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Make your own decorations for January: beautiful DIY projects for winter 2021

At Christmas, glittering garlands and Christmas tree decorations in bold colors make even the hearts of purists beat faster. By January at the latest, however, our eyes are tired and we are fed up with the kitschy decorations. Now is the right time to replace the eye-catching Christmas decorations with a subtle winter decoration. We will show you ideas on how you can make a restrained yet stylish decoration for January, February and March yourself. Beautify your home with natural materials, lanterns and lanterns in a hygge style.

Make decorations for January yourself: restrained and tasteful

Winter decorate apartment ideas after the Christmas holidays

In the first arrangement, textiles play the main role. A stool cover made of faux fur, a cozy knitted bedspread and a deep-pile rug in neutral gray and powder tones form the perfect background for the macrame winter decoration to hang up. Two Christmas trees in pots add a natural touch and a string of lights brings just the right dose of glamor to the room.

Decoration in January: lanterns in a frost look

Which decoration in January candles with frost effect

Two scented candles and several lanterns in a frost look: sometimes you don’t need more to bring a touch of cosiness into your own four walls. Our tip: The ensemble is particularly charming if you group lanterns of different heights. Then spray them with frost spray to simulate the look of a frosted glass. The subdued light from the candles relaxes the eyes and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

How to decorate ideas with winter lights after Christmas

Alternatively, you can marble the lanterns or paint them with a dark color and then partially wipe or smear the color with a damp cloth. This creates a charming vintage look. A natural winter decoration made of cypress branches and pears goes perfectly with this.

Wooden bowl decorate in winter ideas for glamor look

Winter decoration in January: accent lighting for the cozy sitting area in the living room

Winter decoration for inside after Christmas with throw pillows and fairy lights

It’s not just candles that spread a hygge feeling in your own four walls. Fairy lights also give off soft light and can create a cozy ambience. It looks particularly beautiful when the fairy lights are not hung up, but casually draped on the floor between decorative cushions, a long-floor rug and soft plaid in pattern knit. The end result is a cozy reading corner that increases the feel-good factor in the cold winter months of January and February. Exactly in the Danish hygge style, where comfort is a top priority. The exciting combination of different materials with a nice feel is what makes the decoration for winter so attractive.

Winter decoration after Christmas: Christmas tree in a sisal basket

Decoration ideas for the time after Christmas with fairy lights and deer figures

Three pillar candles of different sizes, reindeer in white and a chain of lights that artfully combine the individual elements: a winter decoration for January and February is ready. You can set stylish accents with a Christmas tree in a sisal basket. You can spray it with artificial snow spray so that it matches the hygge chic in terms of color. The ensemble is ready and you can leave it in the living room all winter long. Even more so – you will also find space for the living Christmas tree in the pot until it can be planted in the garden. But artificial trees can also be staged as long as they really look deceptively real. Because the charm of the hygge decoration lies in its naturalness.

Winter decoration in January: table decoration on a tray

Table decoration in January ideas to make yourself

Christmas is long gone and now the question arises: what to do with the Christmas house that until recently adorned the mantelpiece or window sill? On a vintage tray, together with a lantern and a puristic ceramic vase, it cuts a fine figure. This arrangement not only lasts a very long time – the decoration can stay on the table from January to March – but also allows numerous designs. So you can stage tree branches or cotton branches in the vase for the decoration after New Year. At the beginning of spring you can display crocuses there.

Table decorations after Christmas: puristic lanterns, pillar candles and Christmas tree decorations

Decoration after Christmas pictures in hygge style

A puristic winter decoration for the living room after Christmas: Oversized glass lanterns with black metal frames. Pillar candles and filigree Christmas tree decorations can be perfectly staged in it. In beautiful groups of three together with lanterns with stickers, you can turn the living room into a sea of ​​lights. After the end of winter, you can gradually replace individual decorative elements with new ones.

Our tip: So that the arrangement can fully unfold its effect, you can also use cowhide as a chair or sofa cover. Fur creates an attractive contrast to the cool look of the glass lanterns.

Table decoration for January: knitted tealight covers on a tray

Decoration in January with candles with wool

When it comes to post-Christmas decorations, it’s all about the details. The Scandinavian and the hygge style place a lot of emphasis on comfort. Textiles and knitwear in particular ensure the right atmosphere. Cozy hand-knitted bedspreads made of merino wool have become the epitome of cozy warmth. Perfect for this: tea lights with knitted covers provide a subdued light on dull winter days and perfectly underline the hygge living style. Arranged in groups on the coffee table on a tray or well-dosed around the room: the lanterns perfectly convey the Scandinavian feeling of living. Our tip: don’t overdo it. Two or three cozy accessories are okay. But when there are more they make the room look cluttered and chaotic.

