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Make housewarming invitation yourself – sayings and instructions

Housewarming invitation -ballon-colorful-celebrate-friends-invite

The move is usually stressful, even if a lot of friends have helped. However, it takes some time until the apartment is completely furnished and beautifully designed – the paint on the walls is completely dry, all the lamps are hanging in the hallway, etc. Then it finally comes time to celebrate. You can send a written letter to friends and acquaintances Housewarming invitation send us your new address.

Tinker housewarming invitation – a cute little house made of cardboard

Housewarming invitation-do-it-yourself-fold-house-fold-out-cardboard

Usually, the movers are invited to a housewarming party to thank them for their help. However, it is a nice opportunity to get to know future neighbors and to refresh old friendships. It is a matter of taste how much and who you want to have in your new home. But one thing is mandatory – to inform all tenants in the house in good time about the upcoming party by posting a notice.

Make a housewarming invitation yourself – fold it out of paper


Now you need to determine an exact date and time that would be acceptable to most guests and, of course, provide an imaginative invitation to the housewarming party. These can be designed by yourself, tinkered with or printed and of course bought ready-made. The self-made card conveys a warm, personal touch and remains a memory, as a real greeting card, of the day and of those nice sociable moments.

Creative Housewarming Invitation – Front Door

Housewarming invitation-do-it-yourself-paper-cardboard-door-door-tinkering

Among all, topics related to the move and the new house are suitable for an invitation to the inauguration. A house can easily be made from a piece of craft paper or simple copy paper. The sheet on which you write the actual invitation, cut out the top with a sharp point and tinker with the envelope in a square with the opening facing upwards, so that with the inserted sheet it looks like a replica of a house.

Make a housewarming invitation yourself – cut out and glue on

Housewarming invitation -do-make-paper-cut-out-front door

Another original idea is to design the invitation as a folding card. Use some sturdy paper or cardboard for this purpose. Using a template, cut out the folding pattern, fix it at the interfaces shown and fold it together. The cute little house can be pulled out in both directions by a thread and thus appear three-dimensional.

Original housewarming invitation – the menu is also there


The three-dimensional effect sought in this way can also be achieved through colors. You have to skillfully reproduce where the light and where the shadow falls in reality. It works very easily with a template, where exactly which part is marked which should be dark or light. In our example, the front door of the new home is reproduced and designed as an invitation card. Instead of a saying there is the menu with the delicious snacks and on the other side of course the new address with the exact time and date.

Inventive sayings for a housewarming party invitation


The housewarming invitation also includes funny sayings, with which one can thank the helpers during the move, but also the loyal friends for their support. The actual design of the card should be selected according to the topic. Motifs around the house are perfect for this – front door, keys, windows, entire houses, bird houses, and couples’ nests as a symbol for future coexistence.

Housewarming invitation writing original


A motif can be designed on the computer – uploaded and personalized, then printed out and violà – the invitation is ready! For creative minds, we would recommend incorporating details and accents made from different materials into the card. With which interesting, funny sayings do we help in the following.

Nice texts for housewarming invitation


Funny sayings for the housewarming party invitation


Inventive housewarming invitation ideas 


Fold card for housewarming invitation


Make housewarming invitation yourself and make it attractive – black board


Atmospheric decoration for Housewarming 

Housewarming-decoration-finger-food-party-snack-flower-table decoration-garland

In addition to the attractive, individually designed invitation, the top atmospheric housewarming party also includes original decorations and, of course, delicious snacks. Everything is beautifully presented, the right company and a pleasant time in a convivial atmosphere is guaranteed.