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Ferrari F80 – A super car concept for the future

Ferrari F80 asymmetric-lights-Ferrari-F-80

The Italian designer Adriano Raeli has a remarkable concept for the new Ferrari F80 worked out. Powerful and beautiful are combined with each other as qualities. Take a look at this futuristic concept and admire the innovative and extraordinary design.

Ferrari F80 in a class of its own

Ferrari F80 red Ferrari F 80 with symbol

With 1200 horsepower and from zero to 99 kilometers for 2.2 seconds and with the breathtaking 498.90 kilometers per hour is the new one Ferrari definitely a car of the future. This impressive machine is set in motion by a hybrid-like drive which, together with KERS (kinetic energy recovery system), ensures ultimate driving pleasure.

Ferrari F80 powerful and innovatively built

Ferrari F80 futuristic glass cover

Raeli replaces the iconic V12 with a twin turbo engine with 900 horsepower, which works with the configuration of the V8. All of this is linked to the KERS 300 horsepower system. Extraordinary and amazing this new one Ferrari F80! Ease of steering makes driving fun! It’s a car of ultimate pleasure.


Red Ferrari is definitely the car of the future


A car of the future, great design


Driving fun on extraordinary routes