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Garden party in late summer – the best ideas for a successful celebration

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The summer is particularly long this year and, with its warm days, invites you to a cozy garden party in late summer in good company. However, because there is a lot to consider here, such an event needs to be well organized. With the following tips you can give your garden party something original and special.

Garden party in late summer: what should not be missing in terms of catering

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Eating is undoubtedly a very important part of a garden party. After all, it is difficult to create a solemn mood when the stomach is empty and growling. And what could be nicer on a beautiful late summer’s day than with family and good friends to grill outdoors? Grilling makes a lot easier and is a lot easier to prepare than cooking with an oven, countless pots and other kitchen utensils. For many guests, nothing beats a hearty, crispy grilled steak. Those who like it lower in fat should be able to access poultry sausages or turkey steak. If vegetarian guests are also expected, meat-free alternatives should not be missing. Baked potatoes with spicy herb quark, tomatoes with herbs and feta, marinated vegetable skewers or corn on the cob are particularly delicious on the grill.

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If you first have to get hold of a grill, you have to pay attention to the shape, size and functions, which have a significant influence on the taste of the food to be grilled. Light salads (e.g. with couscous) are also always welcome. Buffets and finger food are also popular: This is particularly handy and is also suitable for a small snack in between. And why not? something exotic, for example flambé salmon, scallops or white sausage saltimbocca. In addition to the classic drinks such as water, spirits and beer, sweet fruit bowls and cocktails ensure a fruity highlight.

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You should think about this beforehand:

– Send invitations on time

– Create a shopping list and align it with the number of guests (note the preferences and allergies of the guests!)

– Inform neighbors

– Provide sufficient seating

– Organize barbecue accessories

– Have enough glasses, cutlery and plates ready

– Marinate meat the day before

– Chill drinks early

– Prepare sauces, garlic butter and dips

– Have ice cubes ready

– Plan in sun and rain protection (awning, tarpaulin, parasol)

– Get a music system

Planning a garden party in late summer: garden accessories for a cozy get-together

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Because the party doesn’t end with the standing reception and the dancing calls for a break every now and then, seating is essential. If you are not adequately equipped yourself, a neighbor may be able to provide you with some chairs. Alternatively, however, you can get some beer tent sets from a local beverage dealer. If you were already thinking of buying suitable garden furniture, you might want to buy sturdy leisure chairs with a uniform look, for example. It becomes particularly cozy with an outdoor armchair or sofa, of course with a weatherproof cover and sturdy wickerwork. With the matching coffee table, you get very attractive garden furniture that invites you to linger.

Garden party in late summer: table decorations create a festive atmosphere

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With a few simple gadgets, your garden will become a real eye-catcher. It’s best to start with the tables. You can later use the align other garden decorations. The more natural, the more beautiful the table decoration is usually. Above all, fresh bouquets of flowers underline the celebration in a natural ambience. You may be able to pick colorful flowers and grasses directly in your garden: in this way, the wildflower meadow is reflected on the tables. Porcelain dishes and real glasses look high-quality and beautiful in combination with the natural table design, even outdoors. And if you do without disposable tableware, you are also making the environment happy. Later, when the hunger is satisfied, candles in old mason jars or lanterns are welcome on the table. They create a relaxed atmosphere at dusk.

Decorate the garden in late summer

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Once the table has been decorated, you should think about adding a festive touch to your garden. Because a garden party is per se more casual than other celebrations, it makes sense to rely on natural and unobtrusive decoration. Lanterns and garlands add color to the green, just like honeycomb balls, pompoms or pennant chains. Spread them out in tall bushes and trees or hang them on the roof of a garden pavilion. On long summer evenings, lamps, lanterns, garden torches, fire bowls or floating candles, which you put in a bowl filled with water, ensure a cozy feel-good atmosphere.

Planning a garden party in late summer: No party without musical accompaniment

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The party mood also depends largely on the music. In this respect, the relevant technology should be prepared and tested in the morning at the latest. Simply equipping a radio or sound system with batteries and placing it in the middle of the garden is now old school for many. Rather, wireless speakers that can be connected to a notebook or smartphone via Bluetooth are popular. This solution has the advantage that there are no unnecessary cabling and thus no tripping hazards. For a special occasion, it would be an absolute highlight to hire a band for an hour or two. Or is one of your guests particularly familiar with the guitar and ready to start some songs? Those who like to shake off the dance floor would certainly be happy to have a small dance floor.

Garden party in late summer: conclusion

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Garden parties remain popular even in late summer. In order for the celebration to be a success, however, it needs to be well organized. From food and drink to the right seating and table decorations to a festive garden, there is a lot that should be considered early on. However, if you heed the advice mentioned above and let it inspire you, nothing stands in the way of the perfect garden party.