a decoration in the house and in the garden. You can also put the salt dough tags on the lawn in the garden and hide important hints underneath for the children looking for Easter eggs.

Make Easter decorations yourself from salt dough

Handicrafts with salt dough for Easter Make and paint Easter egg tags yourself

Tinker with salt dough for Easter: ideas for toddlers

Make gifts from salt dough for Easter, wrap Easter eggs for children

You don’t have any children of your own, but would you like to surprise your nephews at Easter? Then you can make your own Easter eggs from salt dough and hide small decorative figures inside. This is how an imaginative gift can be created. You need: salt dough that you have to dye in cheerful colors, gift bags and plastic eggs to fill. We have shown you several options below with which you can fill the plastic eggs. let yourself be inspired!

Tinker with salt dough at Easter: what to fill the plastic eggs with?

Make gifts from salt dough yourself for Easter for children to hide ideas

Salt dough handprint Easter

Salt dough handprint Easter Easter egg making instructions

Cut out Easter eggs from salt dough and paint

Easter eggs from salt dough yourself make ideas and instructions

Salt dough ideas for children’s birthday parties

Gifts made from salt dough make ideas for toddlers

Are you planning a children’s birthday party and looking for ideas that the children can keep busy? A cool idea is to play with the birthday child’s gifts right out of the box. So if you buy transport toys, you can make roads or a motorway yourself out of salt dough. Another variant is to design a pirate island.

Make gifts from salt dough yourself – Pirate Island

Make gifts from salt dough yourself, tinker pirate island

For this pirate island you need golden chocolate coins, Lego pirate figures, a pirate flag that you can make yourself from black paper and a toothpick, old jewelry chain and a ring box made of velvet that you can stick with sequins. You will also need a blue cake stand. Color the salt dough black and decorate the island with shells and sea stones that you collected during your last vacation. Arrange the other decorative elements and the gift is ready!

Crafting with salt dough in summer

tinker with salt dough in summer make pendants with mussels yourself

What should you do with the kids on hot summer afternoons? Especially when it is too hot to play in the garden, there is an opportunity to try out new handicraft instructions. For example, you can make wind chimes for the terrace or cheerful decorations for the children’s room yourself.

Salt dough ideas for summer: craft ideas for toddlers

Tinker and paint with salt dough ideas summer with children

Salt dough ideas for autumn: handprint in the shape of a pumpkin

Salt dough ideas kids make autumn pumpkin yourself with handprint

In autumn you can let your creativity run free. We offer you several ideas on how you can make creative decorations from colored salt dough. The first idea is to make a handprint of the child on an orange salt dough plate. Then cut the platter into a pumpkin shape, let it dry in the oven, and then decorate it with a pipe cleaner. Complete! You can find more cool DIY ideas for autumn in the photo gallery below.

Autumn decoration “Orchard” with fruits made from salt dough

Presents made from salt dough handicrafts with children in the fruit kindergarten

The salt dough apples are decorated with real leaves

Make gifts from salt dough fruit yourself

Salt dough ideas for kids in fall: DIY fall leaves

Salt dough ideas autumn autumn leaves make yourself

Salt dough ideas for autumn: make your own decoration

Salt dough ideas autumn Make instructions for autumn leaves yourself with cookie cutters

Salt dough ideas children autumn: decoration with natural treasures

Salt dough ideas autumn children make handicrafts with natural materials in elementary school

Make autumn decorations yourself from salt dough

Make salt dough ideas autumn yourself

Salt dough ideas for the garden: garden decorations made easy

Salt dough ideas garden mushrooms and small decorative figures in flower pots

Salt dough ideas for the garden: door from the elf house

Salt dough ideas garden elf house door tinkering instructions

Making guardian angels out of salt dough: Instructions

Guardian angels from salt dough make instructions and quick handicraft ideas for children in elementary school

Make guardian angels out of salt dough

Make guardian angels from salt dough yourself and paint

Garland of stars made of salt dough

Salt dough ideas Mother's Day garland of stars Craft ideas for children in elementary school

Decoration for the children’s room: animals made from salt dough

Make salt dough decorations yourself for children's rooms with toddlers