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Design your own decoration & table decorations for school enrollment – 17 ideas

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School enrollment is a very special day for your child. A new chapter begins in the child’s life, of which he is sure to be very proud. To make this day even better, a party can be organized where your child is of course the focus. With the right decorations and table decorations, you can spice up this party perfectly. We would like to give you some ideas for the decoration and Table decoration for school enrollment that you can also use for your party.

Table decoration for school enrollment in bright colors

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The decoration and table decoration for schooling can be designed from different elements. These should best be reminiscent of the first grader classroom to create the right atmosphere. Pens, blackboards and of course school cones are a great idea and can be used in an original way. This article is great inspiration for you.

Decoration and table decorations for school enrollment – a sugar bag

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The table decorations for school enrollment are not only suitable for a party, to which you can also invite friends of the child. Even if you are just sitting with the family over coffee and cake, it is not bad to create the right atmosphere. How about making small school cones and hanging them over the table or in other areas? With these instructions you can make such school cones:

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Make school cones for school enrollment – instructions and ideas

Instructions for school cone

table decoration training instruction-tinkering-school-bag-easy

You will receive this table decoration for schooling in just a few steps. First form a cone out of sturdy cardboard. Glue the edges with adhesive tape. Since cardboard usually doesn’t look very pretty, you can wrap it with any paper, such as wrapping paper, to embellish it. If you like, you can then add other decorations such as these triangles.

School cone decoration

table decoration training paper-tinkering-idea-simply-decorating-house

Use a spider monkey to attach the fabric or paper that you use to seal the school cone along the upper edge of the school cone. Use a nice ribbon or string to tie. If you want, you can fill this table decoration with candy for school enrollment and use it as a prize in competitions between friends at the school enrollment party.

Decoration with school cones


Another possibility to use the school cones for the table decoration for school enrollment is to serve sweets or other snacks in them. It doesn’t have to be a complicated school cone either. A simple cone shape is just as suitable and is reminiscent of the school cone. You can decorate the cone with decorative elements such as rhinestones, stickers or other things. And your child can help too.

Table decorations for the start of school

table decoration for schooling-gift-sneakers-pen holder-colored pencils

Of course, your child will also receive a few gifts when they start school. In addition to the necessary equipment for school such as new pencils, exercise books, colored pencils, rulers, etc., a new outfit is usually included. You can use this as a table decoration for school enrollment during the party and give it away in an original way. Here, for example, a new shoe serves as the centerpiece of the table and at the same time as a pen holder.

Words and messages

table decoration-school-slate-biscuits-russian-bread-embassy-congratulations

Some children can read a little before starting school. That’s why letters are a great idea as table decorations for school enrollment. But even if your child cannot read yet, such cookies will motivate them even more and increase the joy of school. Russian bread or magnets in the form of letters and numbers are well suited for this.

Vase as a table decoration

table decoration-school-school-vase-magnet-letters-meadow-flowers-apple-book

Use a transparent container as a vase, which you fill with the magnets already mentioned after you have placed a pretty bouquet in it. In addition, you can combine the vase with a book, pens or other school items. So you get a colorful, child-friendly table decoration for school enrollment.

Decorate dessert table

table decoration-school-wall-decoration-garland-cake-first-day-of-school-celebration

A dessert table is also a great idea for the school enrollment party. Of course, it has to be decorated appropriately. A playful cake and other colorful desserts are actually a suitable table decoration for school enrollment. However, a wall decoration made of garlands like this can be a great addition. Fans or lanterns are also suitable.

Chalkboards as decoration

table decoration-training-original-plates-boards-names-guests-books-decoration

Blackboards may be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about school. And since you can also draw wonderfully on them, you can also use them for the table decoration for schooling. In the form of a plate coaster, tables can also serve as name tags for the guests. The snacks are of course wrapped in bread paper.

Vase made of pencils

table decoration-school-vase-flowers-table-lettering-chalk-breakfast

Make an original table decoration for school enrollment, which you then use as a vase. Take an old, waterproof container and stick pencils over it. The best way to fix these in place is to use a hot glue gun. This decoration for school starts becomes more playful if you use colored pencils. A rainbow look, for example, has a great charisma.

Back to school decoration

table decoration-school-congratulations-wall-decorate-lettering

If you don’t want to throw a party when you start school, you can make breakfast a little more original on the day you start school. Just like a birthday! Hang up a garland with greetings and congratulations and design an extra table for the school starter and their siblings. You can then design the table with any table decoration for schooling. Use our ideas for this!

Tinker table decorations for school enrollment


Here is another idea for crafting letters. Utensils are used that are used in the classroom to help keep the theme going. Erasers, various pens, or even glue can be used. In principle, you can let your imagination run wild and combine a wide variety of objects. You can also use the letters to organize a writing game or simply use them as a table decoration for school enrollment.

Tinker letters

table decoration-school-letter-tinkering-eraser-sticking

For this table decoration, first cut out a template from cardboard that represents the respective letter. Then attach the selected objects to this template with glue. These should be fixed in such a way that it is best not to see the template underneath. This way you can design the whole alphabet or numbers.

Photos for school enrollment

table decoration-school-frame-diy-chalk-colorful-photo-idea

When starting school, of course, lots of photos are taken with the whole family. So that they get an original look, you can make such a frame together with your children, which can also be used as decoration and table decoration for schooling during the rest of the time. Cut a frame out of cardboard and then cover it with colored chalk. You are also welcome to add lettering.

Simple decoration for school enrollment

table decoration-school-heart-piece-books-pens-theme-party

If you don’t have the time to do handicrafts, choose such a table decoration for schooling, which is put together very quickly. Stack some children’s books or textbooks in the middle of the table and arrange them with a pencil holder, chalk and other school supplies that you have already bought as a precaution for starting school.

Make table decorations yourself for school enrollment

table decoration-school-red-paper-plate-apple-shape-nameplate

The apple is a symbol for school enrollment. When there was no sweets yet, fruit was given away for school enrollment and other occasions. You can also use this symbol for the table decoration for school enrollment. A red paper plate can be quickly transformed into an apple and thus quickly arouses the children’s appetite.

Give away school supplies

table decoration-school-school-utensils-pens-tape-ruler-fun

Your child is sure to be very happy about the new school utensils. You can increase the joy by only giving it to the child at the school enrollment party and that in the form of a table decoration for school enrollment. That makes the whole atmosphere more interesting for the child. Wherever you look, there is always something new to discover – just like in the coming school days …

Quick table decorations for school enrollment

table decoration-school-table-cover-inspiration-children's party-plastic-plate

With a dark tablecloth you can highlight the colorful table decorations for school enrollment, in whatever form. If you have an old table, you can redesign it in an original way. Simply paint it with blackboard paint. The invited children can draw and write on the table during and after dinner. That makes eating a lot more fun!