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Home accessories and decorations made of glass – the beautiful Innesti vase

Home accessories modern decoration house table glass cotton

The designers Alexandra Denton and Sofia Lazzeri have presented their new collection called Innesti. The beautiful home accessories and Decoration made of glass are decorated with accents of cotton threads. The combination between these two very different materials gives the vases a unique look.

Decoration made of glass – vases as an eye-catcher in the living room

Ideas blown glass vases bowl dark blue color

Extraordinary choice of materials, extraordinary shape – the vases and bowl are real eye-catchers! The concept was developed according to the motto – opposites attract. The hard, cold glass surface contrasts with the soft and warm cotton threads, but somehow the two are in harmony and the combination attracts attention. Don’t let the modern, minimalist shape fool you – the home accessories were indeed made using traditional local weaving techniques. The glass details are hand-blown. So this connects original Decoration made of glass tradition and modernity in a creative way.

Glass decoration – fruit bowl with an original shape

Manufacturer bowl original shape fruit kitchen home accessories

Precise manufacturing using traditional manufacturing techniques

Decoration fine manufacturing minimalist set up dark blue

The vases in dark blue

Vases glass thread modern design living room

Creative home accessories and decorations made of glass

hand-woven decorative blown glass traditional manufacturing techniques