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Make original gifts for twins at birth yourself

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Someone around you is pregnant and expecting twins? Then you may be faced with the big question: What is a gift for the birth of twins? At such a wonderful event, everyone is very excited and everyone wants to congratulate the new mom and give them a present. Presents for twins can be bought ready-made, but a homemade present is always something special and will be remembered by the parents for a long time.

Original gifts for twins

Gifts for twins birth-personalized-baby-bodysuits-things-fit together

Whether girls, boys or mixed couples, you will find the right gift idea for twins here. Practical, useful and original – let yourself be inspired by special combinations of 2 and DIY ideas.

A huge amount of clothing is required for two babies. That is why gifts that consist of baby clothes and textiles are ideal for twin births. Motifs that represent the perfect combination, such as popcorn and film, biscuits and milk, ketchup and mayonnaise, salt and pepper, etc., look very cool.

practical gifts for twins

Gifts for twins-birth-newborn-love-personalized-baby-bodysuits

Baby bodysuits with a saying are also very cool and can put a smile on everyone’s face. In the case of twin babies, words can also be separated. They only become complete when both twin babies are next to each other. Great ideas are for example “Double / Trouble”, “Copy / Paste”, “Rock / Roll”, “LEGEN- wait for it / wait for it DARY”, “I was planned / I was a surprise”, “Perfect … / Together … “etc.

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Gifts for newborn twins

Gifts for twins birth-baby-bodysuits-spice up-hearts

Baby bodies are also super easy to spice up. With textile paint and funny stencils, for example, you can conjure up beautiful creations on the baby body yourself. Another great option are applications for gluing with iron-on fleece. Let your imagination run wild and choose a suitable motif. We’ll briefly explain how to do it.

Two halves become one


A beautiful and simple motif is the heart. All you need is a heart template, scraps of fabric in any color (preferably red) and double-sided adhesive fleece that is fixed by ironing. Pause the motif mirror-inverted on the adhesive fleece, roughly cut it out and iron with the adhesive side on the wrong side of the fabric dry (without steam). Let it cool down a bit and cut out the motif more precisely.

It’s only half a heart without you! 


Peel off the backing paper and place it with the coated side down on the desired place on the baby body. Cover with a damp cloth and gradually iron for 10 seconds. Depending on requirements, the appliqué can also be sewn with a zigzag stitch. Only when both halves stand next to each other does a heart arise. Sweet isn’t it?

Gifts for parents of twins


If you want to give something personal to the parents for the twins birth, then you can also make other great and useful gifts for twins yourself. A bouquet of baby clothes, for example, is a particularly creative gift idea for a new baby. In this case, you only need to do two. The baby clothes (e.g. socks, rompers, bodysuits, undershirts, hats, bibs) are individually rolled by hand and prepared in such a way that small roses are created. In the middle of the rose, a sausage skewer is inserted as a stem.

Gift for twins – girl and boy


The bouquets made from baby clothes are a great alternative to fresh bouquets of flowers. They are also particularly practical because the parents also receive an initial set of baby clothes for the twins. The artificial flowers can be tied together like a real bouquet or put in styrofoam and complemented with fresh flowers.

Gender neutral gift basket


The baby things can also be arranged in a beautiful wicker basket together with plush toys, silk flowers and other decorations. If the twins are of different sexes, you can optically separate the basket into two. For gender-neutral decorations, you can opt for the color duo white-beige. The white roses combine well with plush toys such as bears or giraffes.

three-tier diaper cakes


Diaper cakes are just in case a great gift idea for parents-to-be and newborn twins. They are beautiful to look at, but at the same time they are also a practical and useful gift. Because new parents always need diapers! In the meantime there are also other types of diaper gifts such as diaper animals, diaper cars, diaper motorcycles, etc. There are no limits to the imagination.

Gifts for twins – mini tartlets made from diapers


2- and 3-tier diaper cakes are great, but as a gift for twins they should be made twice and that will be expensive. These cute diaper cakes only consist of a row of diapers, but are a great alternative to large diaper cakes. The key lies in the successful decoration.

