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Flower pot design for small plants in different styles

owls colorful orange red green blue flowerpot animal

When it comes to designing the premises with plants, it is not just about properly caring for them. Of course, this is the most important, but the way you flaunt them is important. The best way to catch the eye is to use an original flower pot. We have some attractive and original examples of that Flower pot design put together for you, all of which are handmade. Therefore, you can enjoy the best and long-lasting quality.

Flower pot design in the form of hands

hand hollow white design flower pot handmade cactus plants

The designs represent different furnishing styles from modern to rustic and can also be wonderfully combined with other designs. And different plants are also suitable for this. Relatively small sizes were chosen for this, so they are best suited for grasses, the popular succulents or cacti. But if you have other ideas, you are of course welcome to try them out. With the help of the following idea for the flower pot design you can add a wonderful charm to every single room in your home.

Flower Pot Design – Small, square containers in a modern style

flowerpot design square cube modern succulents black green

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Design for the flower pot in the shape of a Buddha

buddha aloe vera pebbles white flower pot

Original flower pots are similar to jellyfish

jellyfish flower pot design plant idea handmade etsy

Seashell as a flower pot

shell flower pot design graeser plants idea deco

Flower pot design made of glass in the shape of pears and apples

glass design modern flower pot pear apple pine cone succulents

Dino flower pot

dinosaur decoration gold flower pot idea graeser interior

Jack Daniel’s glass as a flower pot

glass of whiskey jack daniels flower pot inspiration succulent

White skull as a flower pot for a cactus

interior decoration white skull cactus flower pot design

hanging flower pot balls white chain outdoor idea

wood design flower box succulent aloe block deco

pig yellow checkout look succulent plants flowerpot idea

ring flowerpot design wood lawn plants knife jewelry

outdoor flower pot idea cup colorful saucer design meadow

liqueur bottle design idea flower pot succulent cork

idea flower pot design turquoise elephant plants swan

handmade flower pot design knit plant retro rings pattern

Mason jar wall decoration plants flower pot original diy

hanging flowerpot string beads wood white porcelain succulent

picture frame succulent wood vintage style vertical garden design

cube wood succulents plants interior idea deco

wine bottle idea flower pot succulents pebbles corks

bowl wood round flowerpot design plant decoration modern

The flower pots are available at etsy.