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Costumes for children and adults – this is how role-playing games are really fun!

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Big and small like to dress up not only for Carnival or Halloween. The children in particular love to put themselves in different roles in everyday life. In this way they get to know new behaviors, develop their ability to express themselves and reduce fears. Siblings traditionally become popular play partners, but parents can also support the role-playing games. It goes without saying that the right props should not be missing. Anyone who invests in costumes for children and adults can not only wear them to carnival. With these tips, family fun is guaranteed!

Costumes for children – babies can also take part in role-playing games!

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Whether a cute rabbit, or rather a chick – parents like to dress up their babies for Mardi Gras. Who is that Mardi Gras costume selects purposefully, the little one can later be attracted to a photo shoot. This creates personal and unforgettable family portraits that can be given to grandparents for birthdays, Christmas or Easter, for example. If the baby has siblings, it can take part in their role play from 6 months. Because toddlers imitate everyday situations and imitate the reactions of adults. Skills such as sitting, crawling, walking and speaking are practiced in a familiar environment. The older children have the opportunity to get used to the new family situation. This promotes communication and avoids jealousy scenes. The right baby disguise plays a crucial role here – it arouses the imagination and enables an easy transition to play.

Costumes for children – role-playing games encourage development

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Role-play games are very important for toddlers from the age of three – so the little ones try out different roles every day. Their creativity is encouraged – they always come up with new variations that they like to try out with their parents and with other playmates of the same age. You gradually learn a social behavior where group work comes first. They develop the ability to express their feelings and can make decisions on their own. Fine motor skills and body language are trained in a playful way. In doing so, they usually need little support from adults – they usually only have to intervene if there is a dispute between the children. Otherwise, the little ones can set the rules themselves.

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The right disguise helps so that social skills are strengthened and the children can easily put themselves in their roles. Whether superheroes, princesses, angels or maybe a police officer / firefighter – the costumes let the imagination run wild. Therefore, the choice of Halloween or Mardi Gras costume and the remaining props such as wigs, hats and accessories should be left to the little ones. So fun is guaranteed even after the carnival.

Adult costumes – when parents participate in role play

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Adults often take part in the role-play games – for example, grandpa or uncle wears one for Christmas Santa Claus costume, The whole family dresses up for Halloween. In principle, these are also role-playing games, which the children look forward to very much. Every now and then, on rainy weekends, theater plays can be organized at home – this idea is sure to generate enthusiasm. So everyone can tell and present stories together. Small one-act plays are suitable for getting started, scenes from popular fairy tales can then be reenacted or favorite songs can be sung step by step. One thing is for sure – dressing up is also a lot of fun in everyday life!

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