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Making pirate decorations out of cardboard – ideas for children’s birthday parties and for the children’s room

Make pirate party for children for birthday decoration yourself

Yo ho ho! A pirate party is a great idea for all children between the ages of 6 and 12 who like action and have wild imaginations. This motto offers so many ways to host an unforgettable party. This goes well with creative invitations, funny decorations, authentic music, delicious food, creative costumes and great styling that is easy to do. Special plans can also be implemented with a limited budget. You and your children will love these fun cardboard pirate decorations! After the birthday party, the children’s room can also be turned into a pirate cave.

Pirate decoration made of cardboard – creative and cheap

Buy new, clean cardboard boxes for reasons of hygiene

The right decoration is the key to a successful atmosphere. And the more authentic the atmosphere, the more the kids will enjoy the party. Another plus point: If you do handicrafts together with children, it promotes their creative side. Today we give you some suggestions on what you can make out of cardboard for a pirate party or simply as a decoration for the children’s room. However, using used and soiled cardboard packaging for handicrafts with children is not a good idea for hygienic reasons. It is best to get new, clean boxes of the right size. This is how you can use your Buy cardboard online and have it sent straight to your home.

Make a pirate ship out of cardboard yourself

Pirate ship red flags 16th and 17th century style

No pirate would ever dream of going anywhere without his ship! Turn a large cardboard box into an impressive pirate ship! The ship should be big enough to accommodate a pirate captain and his crew of two. Cut off the top cardboard flaps. Shape the stern and bow and secure with tape. Paint three round circles in a row on either side of the box and cut out the portholes. You can use a wrapping paper roll or a broomstick as the flagpole. If you don’t have that much time to tinker with right now, then you can get a big one Cardboard pirate ship order online. The large corrugated cardboard toy also offers many options for creative design and lots of fun.

Treasure hunt on the children’s birthday party

Treasure hunt pirate party gold coins flag skull

A treasure hunt with the obligatory treasure chest should not be missing at a pirate party. The captain and his crew will surely be happy to plunder your garden with the help of an old treasure map. To make an old map, put a sheet of paper in coffee. Then let it air dry in the sun. Burn the corners of the paper with a lighter. Draw the map and add a few simple puzzle questions. An “X” marks the place where the treasure is located. A cardboard treasure chest is also very easy to make and decorate yourself. Here is for example a great guide for a treasure chest shown with round lid. Exactly what a pirate treasure chest should look like! Before the treasure hunt, fill the treasure chest with chocolate coins, plastic rings, bracelets, necklaces, temporary adhesive tattoos, etc..

Portholes as wall decorations in the nursery

Pirate decoration portholes window pirate ship

For many boys, pirates are the heroes of the sea. Thus, pirates are a great motto not only for every birthday party, but also for the children’s room. Dark wooden furniture, brass elements and red and white striped accessories create a nautical feeling. Are a great idea for wall decoration these “fake” portholes made of cardboard. With a craft knife cut out several rings with a diameter of 40 cm. Then use the hot glue gun to glue 5 plastic bottle caps onto each cardboard ring as screws. Place the rings on a spread newspaper and spray them with the golden spray paint. To create a “glass look”, glue a piece of wax paper to the back of the ring. You can then also paint the ocean with thinned acrylic paint.

Make a telescope out of toilet rolls and paper cups

Tinker telescope for pirate party with children

Cardboard is a versatile material that is used in a wide variety of ways. So doing handicrafts with cardboard boxes can be a real adventure and offers you and your children an excellent opportunity to let your creativity run free. The material can also be used to create other great toys and even furniture. We hope you enjoy tinkering with cardboard boxes!