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Ikea decoration ideas – the most beautiful novelties in the Ikea catalog 2018

Ikea decoration ideas -catalogue-2018-collection-shiny-moments

The new Ikea catalog 2018 is here. A lot can already be bought or ordered online. The products from the last collection and those for Christmas will be available from October 2017. As always, the Swedish furniture manufacturer offers many beautiful living ideas, great furniture and home accessories that impress with their functionality. In addition, the imaginative Ikea decoration ideas will really inspire all DIY fans. In the following we report on our favorite innovations.

Ikea decoration ideas: New items and collections in the Ikea catalog 2018

Ikea decoration ideas -catalogue-2018-trends-colors-glossy

According to the motto of the 2018 Ikea catalog: “Make room for life!”, The furniture manufacturer creates new furnishing ideas and living concepts that can be adapted to the individual needs of the residents. Ikea is well known for its imaginative and extremely practical design of small rooms and this year is introducing further multifunctional and space-saving solutions for every area of ​​the apartment.

Ikea decoration ideas: shiny 

Ikea decoration ideas -catalogue-2018-shiny-gold-brass-optics

In 2018, Ikea presented new design collaborations, established style lines and left messages behind. The new “Shining Moments” collection will be available from August 2017. Noble dark colors such as blue and green and heavy fabrics dominate. Shapely decorative objects made of glass and brass set chic accents and create a particularly glamorous atmosphere. The very colorful and pompously designed rooms don’t really look “Scandinavian”, but they show a new style direction that Ikea wants to go into.

Ikea decoration ideas: Ypperlig collection 

Ikea decoration ideas -catalogue-2018-collection-hay-ypperlig

A special highlight in the new Ikea catalog is the “Ypperlig” collection, which is a cooperation with the Danish design company HAY. The diverse product range is characterized by straightforward and functional design and fully complies with the Ikea principles for “honest products and at affordable prices”.


Down-to-earth, practical and sustainable products with a subtle color scheme correspond to the understanding of Scandinavian design. The series includes a sofa with a spring mattress that is really good for sleeping, a monoblock chair suitable for inside and outside, other small pieces of furniture, a very, very narrow lamp and a new styling of what is perhaps the most famous Ikea product – the Ikea bag . The furniture series will be available from October 2017.

Ikea decoration ideas: Stunsig collection


In the summer of 2017 the “Stunsing” collection appeared. Ikea cooperated with designers and artists worldwide and the result is a series of eye-catching patterns and drawings that are printed on simple, white everyday objects such as dishes, bed linen and textiles. The eye-catching and unusual print motifs add a playful touch to everyday life and you will definitely start your day better and enjoy your coffee or breakfast more if you are greeted by cheerful motifs in the morning.


The collection makes a statement and focuses on young people who want to treat themselves to a more good mood in everyday life. In addition to crockery, pillow cases, fabric bags, storage boxes and sketchbooks, all of them are printed with colorful and cheerful motifs. They really attract attention and stimulate the imagination. Some appear as reflections of our environment, leave messages behind, others inspire and tell about utopian worlds. The graphic designers designed the themes and motifs so that they can also be combined with one another. This creates a tension that is just interesting.

Ikea decoration ideas: Vässad collection


“Vässad” collection stands for industrial charm and sustainable design. It is inspired by Ikea products from the 1980s and presents Scandinavian living, but this time in muted tones. The furniture and home accessories are characterized by a simple, robust design and neutral color scheme. They can be wonderfully combined with pieces of furniture in other living styles and will certainly find a place in different areas of the apartment or, why not, in the office.

Ikea decoration ideas, living tips and inspiration from the new Ikea catalog 2018


In the new Ikea catalog, the focus is on the living room, which often includes several functions. Nowadays, the room is also used as a study, guest or play room. The furniture should be designed as flexible and modular as possible. Ikea has a lot to offer. New upholstered furniture and storage systems create more living space and appear inviting. They fulfill several functions so that the room can be quickly converted as required. Aesthetic ideas for room division can also be found. In the new catalog, Ikea also addresses the topic of color design and living with colors. A distinction must be made between two trends – furnishing in elegant, dark tones such as blue, green and black and room design in delicate pastel nuances such as pale pink, salmon and apricot, mint green combined with light gray. The insider tip for both of them is: tone-on-tone color mix.

Ikea decoration ideas: simple & coloured


In the new catalog, Ikea presents many living styles and boldly mixes them. This includes great inspiration for every taste. Exciting colors, opulent fabrics, Scandinavian design are combined with a modern baroque flair and create a living ambience with an individual character. The walls this year are anything but white. Cozy charm exude muted earth tones and natural materials such as pine and birch wood, seaweed and jute. This gives the room a natural and relaxed note.

Sustainable Ikea decoration ideas

ikea-deco-ideas-catalog-2018-sustainable-of course

Sustainable materials and multifunctional furniture are what sets Ikea apart from other furniture manufacturers. In the new catalog, a new chair called “Odger” is presented, which is made from a mixture of wood and 50% recycled plastic. In addition, it can be installed easily and without tools, but by means of a kink function. Another new highlight is “Svalnäs” storage combination made of renewable bamboo wood for wall mounting. New colors are appearing in home textiles and upholstery, making it really chic or cozy and cozy. To create a calm and relaxed atmosphere, objects with similar colors are grouped. Plants serve as fresh eye-catchers and the electrical devices are put away as far as possible.

