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Print pillows – modern decorating idea

Pillow-print-bedroom-animal motifs

If you are looking for original decorating ideas that are interesting and at the same time inexpensive – then we have a proposal- Print pillows. Bring a fresh touch into the interior or surprise your friends with an imaginative personal gift that will really touch them.

Print pillows – select motifs for your home

colorful-printed-sofa-cushions-living room

Print pillows Above all, means showing individuality and creativity. But which motifs are suitable? That depends mainly on personal taste – modern people love funny headlines – you can, for example, have part of a colored magazine or your books photographed and printed on the shelf. Decorate the living room with pillows that look like a postage stamp – or show your love for art and opt for pillows with printed painting.

Printing pillows – extraordinary designs

Pillow-print family dog

Opt for extraordinary designs and leave yours Print pillows. Why not print the calendar? Animals make every room look cozier – for example the family dog ​​in pink, or wild animals in black and white. In the children’s room you can also decorate with colored animal patterns as wall decals and pillow envelopes.

Printing pillows – gift ideas

interesting-decoration-idea-pillow-print-Eiffel Tower

The best thing about this gift idea is that it is very personal, and it can suit anyone. If your friends are moving into their first apartment together, you can opt for fun and colorful motifs. Newly married couples are sure to enjoy Mr. and Mrs. pillows. You don’t need an occasion to surprise your favorite people – write a love letter and leave it on one Print pillows. Prepare yourself in advance for Christmas with fun printed pillows – they will create an atmosphere and are also very practical because they can be used every year.

Printing pillows – printing options

Cushions-leather sofa-printed-painting

Before your Print pillows, you have to decide on the type of printing. The so-called flex and flock prints last a very long time and have a good coverage even on darker textiles, they are in any case more suitable for monochrome designs. Photo digital printing offers several options, but the color is basically less persistent than the first two options and can fade over time.

Relaxation Pillow Fresh Floral Pattern


Long pillow book covers

long-pillow-book-covers-living room

Pillows as wedding gifts for young families


Love letter printed on a pillow

Love-pillow-printing-ideas-Valentine's Day-love letter

Children’s room with pillow wall decal

Nursery wall decal-pillow-bird motifs-print

Interesting decoration idea-printed pillow calendar


Colored pillows in the bedroom


Colored printed blue pillows


Bedroom pillows with relaxation motifs

Print bedroom-pillow-relaxation-motifs

Print Christmas pillows

Christmas pillow printing