Winter decoration after Christmas: DIY idea for wooden coasters

Stamping decoration ideas after Christmas wooden coasters with snowflakes motifs

By the beginning of the new year at the latest, the craft enthusiasts will be asking themselves: “How do you decorate in January?” Which motifs can adorn the accessories? If you want to make a decoration for January, then you should stick to the basic rule “less is more”. Gone are the days of checked patterns, glittering Christmas balls and decorated Christmas trees. Instead, snowflakes, polar bears and pine cones adorn the house in January. Even the otherwise boring coasters come into their own with a snowflake stamp and fit harmoniously into the concept. The craft idea can be implemented in just three steps. Simply brush the stamp with white wood paint and stamp the coasters. When the paint dries completely, apply a protective layer of transparent wood protection glaze. The coffee is guaranteed to taste better when served on such a coaster.

Make natural decorations for January yourself

Window decoration after Christmas Fir branches in the glass

When the Christmas decorations are removed in January, many natural materials end up in the trash. This need not be. With a little creativity, you can use leftover fir branches, pine cones and the like for winter decorations. Even simple glass vases become a special eye-catcher, for example, if you distribute individual juniper branches on them. Thuja, cypress or pine branches are also suitable as soloists. In February, you can add white roses, white amaryllis, or gypsophila.

Winter decoration to hang up

Make winter decorations yourself for January

The next decoration idea for winter is puristic and stylish. Origami pine cones and paper snowflakes decorate the Christmas garland made from real fir branches. Perfect as a window or wall decoration in the living room, the puristic ensemble brings a touch of naturalness into the house.

Winter decoration ideas for the window for January 2021

Cypress and fir branches are not only beautiful to look at, they also give off a pleasant scent in the room. In combination with smaller cones, they become real eye-catchers and conjure up a pinch of chalet charm on the window.

Winter decoration on the window after Christmas in January

Origami paper stars with punched out motifs can also enhance the interior. If they are made of brown cardboard, they fit particularly well into the natural hygge ambience.

Winter decoration to hang up fir branches in the hallway

The winter forest magic moves into the house with a garland of fir branches. The fir branches are hardy and will last a long time even in an unheated room like the hallway. If you opt for the natural winter decoration, you can give it a home on the hall table, on the coat hook or on the mirror.

Make decoration for January yourself: tree trunk candle holder

Table decoration ideas for winter time with candles and vases

The tree trunk candle holders enjoy great popularity. With good reason, because they can be staged anew depending on the season and are therefore considered true all-rounders. Together with a vintage porcelain teapot and a scented candle, you effectively round off the puristic ensemble for the dining table. The teapot also proves to be a real all-rounder. In the winter months from January to March it adorns fir green, from March a spring bouquet of wild flowers can be arranged there.

For the tree trunk candle holder: Drill a hole as wide as the candles in the wood, insert the candles and paint the bark white. Since there is always a risk of fire with burning candles, you can exceptionally use LED candles.

 Make flowers decorations after Christmas

You don’t have to wait for spring for charming flower arrangements. Cut flowers are perfect as a decoration from January to March and ensure a seamless transition from winter to spring. A bouquet of white flowers, dry tree branches and other natural materials of your choice is puristic and stylish at the same time. Simply fill several jam jars with fresh water and arrange them lengthways on the dining table. Wrap the glasses with wick yarn with a gradient and arrange the flowers in them. Our tip: A wick thread with a thread size of 6 turns out to be ideal for decorating vases.

Flower decoration for January ideas in hygge style

Wall decoration from January to March: arrange natural materials in vintage picture frames

How to decorate with fir branches and lanterns after Christmas

Empty white walls make the room seem sterile. The solution: a nice winter decoration on the wall. In the large vintage wooden picture frame, fairy lights, wooden pendants and fir branches can be arranged. A white lantern with a snowflake pattern, two small teapots and natural materials on the side table take up the puristic hygge theme and spice up the bare wall.

Living room decoration for January: decorate a vase without flowers

Tinker puristic hygge table decorations in January with natural materials

Even without flowers, a fir green ensemble can be effective. In an arrangement of laurel and cypress branches and fir green, shapes and structures set the tone. The bouquet without flowers turns out to be a good alternative to conventional flower arrangements in January and February. The first crocuses can join them in February and a large selection of flowers will be available from March.

A winter decoration in hygge style creates a cozy ambience. Just what we need in the cold months of January, February and March. Bring the chalet charm into your own four walls with a touch of purism.

Window decoration in January

Window decoration after Christmas with natural materials

Winter decoration to hang up

Winter decoration to hang garland with snowflakes over the table

Winter decoration in the living room

Deco in January and February make your own ideas

Decoration in a glass for the winter

Make winter decorations in a glass yourself with snowflakes and snowmen

Make winter decorations yourself after Christmas

In the transition from Christmas to January and February, decorate candles with bay leaves

Make door decorations for the winter yourself

Make door decorations for winter after Christmas yourself

Winter decorations for January make candlelight coasters and poinsettias

How to decorate after Christmas ideas for decoration in January