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Natural stones and boulders as a design element of modern architecture

Natural stones and boulders -modern-architecture-terrace-sea view-infinity-pool-lighting

Eco, bio and nature-friendly is in today, because you feel alienated from nature in your everyday life. In modern architecture, designers are increasingly turning to natural materials and unconventional solutions in order to ensure a bit more natural life for future residents. Natural stones and boulders are very popular when designing rock gardens, especially in the Asian and Zen styles, as part of a modern house facade, these appear more than extraordinary.

Natural stones and boulders in the garden design – modern villa by the sea

Natural stones and boulders -modern-architecture-landscape-house-taiwan-exotic

The flat roof house designed by Create + Think Design Studio is located on the east coast of Taiwan and has been described by the locals as a “rocky” place, and not without reason. The house facade, as well as other architectural elements – side walls, patio columns, garden design, consist of natural stones and boulders in their natural look and structure.

Natural stones and boulders for interior and exterior design

Natural stones and boulders -modern-architecture-house-exotic-palm-terrace

The house is a real masterpiece, in which modern design and traditional, local architecture merge into one another. This combination of materials and the shape of the building itself harmonize with the surrounding exotic landscape. Natural stones and boulders, water, lush greenery and the structuring of the indoor and outdoor areas seamlessly combine the nature of Taiwan’s east coast and the modern living environment.

A modern flat roof house on the east coast of Taiwan 

natural stones-boulders-modern-architecture-terrace-wooden ceiling-dining area

Wood is the second most important design element, after stone, in the interior and exterior of this villa. It can be seen as the ceiling cladding of the patio roof, as a floorboard on the terrace, in a darker variant in the interior design of the bedroom and as a solid worktop in the open kitchen.

Natural stones and boulders for exterior walls in a modern Zen style 

natural stones-boulders-modern-architecture-terrace-sea view-terrace roofing-nature

The flat roof house is 90 meters long and 30 wide, and the entire living space extends over three levels, including the garage.

Terrace pillars made of stone – natural stones and boulders

natural stones-boulders-modern-architecture-terrace-luxury-wooden ceiling-sea view-garden

Wonderful terrace stretches along the coast 

natural stones-boulders-modern-architecture-terrace-wooden floorboards-sea view-garden-sea

Terrace with beautiful sea views to the bedroom

Terraced garden design -modern-architecture-terrace-wooden floorboards-deck chair-sea view

Terraced garden design – infinity pool and lounge area

natural stones-boulders-modern-architecture-terrace-lounge-garden-wooden floorboards

External stairs lead to the roof terrace of the flat roof house

natural stones-boulders-modern-architecture-stairs-roof-terrace-house-pond-water

Natural stones and boulders in the garden design are visible through the large-format windows and patio doors

natural stones-boulders-modern-architecture-garden-roof-terrace-stairs-outside

Great roof terrace with wooden floorboards offers a breathtaking view

natural stones-boulders-modern-architecture-roof-terrace-sea view-wooden floorboards-deckchairs

The roof terrace offers more private space than the one on the ground floor


Sliding patio doors expand the living space to the outside

outdoor-kitchen-modern-wooden floorboards-lounge-landscape-exotic

Modern outdoor kitchen available on the terrace

terrace-modern-house-architecture-wooden floorboards-lounge-luxury-outdoor-kitchen

Natural stones and boulders as a motif for modern kitchen walls


Modern bedroom with an integrated bathroom in a modern style

natural stones-boulders-modern-bedroom-dark-terrace-doors-panorama window

Modern bedroom designed in dark tones

natural stones-boulders-modern-bedroom-wood-wall cladding-ceiling-dark

Modern bedroom with large-format windows and a romantic window sill

modern-bedroom-design-patio-door-window sill

* a project by Create + Think Design Studio