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Motif cakes for children with fondant – original ideas for girls and boys

Motif cakes for children lego-bricks-figures-birthday-candle-cake

Whether for baptism, birthday or school enrollment, they are Motif cakes for children a real eye-catcher, will undoubtedly bring great joy to the birthday child and delight the guests. In this article we will give you ideas for great motif cakes for girls and boys with original and loving decorations. let yourself be inspired!

Motif cakes for children – give special occasions a personal touch with loving decorations

minion figure fondant motif cake

Children love the fun and exciting Disney films. There is hardly a child who does not have a favorite cartoon character that they are fascinated by. A delicious cake with the favorite hero will make children’s eyes shine and make your child overjoyed. Take a look at this minion cake. It just looks real, as if it just got out of the movie. If you want to try something new and let off steam with culinary delights, you can imitate this cute, little, yellow creature at home. Even if you are not a professional decorator, with a little patience and skill you will get such motif cakes for children just as beautiful as in the picture.

Motif cakes for children – cake decorations inspired by various animation heroes

minions boy birthday characters balloons

The cute Minion figure looks pretty complicated at first glance, but consists of round cake bases with a cream filling that are stacked on top of each other. You can of course decide for yourself about the flavors. In order for the Minion head to look nice and rounded, you need to bake a dome-shaped cake and finally cover the whole cake with yellow fondant. You can also shape the large glasses and blue dungarees from fondant. If you are still a beginner in baking 3D cakes yourself and do not dare, you can decorate a square motif cake for children, which is by no means less beautiful. Design the cake in the colors of the Minion and decorate the cake with several Minions decorative figures.

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Make fun food for children with these original ideas


Children are sure to be fascinated by the sight of this delicious work of art. If your child has wanted a cake with the great characters from the film “The Ice Queen”, there are several options available to you to create a very special kind of cake. There are no limits to your imagination when it comes to Disney-themed cakes. You can build from individual movie characters to movie scenes and even entire castles. This multi-tier cake, for example, is suitable for both girls and boys.

ice queen-elsa-anna-olaf-snowflake-motif-cake

Covered with fondant and decorated with sugar snowflakes, you will transport your birthday child into a fairytale world. Elsa and Anna, Olaf or Sven and Kristoff are also available as finished cake decoration figures. The snowman Olaf can also be made from cake scraps, from which you form different balls and combine them into a figure using cake pop styles. You can use a frosting to cover it and use marzipan or fondant to create facial features.

princess-motif-cake-elsa-ice queen

Little girls will be over the moon with a princess cake like this. A Barbie doll is inserted into this dome cake, which looks fantastically beautiful in its magnificent blue dress. For this purpose, cakes are baked, which are then divided into 5 or 6 cake bases and placed on top of each other with cake filling. The edges of the top two cake layers are formed into a dress. With a round cookie cutter you can cut a hole for the doll in the middle of all the bases. You can dress the barbie with fondant. The dress is also made from fondant coating and decorated with pearls or glitter as desired.

Motif cakes for girls


An enchanting motif cake for children doesn’t necessarily have to be time-consuming. You can also surprise your little princess with such a wonderful cake, which you decorate with a crown or a diadem on top. A dreamlike princess cake is actually not worthy for a princess without gold or silver and without pearls and precious stones. Decorate the cake with a pearl necklace and dedicate yourself to the crown. You can make the crown from gum paste and decorate it with sugar crystals and pearls. A real small, filigree crown old decoration for the cake is also a great idea. It then remains as a great memory or to play with.

Make-up set-bag-girl-motif-cake

Motif cakes for children like this beautiful make-up bag can not only fascinate little girls, but also teenagers and women. You can design the great make-up bag from a simple sponge cake and cover it with fondant in the desired color. To make the bag look realistic, you can cut prongs into a strip of fondant and imitate a zipper. Plan a little more time and shape various cosmetic utensils from the fondant mass, some of which you put in the cosmetic bag and distribute on the cake. Nail polish, lipstick, eye shadow and mascara round off the motif cake for girls.


