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Enchanted rose in a glass symbolizes eternal love: DIY decoration ideas

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A story as old as time – the love story in the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast” moved parents and children. In contrast to other stories where the prince and princess fall in love because of their external appearance, this is about a gradually cultivated relationship based on mutual trust. The main characters are also not aristocrats, and at first glance they have nothing in common. All the more – there can be no talk of feelings at the beginning – the two get to know each other better over time and bring out the best in the partner. It couldn’t be more romantic – it’s no wonder that more and more couples are opting for engagements and weddings with decorations in the style of the Disney film of the same name. As a symbol of their eternal love, the rose is always present in the glass. In the article you will find out what significance it actually has, how you can make such a preserved rose yourself and effectively stage it.

Enchanted rose in a glass – the story in a fairy tale

rose glass beautiful beast fairy tale meaning

The rose in the glass plays a crucial role in the fairy tale “Beauty and the Beast”. According to the story, a beautiful prince lives in his great castle. One day a beggar knocks and asks him for shelter. As a token of her gratitude, she will then give him a rose. But the prince does not agree and sends the woman away. Before she leaves, she gives him the rose anyway and then transforms into a sorceress. The woman puts a curse on him – from now on he should live as an ugly beast. If he finds a woman who then loves him for who he is, before the rose wilts, he will be transformed back into a prince. If he doesn’t find a woman who is interested in him, then he will remain a beast forever.

Rose in the glass – the meaning of the symbol

rose in the glass disney film fairy tale inspiration

The enchanted rose is a crucial part of the fairy tale – when he meets the sorceress, the fresh rose symbolizes his naivety and the beauty that young people often perceive as a given. After it has been transformed into a beast, the rose slowly begins to wither – and in this way is considered a sign of impermanence. Only after people get older and gain experience do they begin to appreciate the past. The rose is kept under a bell jar – a sign of fear of getting older and efforts to slow down the aging process. At the same time the biological clock is ticking (the rose petals are falling and the beast feels like in a prison in his body).

Rose in a glass chain of lights enchanted to conserve

There is only one way to save yourself from all these fears – love and family alleviate the fear of death and aging. Someone who loves you for who you are – who wouldn’t want a relationship like that? When Belle discovers the rose in the castle, she gets to know her partner’s fears for the first time – he is so sensitive for that. The beast itself goes on a journey of self-discovery by sacrificing everything for its beloved – even its desires. Conclusion: Eternal love can only exist if people are actively working on the relationship and are willing to compromise.

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In the end, the rose in the glass stands for eternal love through compromise, the magical healing power of a real partnership, the positive influences of a committed relationship and for the hope that great love is just around the corner. No wonder that people are always fascinated by this symbol – but especially since the Disney film in 1991 caused a sensation, the single red rose enjoys great popularity.

Rose in a glass – on which occasions can an “enchanted” flower be given??

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An “enchanted” rose in a glass is definitely a noble gift on special occasions – in the USA, for example, such a rose is brought as an engagement gift from the future husband. Often even the ring is hidden in the bell jar. The rose is then used as a prop in numerous photoshoots – together with vintage candle holders it creates a romantic atmosphere in an instant.

Expectant parents are often given such a rose as a present – it symbolizes the hope that the new life brings with it. In addition, the rose often decorates the festive table when celebrating a child’s birthday. The rose is also suitable as a gift for a new apartment or house – it enhances any interior and becomes an eye-catcher in every room.

Make a rose in a glass yourself – one design, numerous possibilities

rose glass yourself instructions

The “enchanted” rose is so popular in English-speaking countries that many manufacturers offer one. The luxury-sized flower is sold by ForeverRose – its flowers are preserved and can thus last for several years until they wither and all the rose petals fall off. But the florists in London, who, by the way, are currently selling their flower arrangements in Dubai very successfully, can also be paid well for this. Inexpensive – but also not comparable in quality – alternatives are available from Amazon, for example. If you want something unique, you can find it on Etsy, or you can even make a rose in a glass yourself.

Make arrangement with plastic flower yourself

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There are two variants to choose from – tinker with a fresh or an artificial flower. If an artificial flower is used, the following materials are necessary: ​​a glass bell, an artificial rose, fabric rose petals as a scattering decoration, wooden coasters and battery-operated fairy lights with white or yellow light. You still need: an adhesive for wood and plastic, or preferably a hot glue gun, a drill.

screw on rose glass instructions decoration

Instructions: Carefully drill a small hole in the wooden coaster / plate with the drill, put the artificial rose inside and fix it with the hot glue gun. Scatter the fabric rose petals on the plate, wrap the fairy lights around the rose and cover with the bell jar. Complete! This craft idea offers several advantages: it is extremely simple and well suited even for beginners, the arrangement lasts a long time and is inexpensive. The only disadvantage is the artificial flower – although this looks good from a distance, guests will immediately recognize on the table that the flower is made of fabric and plastic. That is why this arrangement is suitable as a decoration for the windowsill or the mantelpiece, where family and friends can marvel at it for a long time.

