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Party decoration – what are the latest trends this year?

party decoration trends idea flags table

If you like to organize parties, you will definitely want to keep coming up with new, original ideas and of course with the Party decoration to be in trend. And so that you stay up to date, we would like to offer you exactly that in this article, namely what the current trends in terms of party decoration are.

Party decorations and garlands to hang up

garland party idea diy geometric shapes

Garlands and flags have always been a part of the party decoration that should not be missing. The only thing that has changed in relation to this is the designs for it. Geometric shapes are particularly popular at the moment in all imaginable areas of life. So it’s only logical that they shouldn’t be missing from the party decorations either. Design such effective garlands and they are guaranteed to be a hit at your party. Ready-made templates can be used for this.

Make party decorations yourself – diamond garland

garland instructions diamond colorful tinker party decoration


This diamond-shaped garland is also a great eye-catcher. And it’s not as difficult to imitate as it might seem. There are also instructions for this and even with a video.

Party decoration from patterned paper

DIY star decoration colorful tinker fold


Instead of ordinary, colored paper, you can also choose paper with patterns for handicrafts. Among other things, you can use it to make these effective stars for party decorations by using the template. You can then hang up the mini-stars wherever you want. And maybe you will find another way to show them off.

Flag decoration with fairy lights

party decoration flags outside tinker garland

The garlands, which consist of flags, are always popular for party decorations. They are particularly suitable for garden parties, but can of course also be used indoors without losing any of their effectiveness. For a more interesting effect, you can add fringes to the flags like in this example. In this way they resemble falling stars. But even in combination with a string of lights, you absolutely can’t go wrong.

Party decorations from confetti

ideas party confetti colored paper tinker

As you have certainly not forgotten, a true classic among the decorations for the party is the confetti. And you don’t necessarily have to choose the traditional, round shapes. Because confetti comes in a wide variety of forms. If you feel like it, you can make the colorful confetti for the party decoration yourself with any punch and various motifs. The main thing is that the confetti is nice and colorful.

Make a confetti thrower as decoration

Make confetti yourself colorful party idea

Throwing the confetti around is especially fun. And to make this easier and even funnier, you can use an unerring confetti thrower for this. But it is even better if you make it yourself. You can do that with the help of this instructions.

Paper party decorations 

party idea plate tropical strawberry cookiesWhat can be fun for a children’s party can lead to conflict at an adult party. On the one hand you want to make the party decoration stylish by using real tableware, on the other hand there is of course the risk that something will break. And then there is the dishwashing afterwards … Now you don’t have to worry about it anymore, because with such colorful paper plates you will put all guests in a good mood. You can also choose them according to the theme of your party.

Use party napkins as decoration

napkins party design geometric pattern gold

The matching napkins should of course not be missing from the party decoration. But don’t choose boring white, but colorful ones or those like in the example photo and once again with the modern geometric pattern. To find suitable napkin designs, all you have to do is look around. And if you find something suitable, grab it right away. The right party will be found for it.

Paper fans as a party decoration

paper fan blue green white craft idea party

The paper fans are somewhat reminiscent of the Chinese party decorations used for various traditional celebrations. But that in no way prevents us from using it for our own party, on the contrary. The idea is a great inspiration.

party decoration fan paper diy wreath idea

Use pinatas for party decorations

party decoration DIY donut pinata fun


There’s a reason this Mexican tradition is growing in popularity in the U.S. as well. It’s just a lot of fun and is perfect for any party. Make a unique pinata and surprise your guests with this original idea for party decorations.

party decoration trends cake making idea


pinata party decoration diamond shape original idea


Party decoration from drink stirrers

party decoration fruit beverage stirrer napkins


Party stirrers are not only practical, but also have a decorative quality in themselves. You can get particularly original and unique variants if you simply tinker the stirrer yourself. Simply choose one of the examples and get started right away. Make your party special with this party decoration.

beverage stirrer feathers glass napkin pink stripes


Projections on the wall

party decoration projection coffee table seat cushion floor

Use a projector to project an image on the bare wall that goes with your party theme. You are also welcome to borrow a projector if you don’t have one yourself. This way you will add an original accent to your party.

project party message wall design effective