Motif cakes for children are also an indispensable part of the entire decoration for various theme parties. What do you think of this beautiful Alice in Wonderland cake? A book, a pink teapot and a clock stand on a golden treasure chest and transport all guests into a magical world. Tea cups, a hat, golden keys or playing cards are accessories that go perfectly with the theme and can be recreated with fondant.


You are welcome to conjure up a great cake for various occasions in the trendy owl look. You can assemble the body of the cute owl from several cake bases as described above. You can then cut out several circles from the fondant mass to cover the body of the colorful owl. The big eyes, the ears, the small claws and the beak can also be made from fondant in the right color. With a bow on its head, the little owl just looks sweet as sugar. The owl motif is beautifully variable and you can create it according to your own ideas.


Most of the children and especially the girls are big fans of horses. With this motif, too, there are no limits to your imagination. You can design a meadow cake with small modeled horses on top or model the cake as a horse’s head. Motif cakes for children also look great as normal cakes without 3D effects. Especially if you have no experience with motif cakes, such a cake would be a sure-fire idea. Using a template, you can cut out the horse’s head from gumpaste, as well as design the mane and harness.

Motif cakes for boys


Anyone who wants to surprise a young son on a special occasion is definitely on the right track with the Lightning McQueen. The talented, talking racing car is a great decoration for motif cakes for children that will make the hearts of your loved ones beat faster. Decorate the cake in yellow and red and place a real Cars toy on top. Your child will be completely satisfied with the double surprise.


Since these are racing cars, the black and white flags are an indispensable part of the cake decoration. Some spare tires for the fast cars should of course not be missing. If you have enough zein and some experience with modeling, you can design Hook, the tow truck, Sally, the lawyer, Guido, the forklift or other figures from the racing team. Mini motif cakes with tiny racing cars as decoration are also an original idea that will charm the little guests.


Another idea for motif cakes for boys are the soccer cakes. If your child is a passionate football fan, you can design a green playing field with markings, imitate the football team’s jersey with the name and number of their favorite player or create a football. The perfect football that looks really hard to replicate is actually relatively easy to make.

soccer-boy-tshirt-playing field

You can easily get the ideal hemisphere by baking the cake in a special shape or in a round bowl. To decorate with black and white fondant, you can get pentagonal or hexagonal figures using a template or with a special football cutter and make the football look like the real thing. You can make this great eye-catcher even more unique by hollowing out a small hollow in the middle of the hemisphere with the spoon and filling it with small chocolate soccer balls.

goalkeeper ball pitch sports shoes

If you want a round cake, you have to assemble two hemispheres into one. You can also copy the seams of the ball with the appropriate knife and, if necessary, brush them with edible powder paint. The soccer cake is also a unique gift idea for little goalkeepers. Put two goalkeeper gloves on top of the ball and maybe design two more football boots.

Motif cakes for children with police are also a long runner among the boys. If your child wants to ensure law and order, you can organize the perfect birthday with the motto police and surprise the little policeman with a police car cake. Small cupcakes with delicious frosting in white and blue, decorated with a police figure or a sheriff ID, will make the motto party unforgettable. You can also make wonderful decorations with cream and various buttercreams.


Little boys, but also the girls, are also enthusiastic about the firefighters. After all, the firefighters are legendary heroes and great role models. Decorate the cake with a fire truck equipped with horns, sirens, and a ladder. Spread some orange-red flames on your cake and don’t forget the fire hose.

Covering motif cakes for children with fondant – what to watch out for?

motif-cakes-children-boys-multi-storey-cars-construction site

Basically, you can create many wonderfully beautiful motif cakes for children from every cake. Sponge cakes and unfilled cakes are very stable and are easiest to cut, brush and coat. For the cakes with motifs, the cakes can also be filled. But if you decide to use fondant for cake decoration, you shouldn’t forget that fondant must not come into contact with quark, cream, pudding or yoghurt fillings, as the fondant can dissolve.


Suitable creams for the fondant coating are those with a high fat content, namely ganache or many buttercreams. There are even special molds on the market that create cakes with an extra cavity for the cream fillings, so that the fondant is protected and does not attract moisture.