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Planting grasses – pretty species for indoor areas and balconies

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Grasses are especially popular in modern garden design. But if you don’t own a garden, that doesn’t mean you have to do without these attractive plants. Because you can also decorate the balcony wonderfully with grasses. They also thrive very well in flower pots and flower boxes and look great both in combination with a colorful blooming flower, such as the petunia, or when planted individually. Planting grasses you can add as many as you like on the balcony. In this way you can create a true paradise that looks stylish and offers perfect relaxation for everyone.

Planting grasses as a decorative element


If you plant grasses on the balcony, you can use them as accents or put them in the center. Their neutral colors make it possible to combine them with any other plants, decorations and flower pots. This creates an aesthetic look that can only be created by grass.

Plant annual and perennial grasses


If you have now definitely decided that you want to plant grasses on your balcony, you can choose between the varieties that we will introduce to you in this article. There are both evergreen variants and those that die off in winter to decorate your balcony with new energy in spring.

Grasses in flower boxes

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The grass plants are wonderfully suitable for flower boxes. There they can be combined with other plants and flowers or you can leave it with an arrangement of grasses. Flower boxes of this type are also great as railings and look more natural.

Maned barley (Hordeum jubatum)


Colorful grasses usually belong to the non-evergreen varieties of grass. They are a great choice if you want to plant grasses that you don’t have to worry about in the winter time. This includes, for example, the mane barley. If you plant this type of grass, you will decorate the balcony in an interesting way, thanks to the pretty spikelets. The plant, if it is not brought into the warm in winter, dies, but can be re-sown in spring.

Trembling grasses (Briza)

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The quaking grass likes it sunny and dry. You should also consider this for the location on the balcony if you plan to plant this type of grass. The plant has pretty ears, depending on the species with purple accents, which tremble interestingly in light winds. Hence the name.

Sedges (Carex)

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The sedge impresses with its multicolored pattern and the dense clumps that it forms. That makes them perfect as a single plant for flower pots or tubs on the balcony. So if you are planting grasses and want to create a real eye-catcher with them, sedges are exactly the right choice. They quickly turn into the highlight of the entire planting.

Feather grass (Stipa)


There are different types of feather grasses, which differ mainly in their size and scope, so that you can easily find the right variant for the balcony.

Orient pennisetum (Pennisetum orientale)


Plant this type of grass, or rather, place it in a warm and airy place. The grass blooms in a delicate purple hue that later turns into a pretty silver. The flowers also delight you from July to autumn.

Protect hardy grasses


Even with hardy grasses, it should be noted that they can still freeze to death in flower pots, as the roots are colder there than in the ground. So consider finding a cool place in your home to overwinter or at least wrap the pots and pans with burlap.

Nice arrangement with grass


Combine grasses with colored flowers in a large flower pot like it was done here. This idea puts a great accent on any balcony, no matter what style has been chosen for it.

Indoor grasses


We have great news for you. Many of the pretty grass varieties can also thrive indoors. If you plan to plant grass indoors, it is best to choose low-growing species. For this, however, a prerequisite must also be met.

Requirements for grasses in the interior

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In order for the grasses to feel just as comfortable inside, it is important to ensure that the air is not too dry. To prevent this, you can make sure that the soil in the pot is always sufficiently moist. In addition, you can regularly spray the grass with water.

The right location

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A room temperature that is too high should also be avoided if you are planting grasses indoors and the grasses don’t like large temperature fluctuations either. A bright location is perfect, but direct sunlight is unsuitable. But if you don’t have space near a window, don’t worry. Because the grasses also feel good in slightly darker rooms and areas.

Planting grasses – repotting and fertilizing

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Otherwise, the grasses for the interior are relatively undemanding. After planting the grasses, you don’t have to worry about repotting for the time being. This is only necessary again when the pot is completely filled with roots. Fertilizing is also not an obligation and can be neglected for a long time.

Cutting grass


In winter, like most plants, the grasses have a dormant phase. After that, it is important that you cut the grass so that new grass can grow back in the spring. It is best to cut the grasses in February. That way, instead of planting new grasses, you keep your old trinkets.

Sedge grass (Cyperus)


Sedge grass is a marsh plant and can easily be grown indoors in a pot. The narrow stalks are complemented by green and white flowers that resemble grass. A well-suited variety for indoor use is dwarf cypergrass, which, however, only forms flowers in rare cases.



It may seem strange to you, but reeds can also be raised indoors. It needs sufficient moisture because it is also a marsh plant. If you want to plant such grasses, take good advice beforehand.

Bamboo grass (Pogonatherum)

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If you want to plant attractive grasses that are suitable for indoor use, you should definitely choose the attractive bamboo grass. The name is quite misleading, because actually the bamboo grass has absolutely nothing to do with the bamboo. The plant likes it light and sunny, warm and humid. The soil should never dry out with this type of grass.

Grasses in the bathroom


To provide the grasses with sufficient humidity, they can be used wonderfully to decorate the bathroom or kitchen. Because of the water vapors, the degree of humidity there is particularly high and beneficial for the grasses. Consider this idea if you plan to plant grasses indoors.