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Make-up trends 2016 straight from the catwalk – 16 top modern make-up tips

Make-up trends 2016-make-up tips-fashion-styling-running-tendency

the Make-up trends 2016 come straight from the catwalk and from the top designer stylists. Of course, none of them can be used in everyday life, but at parties and as evening make-up – totally eye-catching. We present 16 of the latest make-up trends for the coming year. In summary, accents are set on the eyes or on the lips or the face is designed very minimalist, almost without make-up. See the examples below.

Make-up trends 2016 straight from the catwalk

Make-up trends 2016-make-up tips-graphic-blue-eyebrows-eyeshadow-chanel

Eye shadow mask covers eyes and eyebrows in bright colors, in contrast to the outfit and styling, show by Chanel. Extravagant and bold, this make-up emphasizes the look and brings it to the fore.

Make-up trends 2016 – eyeshadow on the eyebrows

Make-up trends 2016-make-up tips-graphic-red-eyebrows-max-mara

Graphic elements conquer the eye and give a magical flair. Eye make-up, as if inspired by the superheroes and in the same shade as the clothing, was shown on the catwalk by the stylists from the well-known Max Mara brand. Eyebrow is also covered with eyeshadow and presented as a whole with the eye.

Make-up trends 2016 – blue eyes, blue eyeshadows

Make-up trends 2016-make-up tips-blue-eyes-eyeshadow

Light blue shades for eyeshadow will be all the rage in the coming year. Light shades in pastel colors are also suitable for everyday use and are particularly suitable for women with light eye colors, such as green, blue or gray. The unique shade of the iris comes into its own with this make-up.

Extravagant make-up trends 2016 for blue eyes

Make-up trends 2016-make-up tips-blue-eyeshadow-eyes-blond

Blue eyeshadows can be applied without having blue or green eyes. Then it would be advisable to find the nuance in the part of the clothing.

Make-up trends 2016 – the eyeliner

Make-up trends 2016-make-up tips-eyeliner-black-glitter-gold

The eyeliner is very popular, as it has been in the last couple of years. You can bring an extravagant flair if you apply some glitter and shimmer next to it – make-up trends 2016. A dramatic eyeliner is wonderfully suitable for parties and when going out with friends.

Sequins, glitter and shimmer for glamorous eyes – make-up trends 2016

make-up-trends-2016-make-up tips-glitter-sequins-silver-black-Christian-Dior

If you are striving for something really special, this trend is for you! With glitter, glamor and glimmer on your eyelids, you are sure to draw attention to yourself. Experiment and fix the sequins on the eyelids and on the skin next to them. Use several colors for a disco touch or design in just one or two shades – silver and graphite, for a dramatic look.

Party mood with sequin styling


Looks like a real doll – with false eyelashes


Many women dream of expressive, dramatic gaze and the false eyelashes really help with this. These are fixed on the upper eyeliner and visually compact the natural eyelashes. A novelty in the 2016 make-up trends is the addition of false eyelashes to the lower lid. This creates the current doll look.

False eyelashes for the lower and upper eyelids – make-up trends 2016


Make-up trends 2016 – tropical colors and highlighters 

make-up-trends-2016-make-up tips-tropical-colors-romantic-feminine

Exotic, mild colors on the skin with lots of highlighters flatter the woman’s face and this appears particularly feminine. Wonderful shades of blue, pink and green – totally hip according to Make-Up Trends 2016, melt into one another and make eyes and cheeks shine.

Make-up trends 2016 – glossy effect

make-up-trends-2016-make-up-tips-gloss-skin-oelig-of course

A particularly confusing trend in 2016 make-up trends is the so-called glossy effect. The gloss on the face is mostly retouched or matted, but in this case it is additionally emphasized and strengthened.

Makeup from last day and mascara with lumps 


The blurred makeup is a no-go according to stylists. Marc Jacobs is exactly of the opposite opinion – clumped eyelashes and blurred eyeshadows are among the top make-up trends of 2016 today.

Blurred eye makeup – kohl on the waterline

make-up-trends-2016-make-up tips-black-kajal-yesterday-blurred

Make-up artists advise against using black kohl on the waterline of the eye. Blurred black kohl traces on the lower lid is a trend straight off the catwalk.

Romantic look with “nude” make-up

make-up-trends-2016-make-up tips-nude-natural-romantic-highlights

The pure beauty remains the “invisible” make-up. Natural skin color, blush, a little shimmer on the eyelids, the romantic “nude” look is ready!

Accent on the lips – bright colored lipstick

make-up-trends-2016-make-up tips-lips-bright-red-dark-accent

Accentuation on the lips, even complexion and naturally grown eyebrows are among the top make-up trends of 2016 that you can imitate yourself without much effort. Just choose the right shade of lipstick for your skin type and you’ll be totally in next season!