Arrange the rose in the glass – fresh flower as a table decoration

rose glass yourself instructions

Anyone planning a party and needing table decorations can opt for a fresh rose. In this case, the following materials are needed: fresh red rose, gold-plated plate or a white plate and gold spray paint from the craft shop, bell jar, fishing line, hot glue gun or glue for glass and plastic. Instructions: First sprinkle several rose petals on the plate, then carefully wrap the fishing line around the flower stem, directly under the flower. Use the hot glue gun to attach the end of the cord to the top of the inner side of the bell jar so that the rose hangs on it. Since the string is transparent, the flower looks like it is floating in the air – just like in the film “Beauty and the Beast”. Advantages – very effective table decorations that are guaranteed to attract the eyes. Cons: as soon as the rose wilts, it has to be replaced. Perfect as a decoration for an engagement party.

Preserve the rose in the jar – this way the flower will last longer

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The third variant is to use a fresh rose for the arrangement and then to preserve it – or you can preserve the rose at the beginning. This is how you can make the flower last longer: First carefully remove the leaves at the bottom of the stem, then cut off the flower stem at an angle. Carefully touch the flower – it should be dry. If you still feel drops of water, let the flower dry for half an hour or carefully wipe the drops off the rose petals with kitchen paper. Then fill a jar with a lid up to the middle with salt, stick the rose with the stem down (similar to a vase) and carefully add salt until the flower is completely covered. Close the jar with the lid and leave it aside for three weeks. Then take out the flower and spray it with hairspray. Not only is this preservation process extremely simple and safe, it guarantees that the flower’s color and shine will be preserved. In comparison, the roses that are dried in the open air often pale.

Arrange the enchanted rose in the glass creatively at the table

rose glass wedding decoration make ideas yourself

On festive occasions, the decoration with rose in the glass adds a playful and romantic touch to the decoration. But for optimal effect it can be combined with other decorative pieces inspired by the fairy tale – for example with an antique grandfather clock and candle holders, several books and of course a teapot and a tea cup made of porcelain. The yellow-red-blue color scheme is reminiscent of Belle’s famous yellow ball gown, the blue color – her everyday outfit, the red color – the rose. If you want to let your creativity run free, you can think of different variants. In any case, all decorations have one thing in common – they make the table look glamorous, playful and romantic. More charming decoration ideas can be found in the photo gallery!

Romantic engagement outdoors on the theme of “Beauty and the Beast”

rose glass engagement table decoration romantic vintage

Pure romance awaits the guests of the engagement party pictured above. A festive table, creatively decorated with an antique clock and candle holder, forms the perfect background for a photoshoot with the couple. It goes without saying that the rose in the glass plays the main role in the arrangement. It is a nice surprise that guests can bring with them.

Rose in a glass serves as a cake topper and decorates the wedding cake

rose glass cake decoration make your own idea glass bell

A rose in a glass as a cake topper – this idea has caught on behind the ocean. More and more couples are decorating their wedding cakes with real flowers. Especially suitable for a vintage-style wedding.

Wedding cake inspired by the Disney movie

rose glass cake decoration beautiful beast inspired

Baby shower for a girl – decoration inspired by the film character Belle

rose glass birthday kids tea party decoration

But puristic furnishings can also be imaginatively decorated. In the example shown above, all the important details from the film are present – the color scheme, the teapot and teacups, as well as the beautiful rose (in this case on a cake stand) – but these form a subtle ensemble with a great effect.

Sweet decoration ideas for the baby showerrose glass baby birthday party decoration idea

Experienced florists arrange flower arrangements under the bell jar

rose glass bell flower arrangements yourself make table decorations

Fairy lights add the finishing touches to the home-made arrangement

rose glass table decoration candle holder kids birthday

The price of a rose in a glass can vary greatly – depending on whether the rose is real and how long it stays fresh

rose glass candy biscuits tablecloth

Sweet decoration idea for a birthday party for the first birthday

rose in glass kids birthday party organize decor ideas

Yellow rose decorates the side table of an apartment in Dubai – there the roses in the glass are a very popular gift

rose glass yellow hotel decoration

Antique mirror, gold-plated candle holder and porcelain teapot, together with the rose in the glass, make a beautiful arrangement

rose glass plants engagement fairy tale table decoration

The illuminated rose is particularly charming

DIY rose glass fairy lights

A fresh flower looks particularly good as an eye-catcher on the wedding table

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rose glass wedding table decoration gold blue

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