Mini diaper cakes for boys


This is how it works: unfold the diaper and roll it up from the printed side so that the colorful motif disappears and you end up with uniform, white rolls. The rolled diaper is stabilized with a small rubber band. When all the diapers are rolled up, they are tied together. Different ribbons are cut out and attached around the diaper cake with double-sided tape. Now the diaper cake is just missing the decoration!

Gifts for twins – “Like two peas in a pod”


Gifts with the theme “Two peas in one pod” are ideal for the birth of twins. The pea pods usually symbolize close bonds with friends and family and in this case should also represent the special bond between the twins.

Alternative to the diaper cake for twins


Again make two small diaper cakes of the same size, which should represent the peas. These are then put together in a container wrapped in green, single-colored tissue paper. It would also be a nice idea to use a light green blanket instead of wrapping paper.

Unusual gifts for twins – ice cream in a waffle

gifts-twins-birth-boy-ice-cream-waffle-baby bodysuit

Did you like the roses from baby clothes? Then you can also try making an “ice cream in waffle”. You simply need cardboard in brown and any other color, a baby bodysuit, a washcloth and a thin satin ribbon.

Baby bodysuit and washcloths packed like ice cream


The washcloth is rolled up in the middle with a romper and placed in a paper cone. Choose matching pastel colors with delicate patterns – depending on the gender of the twins, of course. Dot patterns, light blue and pink, for example, always work.

Gift for baby girl

gifts-twins-birth-girls-baby bodysuit-ice cream cone

Pink tones and dot patterns


The packaging plays an important role


The packaging of the gift should not be underestimated either, because it makes the first impression and can underline the friendly gesture. It would be particularly effective if the ice cream cones were packed in a cupcake box with a window. Beautiful ribbons give the gift box a lush but not too cluttered look.

Gifts for twins – fruit salad in the shape of a baby carriage


A great highlight on every baby shower buffet is definitely this adorable stroller. It was carved from a watermelon and filled with fruit salad. The sleeping baby was made from the peeled half of a honeydew melon. The pacifier is the icing on the cake.

Watermelon baby carriage for twins

gifts-twins-birth-watermelon-baby carriage-fruit-salad

You can of course adapt this great idea for baby twins and simply make a double stroller. The baby melons are placed in either one large watermelon or two smaller ones. Oranges are a good alternative to peeled honeydew melon.

Make mobile for the children’s room yourself

gifts-twins-birth-mobile-clouds-fairy lights-make-yourself

A baby mobile is always a great craft idea and is suitable as a gift for every occasion. It is made of inexpensive materials and can be nicely personalized. Since the baby twins may share a room and even a cot, you don’t need to make a second mobile.

Tinker mobile with a cloud motif


Required materials and tools: a marker with a thin tip, hot glue gun, needle and thread, scissors, a knitting frame, felt material in several colors, fiberfill and an LED fairy lights fairy lights.

Cut out clouds from felt


First the clouds should be cut out of the felt fabric. You can draw the design yourself or use a stencil. To make two pieces that fit exactly together, you can first fold the fabric and then cut out the motif.

Sew a cloud


Carefully sew the two matching pieces together. Leave about a quarter of the cloud edge open. The cotton wool is filled through this opening until the cloud looks downy.

fill with cotton wool


Wooden ring for baby mobile


Since the embroidery frame looks rather simple, it can be embellished with a little gray felt. Cut a strip 5 cm wide and a length that corresponds to the circumference of the hoop. Then cut fringes 3 cm deep from below.

Wrap fairy lights around

gifts-twins-birth-mobile-fairy-lights-fairy lights

To give the mobile a heavenly touch, use LED fairy lights that should represent the stars. At the beginning, leave a starting thread about 30 cm long so that the mobile can be hung up. Then you start wrapping the lights around the embroidery hoop. Make sure that the five threads should be of the same length so that the Baby Mobile does not hang crooked. They also need to be evenly distributed around the embroidery hoop.

white LED fairy lights

gifts-twins-birth-mobile-fairy lights-felt-clouds-carry out

Guide the string of lights through the cloud and position them however you want. Once all the clouds are fixed, twist the string of lights around your finger so that a spiral is formed. This will help keep the clouds hanging in place.

different colors are available


beautiful decoration for the baby room