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Creating the perfect photo book: tips for correct implementation

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We humans live in the digital age of flood of images. Since a Frenchman named Joseph Nicéphore Niépce took the first photo, more than 3 trillion pictures have been taken worldwide. A new photograph is added every two minutes. Despite modern digitization, pictures are still popular with family and friends. As a result, elaborately designed photo books continue to enjoy lively interest. The more original they are designed, the more memorable they will be. This article explains what to look for when designing and how you can create a perfect photo book.

Creating the perfect photo book: It all depends on the concept

Create the perfect photo book with colored family photos, city skylines and landscapes

Regardless of whether it is about extraordinary wedding photos or the round birthday party: The perfect photo book has to be based on a concept. It serves as a guide and makes looking at photos an all-encompassing experience. A narrative focus presents the memories in an emotional text-image composition. A documentary focus – for example in memorable travel and vacation photographs, is also suitable as a conceptual idea. It makes sense to list the images in a specific (chronological) order.

Individually designed photo books should be arranged in such a way that they present a common thread to the reader. Thrown together pictures without a concept rather animate the observer to hastily skip a few pages.

Adapt the page number of the photo book to the occasion and highlight it with atmospheric pictures

Creative gift idea for birthdays and for Christmas: a self-designed photo book

The thematic orientation of the photo book is decisive for the required page numbers. Experts recommend planning a page or a double page per station for travel documentation, for example. The estimated page numbers for celebrations and events should be based on their chronological sequence. If the photo book shows family photos, all family members get a dedicated page. In order to loosen up the photo book in between, some pages are reserved for atmospheric landscape or symbolic images.

Create the perfect photo book: When designing, make sure it is ideally positioned

Design the perfect photo book: choose black and white photos and arrange them stylishly

In addition to a concept, the photo book should basically be based on the based on classic design rules. A symmetrical page layout exists if this does not distract from the content. To a certain extent, asymmetries can liven up the perfect photo book. However, the pictures should not be distributed in a motley way. It is better, the golden ratio to be taken into account in the design. For this it is advisable to divide the pages in a ratio of 2: 1. This proportion of 62:38 corresponds to a guideline that is balanced for human perception. For example, photos adorn the upper part of the page, while the lower part contains text. A mixture of portrait and landscape format images looks particularly nice. Basically, it makes sense to decide on a stylistic arrangement.

Create a photo book: Include a suitable type of text as a design element

Choose the lettering for the photo album and choose the color scheme for the cover

With regard to the choice of font in the expressionist-artistic photo book, legibility comes first. Large fonts come into their own sans serif. If the fonts are smaller, serifs contribute to a better reading flow. Incidentally, when it comes to writing, the motto is: less is more. Two or a maximum of three different fonts make the illustrated book appear beautiful. The fonts “Times” or “Times New Roman” can be used well for longer texts. More modern, sans serif fonts such as “Helvetica” or “Arial” put short descriptions, one-liners or titles in the limelight.

The color of the font depends on the background. Depending on the individual case, a clear contrast breathes more life into the perfect photo book than a uniform color scheme. In the end, it all depends on the golden mean: For example, the human eye perceives black on white as tiring at times. With a colored background, the brightness is decisive. A light font is an absolute must on a dark background. Bright colors on a colored background are more suitable for children’s books.

Design the layout of the photo book

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Finding a suitable layout for the perfect photo book is no easy task. It doesn’t necessarily have to be conspicuous, but complement the chosen topic. For example, a colorful retro design underlines family chronicles, while a summery layout complements the holiday results. Business photo books tend to benefit from a plain, reduced background. With a white color, the photo book retains a certain neutrality. It can basically be used for almost all photo book projects.

With the help of special software, any of your own layout requirements can be skilfully implemented. Programs for beginners offer a wide range of simple or eye-catching layout templates. Most of the time, the software solutions offer different templates that can be adapted to the occasion. Of course, you can also use your own images as a layout template.

The perfect image selection for the photo book

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In terms of content, the photo book should contain the most beautiful and meaningful photos. The first picture on the first page should introduce the topic as a “lead story”. An image with a vector is ideal for this: for example a portrait that opens to the right or an image composition that extends over several pages. Image sequences are generally an exciting stylistic device that brings more movement into the photo book. They give the viewer the feeling of being directly involved in what is happening. After the other pictures continue the photographic journey, the album should end with an expressive final picture. If the image vector runs to the left, the image circle closes harmoniously.

Unique photo book cover invites you to take a look

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A great cover makes you want more. There are no limits to the imagination, as long as the cover motif is in line with the concept. So that the cover invites curious browsing, it should be large-format. Detailed recordings are just as legitimate as cover motifs, as are interesting sharp and blurred contrasts. It can also make sense to use an unconventional image section as the cover motif. This makes observers curious about the content.

Frame photos stylishly, but not excessively

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How do the photos come into their own? With a suitable frame that separates it from other pictures. To ensure that the border does not look too cluttered, it should be selected as thin as a millimeter. The eye-catching frames can also be used in a targeted manner and in a standardized style. In exceptional cases – where it fits – Polaroid frames spray humorous accents. This is how cliparts can be used: either in a children’s book or on a photographed map section.