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Fishing net decoration brings a maritime atmosphere into the house

Fishing net decoration blue-decoration-wall-photos-starfish

Fishing nets are commonly used to catch fish, but they can also act as decorations and bring a nice maritime atmosphere to the home. Decorative fishing nets are available in different colors and sizes and can be draped effectively on walls and ceilings. They can complement everyday decor or be used for special occasions like birthday parties. We’re going to give you some creative ones today Fishing net decoration Ideas with which you can add a great accent to any room.

Fishing net decoration on the wall

Fishing net decoration children's room-blue-maritime-flair

Fishing nets are often hung on a wall and used as a backdrop for other decorations such as mirrors, pictures, and photos. Try to drape the corners of the nets so that the piece looks “trapped” in the net. Also add other decorative elements that are reminiscent of the sea, such as seashells, starfish, driftwood and puffer fish. Pictures or photos of beaches, ships, lighthouses, anchors, or other coastal features are other popular additions.

Fishing net wall decoration in the bathroom


An empty bedroom wall behind the bed headboard or a wall in the bathroom is a good place to hang your fishing net decoration. Paint the wall behind it a sky blue or turquoise green color. After you put the net on the wall, glue seashells, starfish, fish and other decorations on it. Green strips of tulle that resemble algae can nicely round off the overall picture. Decorative fishing nets are also an option to hide stains and cracks on the wall.

Fishing net decoration on the ceiling

Fishing net decoration children's room-blanket-wood-baby bed-aqua blue-wall paint

Hang a fishing net from the ceiling. It looks good in the children’s room, bathroom, living room, winter garden or terrace.

light-flooded bathroom

Fishing net-decoration-bathroom-ceiling-wood-bathroom furniture

Wood fish and artificial starfish

fishing net-decoration-wall-blue-white-maritime-decoration-articles

Wood anchor in the net

Fishing net-decoration-wall-draped-wood-anchor

Photos with decorative clothespins on the net


Fishing net embellished with fairy lights

Fishing net decoration wall garland shells fairy lights

decorative nets available in different sizes and colors

Fishing net-wall-decoration-draped-backdrop-picture frame

Fishing nets as table runners

fishing net-table-decoration-table runner-linen-tablecloth-shells

Fishing net-table-decoration-table runner-candlelight-starfish

As a backdrop for the birthday party decoration

fishing net-party-decoration-children's-birthday-mermaids-pirates

fishing net party decoration blanket balloons

Fishing net-decoration-wall-ceiling-mussels-starfish

fishing net-deco-bedroom-children's room-maritime

Fishing net decoration children's room-backdrop-shells

Fishing net decoration children's room-wall-ceiling-draped

Fishing net deco bathroom wall starfish shells