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Curling short hair – make your own hairstyles with curls for short haircuts

Short hair curls-hairstyles-instructions-pixie-ombre-short haircut

Who says that short haircuts are not suitable for varied stylings? If you want, you can short hair curls. It is relatively easy and quick in contrast to the other lengths. We offer two guided ideas on how to easily style your hair with curls.

Curling short hair – useful hair styling products and aids

Short hair curls -hairstyle-instructions-pixie-products-tools

Anyone with short hair knows very well how many styling products, accessories and aids are needed for doing their daily hairstyle. Curling iron or flat iron with a round shape, curling mousse and hairspray for setting. If you already have a straightening iron, but do not know whether it is also suitable for curling hair, you have to pay attention to two points: – is the shape rounded and is it equipped with a swiveling cable joint.

Curling short hair – instructions

Short hair curls-hairstyles-instructions-pixie-smooth-ombre

It is important to note that the curls can be small and fine with a curling iron and the straightening iron tends to produce waves and volume. The first tutorial shows how to curl short hair with the help of a straightening iron. Follow the step-by-step instructions.

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Curling short hair – prep the hair first

Short hair curls-hairstyle-instructions-pixie-hairspray

First, the hair needs to be dry, comb it through well and if you want, you can spray it with a shine spray. It is advisable to properly protect your hair from the heat of the straightening iron. For short, fine hair, avoid silicone-based products.

Curling short hair – dividing hair into sectors


Divide the hair into sections. The direction of the parting is crucial here, so that the hairstyle ultimately looks natural and good. Also, consider the volume at the back of the head and it is best to divide the hair into three – left, right and back of the head. Start twisting individual strands from left to right or vice versa, depending on the parting direction.

Curl short hair – with the help of a straightening iron


When twisting the curls with the straightening iron, always keep the direction of movement the same, so that in the end even curls are created. So that the natural volume of the curly hair appears, you can try a little trick – at the beginning of each curl, pull a bit up at the base with the straightening iron and hold it for about 5 seconds, then continue to twist the curl.

Tips for kCurling short hair – the right technique


So the curls don’t stay smooth and flat at the roots, but from the head up and then they fall nicely. You can also test a similar approach when using a curling iron.

Curling short hair – twist curls with a flat iron


Curl short hair and set with hairspray


When you’re done with all of your hair, set with hairspray. A good tip is to shake your hair well overhead and knead it lightly with your fingers. Then style it nicely and bring it exactly in the desired position. Spray again and you’re done!

Curl short hair and achieve a messy look


Real curls are not, but a variant of the trendy beach waves for short hair is. The hairstyle can last for a good two days or, if necessary, can be styled with a little hair wax.

Curl short hair and add volume


Short hair curls – vintage style


Did you think waves are only meant for long hair? But the so-called water waves so popular and modern in the 1920s are wonderfully suitable for short hair. But then they appear totally different – very extravagant and cheeky. Singer Halsey loves unusual and original hairstyles and often experiments with her look.

Curling short hair – water waves with a short haircut

short-hair-curls-hairstyles-make-yourself-water waves

It is not for nothing that the water waves are called exactly that. To achieve the effect, the hair is styled wet, combed with a fine comb and fixed in the correct wave position with hair clips. Then blow-dry or leave to air dry.

Curling iron for short hair


You can use a thin curling iron to create the fine curls on short hair. A thick curling iron is usually used for long hair. In order to keep the hairstyle as long as possible, it is very important not to wash the hair shortly before styling. Wash your hair the previous evening or 5-6 hours before starting your hairstyle. This generally applies to hairstyles of all types.

Short hair curls without heat or without a curling iron


Alternatively, curls of any length of hair can be conjured up without heat. A really cool and creative idea is to use straws. You would also need small hair ties. The hair needs to be completely wet and the end result is to succeed. You are also welcome to use curling mousse or hair foam.

With straws kcurl short hair 


Separate the hair into small sections and twist one section at a time around a straw. Fix the hair on the straw with the hair elastic and knot as shown in the picture – put the two ends of the straw into each other. Let the hair dry on its own and then take out the straws. The result is a wow factor!

Short hair curls, but only in the front


This short haircut is definitely not suitable for shy ladies. The two sides are cut short and the hair is left long on the top of the head. This short hairstyle with bangs requires daily styling and the curls are a great solution for that. With the help of a hair clip in a shade that matches the hair color, you can fix the hair in one position.

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