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Quick terrarium building instructions – create a mini garden!

terrarium building instructions terrarium idea pebbles cacti aloe

We offer you several cheap and quick ideas for mini gardens – with this one Terrarium building instructions, which can be copied quickly.

Terrarium building instructions – materials and preparation

terrarium building instructions moss design decoration plants interior

For the Terrarium assembly instructions you need the following materials – tin cans with glass lids, aquarium bottom / pebbles /, moss, magnetic tape and glue. First you need to paint the bottom of the can with white paint / for example spray /. Tape the rest of the box with paper – Stick the magnetic tape on the back of the tin can – so you can quickly and easily hang up the terrarium later, e.g. on the refrigerator. Cut the glass lids in two and sand the ends with sandpaper.

Terrarium building instructions – step 1

terrarium building instructions succulents colorful colors ball glass

Then you can arrange the stones, soil and plants in the container. The plants should ideally be small cacti – they don’t grow too fast and can withstand a long time without water. Glue the lid to the can – and hang it on the fridge with the magnets. Complete! Below you can see another photo of the Terrarium assembly instructions Find. Other fresh and simple ideas are also available – you can turn an old aquarium into a terrarium, or use tea cups as decorative mini pots. You can find – and buy – cheap and creative designs online. Terrariums in wine bottles or made from recycled glass have been all the rage lately. They are definitive proof that sustainability and environmental awareness have become an inseparable part of our everyday lives.

Terrarium shape

terrarium building instructions original shape succulent plants tinker

Terrarium idea

terrarium building instructions moss sand shell idea hang up

Example of the materials

Terrarium building instructions decorate materials

Create a terrarium in teacups

Build your own teacup terrarium

Recycled glass terrarium

modern terrarium ideas plants green vegetation

Terrarium glass made from recycled materials

Prepare terrarium glass for turtles

Decorate the terrarium with mini figures – in this case birds

Terrarium decoration idea green plants marine pine

Tin can terrarium – creative recycling idea

Terrarium mini garden creating end result

Terrarium in an old aquarium – create the soil and plant it with herbs

Build your own terrarium herbs animals aquarium

Create a terrarium in an old aquarium – an inexpensive decoration idea for the balcony

Terrarium plants decorate earth replant

Terrarium in a bottle or flask – interesting idea for craft enthusiasts

modern terrarium jars design ideas

Terrarium glass with an interesting shape

Create fresh ideas to build your own terrarium

In spring and summer you can hang the terrarium on the balcony

Aquarium vessel create terrarium balcony decoration ideas

Terrarium build yourself recycled glass decoration

Terrarium plants pebbles create mini garden