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Farewell gifts for friends and colleagues – 28 ideas


When someone leaves, whether it’s a friend, family member, or coworker, you can make saying goodbye easier by giving them a small gift so that you will be remembered forever. Choosing the right gift could be difficult. Farewell gifts tend to be too generic or too santimental. Some gifts are unsuitable or easily forgotten. But there are several options available that are just right than that Farewell gifts for friends and colleagues fit.

Looking for a creative farewell present for colleagues?


Saying goodbye to a colleague can be embarrassing and emotional. Humor is a great way to lighten the mood. Look for gifts that will make the recipient laugh and every time they see it later, they would remember you. Some ideas include humorous books with a relevant topic (new city or new career), mugs with funny sayings, or wall calendars with funny photos.

Farewell gift for friends 


When someone you love, such as a good friend or family member, has to leave, opt for a more personal gift that represents your friendship. Photo albums or notebooks work well for this. Look for gifts related to a specific memory or experience, like a song you both love or a postcard from a place where you vacationed together.

Saying goodbye to the world of work: For colleague, colleague & boss

Organize a fitting farewell for a colleague with great sayings, wishes and poems

19 ideas for farewell gifts for colleagues and friends

A chain with a message inside would be a great farewell gift for a colleague


Another option for farewell gifts for colleagues or friends would be to give away something practical. If the recipient changes city, a travel guide is perfect. If he’s going abroad, try a pocket dictionary. For someone who has received a job offer in a different professional field, an appointment calendar or a personalized coffee mug with this topic would be a good idea.

Large mug with a personalized picture for a friend or colleague Farewell-gifts-friends-teacup-card-hearts-don't-separate-white

Personalized key ring made of stainless steel – idea for farewell gifts for friends or colleagues

Farewell gifts for friends

Nice labeled mug for morning coffee 

Farewell gifts for friends work colleague-mug-funny-inscription

Something practical

Farewell gifts for friends colleague compass chain

Something personal

Farewell gifts for friends folder-memories-photos

Make owl cupcakes with oreo biscuits for colleagues yourself


Make your own retirement gift for a hobby gardener


Retirement gift for a passionate cook


Your new scrapbooking project

Farewell-gifts-colleague-tinker-scrapbooking-picture frames

a personalized key fob


nice saying for someone who changes town


Farewell gifts for friends moving abroad year picture

Farewell gifts for friends - do-it-yourself-tinker-ideas-book-memories



Farewell gifts-friends-colleagues-cupcake-toppers

Farewell gifts-friends-chain-cardinal points



Farewell gifts for friends-year-abroad-wrapping-hot air balloon



Farewell gifts-do-it-yourself-colleague-lollipops

Farewell gifts-teachers-kindergarten-do-it-yourself