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Floating stairs – an elegant eye-catcher in your home


Floating stairs would be an elegant focal point in your interior design. You will stay satisfied as much as with your old staircase in terms of functionality, but the impression you would get with this new staircase is priceless.

The floating staircase – story


The floating staircase that we present to you has a really rich history in terms of its use and customization. It might seem like a perfectly normal staircase to you, but the truth is different. Prepared by Zaha Hadid Architects Studio Floating Staircase is important addition in incredible and famous architecture projects like The Peak Site Plan (1983), Aqua Table (2005), Seamless Collection (2006), Belu Bench (2005), and many others.

Floating stairs by Zaha Hadid Architects studio – overview


The floating staircase by Zaha Hadid Architects has the incredible ability to maintain the lightness of the room or lounge area. Each suspended step is separated as a separate loop, manufactured by Ductal ®. This is a high performance concrete with an exceptional structure and high quality. Each step does not stop because of durability, but because of its flexibility and the ability to bend under the pressure of a certain weight.

The floating staircase by Zaha Hadid Architects was designed and constructed to be removable. Because of this feature, the floating stairs by Zaha Hadid Architects replace new decor in your own salon. You will see the difference immediately after building them in your royal lounge or high tech space.

The images you see here present the white alternative to the unique and innovative floating staircase by Zaha Hadid Architects. However, this is not the only option. You can order them in black if you want to make the atmosphere in your home a little more mysterious and elegant. The colorful version of the floating staircase by Zaha Hadid Architects can be combined with neutral furniture and tall marble columns in the hallway.

The floating stairs by Zaha Hadid Architects – why you need them?


I suspect that you don’t have that many preferences and expectations from your home stairs. Most of you must be happy with your ordinary stairs and do not see the need to change them. Let us bring you an argument against it.

First, some of the contemporary housekeepers are so demanding on interior design that the stairs are little more than a detail to them. This model floating stairs is perfect for you. Second, if you get guests very often, that is floating stairs Made by Zaha Hadid Architects just for you – with their ability to beautify the overall look and withstand any kind of weight. Last but not least, the innovative floating staircase by Zaha Hadid Architects could be a perfect update in your retro interior, especially if you don’t have any other idea for a change and redesign.