Ikea decoration ideas for green living

ikea-deco-ideas-catalog-2018-green living

With life in big cities, more and more people are longing for more nature and greenery. Indoor plants are a great way to have a positive effect on the indoor climate and emotional well-being. They are natural stress relievers and not only purify the air, but they add color to the room and enliven it. Ikea offers several functional solutions to bring a little more nature into your own four walls. The “Elvarli” storage combination serves as the basis for this “living wall”. Several potted plants are placed on it and it already functions as a kind of green partition.


In addition, Ikea offers several vessels and tubs for large and small plants. Always on the move is no longer an excuse, because anyone can create a mini-desert with undemanding cacti, succulents and decorative stones that require a lot of sunlight and little water. There are also self-watering pots that make caring for the plants much easier. A special container can be used for the cuttings – “Rimforsa”, which looks like a real decorative object. For the lazy, Ikea offers a range of evergreen works of art that can do perfectly without watering and can conjure up a fresh, green note in every home.

Multifunctional and space-saving Ikea decoration ideas for storage


An important point with the Ikea products is the saving of space. A piece of furniture or home accessory usually fulfills several functions. One such is the “Veberöd” room divider, which is primarily used in the kitchen, but not only for functional purposes. It takes up little space and creates a lot of storage space. Pots and kitchen utensils can be easily hung on the grid. Underneath there is another storage option – pockets made of 80% cotton and 20% linen, where placemats and napkins can be perfectly stored.

Ikea decoration ideas and practical tips for the bathroom


It is not uncommon for the bathroom to have only a few square meters of space on which several accessories and utensils should find a place. Good organization helps to ensure that everything is tidy and ready for a wonderful start to the day. Closets, large containers for dirty laundry and fresh towels are the be-all and end-all of a comfortable bathroom regardless of its size.

Ikea decoration ideas with great fun for the little ones

ikea-deco-ideas-catalog-2018-kids-furniture-little ones

Perhaps the kitchen is the room where you always want more space. The whole family can help prepare the food and the curiosity of the children is encouraged. A special highlight are the “Uddevalla” kitchen fronts made from recycled wood and recycled PET bottles with a chalkboard coating. The small height of one of the kitchen modules is specially designed for the little helpers. Ikea offers new ideas and solutions that are easy to implement and even possible without drilling – such as “Laddan” storage plate with suction cups and space for “small” utensils.

Ikea decoration ideas for the nursery


A big topic in the 2018 Ikea catalog is the children’s room. More order is ensured, but according to the child’s individual preferences and rules. Flexible storage systems made from sustainable materials such as wood or recycled plastic, which the child can organize and arrange differently, allow them to design their own space. For slightly older children, there are great space-saving inspirations that make optimal use of the available space.

Ikea decoration ideas for multifunctional LED lighting


Good light is part of the cozy living concept and Ikea also offers plenty of innovations in this area. In addition to the particularly energy-efficient LED lights, there are those with a charging function that not only impress with their functionality, but also with their design. “Ikea PS 2017” is a portable LED lamp that can be charged via USB or a normal socket. It is inspired by the old railway lights that you can take with you wherever you want light. “A product with timeless functionality in a modern housing” says the designer Matali Crasset herself.

Ikea decoration ideas: space for memorabilia and favorite pieces


What lends an individual touch and transforms the new address into a home are the personal details and small items. But you should also keep them tidy and present them nicely. There is this great “Myrheden” frame in brass optics with 12 clips. It is ideal not only as a small pin board, but also to attach small things and mementos. Several pin boards like this one that are connected to one another can even be used to separate areas from one another.

Ikea decoration ideas with pictures for tricky places


Creatively presented, the walls shine in a new light without having to redesign the entire room. Several different pictures and photos can be wonderfully attached to the wall for presentation in frames. So that the picture wall appears harmonious and as a coherent whole, they should have something in common – e.g. the same color, a similar shape or the images should all be black and white. Interesting additions to the collection can always be found at the flea markets, which can easily be given a new color.

Minimalist Ikea decoration ideas


Ikea remains true to the Scandinavian style and, as always, offers new products that revolve around the three basic principles of minimalist living: simplicity, beauty and functionality. Often old and new are put together to complement the home and remind people of different stages of life. With small home accessories, upholstery and textiles, a lot of color and individual touch can be brought into a simple room designed in white. As with any interior design, imagination and creativity are also required here.

Ikea decoration ideas to remodel


Last but not least, Ikea pushes through the idea that you can afford great glamor for little money. A large part of the Ikea products are simply colored in white and thus offer limitless design options. “Glamor doesn’t have to cost a lot,” says the Parisian haute couture designer Maryam Mahdavi and in cooperation with Ikea she designed a bedroom using only Ikea products. In order for the redesign to be tasteful, it is particularly important to create a color harmony. Walls and ceiling in the same color serve as a good basis and create lightness and intimacy at the same time. The fashion designer reveals further helpful design tips and “magical” tricks that apply to both fashion and interior design in the new 2018 Ikea catalog.