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Concrete terrace slabs for a modern design


The concrete look is increasingly found in modern furnishings. But the outside area is also often designed in this way. This is not only due to the modern look that it achieves. It is also an inexpensive variant of the design that is also easy to care for. This article is specifically about that Concrete terrace slabs, with which the garden can be designed in the form of garden paths.

Concrete terrace slabs and grass as joints


The concrete terrace slabs are available in the form of prefabricated models, but can of course also be designed individually. This creates any shape, such as circles, rectangles, squares or even hexagons, depending on what you like. You also have the choice between thick and thin concrete slabs. The former are more likely to be protected from breakage. However, the thin plates are more aesthetically attractive. For this reason, they are also more popular for designing patios and sidewalks. Terrace slabs made of concrete in different sizes and shapes can also be wonderfully combined with one another. So you can design interesting and individual terraces and areas.

Concrete terrace slabs for the garden path

Concrete terrace slabs garden path-idea-modern-palm-beds

If you would like to collect some inspiration to help you design your outdoor area with concrete terrace slabs, then you have landed at the right place. We have put together great examples of modern terrace construction, including attractive garden paths. Choose the minimalist and monochrome material to spice up your outdoor area quickly and cheaply.

Concrete slabs as decorative elements


The concrete terrace slabs frame the modern house. The joints are partly filled with gravel and partly with lawn. In order to limit the gray look a bit, beds were designed with green bushes and shrubs.

Concrete for landscaping and gardening


In addition to the concrete terrace slabs, other elements made of this modern-looking material can also be found in this garden design. This also includes the attractive wall and protruding panels that can be used both as a storage surface and as a bench. The lounge furniture made of wicker provides a variety of colors and is particularly well expressed.

Simple and light concrete design

terrace slabs-concrete-design-raised beds-climbing plants-privacy-screen-wood

Concrete is also available in lighter versions. This small garden was also designed with him. The terrace slabs form a nice area for setting up the garden furniture, while raised beds made of concrete provide an attractive frame for the green lawn.

Concrete and gravel


If the fairly light terrace slabs are surrounded by darker pebbles, they come into their own. Add modern grasses to the landscape for more natural elements.

Narrow terrace slabs

terrace-slab-concrete-narrow-elongated-design-garden design

Elongated terrace slabs are particularly suitable as eye-catching accents in the garden. These can also be used perfectly as stepping stones. How exactly you arrange such panels is up to you.

Set accents with concrete

Terrace slabs-concrete-dining area-flooring-stripes-optics-accents-rattan

With concrete, you can even create such interesting accents and patterns. For this example, narrow strips were simply made, which come into their own between the terrace slabs. The different shades of gray on the panels are also striking.

Natural materials for the terrace

Concrete terrace slabs square-gravel-joint-gray-wood terrace

Design your outdoor area with various natural materials. In addition to the concrete terrace slabs, you can use the already mentioned pebbles and wood for this purpose. The result is an attractive interplay of different colors and color nuances, which at the same time contrast with one another.

Mediterranean design

Elongated concrete terrace slabs-design-landscaping-boxwood-hedge

Despite the symmetrical arrangement of the narrow and elongated concrete terrace slabs, this front garden looks natural. This is mainly due to the design with many plants, including climbing plants as a privacy screen and a low hedge made of boxwood.

Asymmetrical arrangement of the concrete slabs


If you dream of a green lawn, but don’t have the time to mow and maintain it regularly, you can fall back on an artificial turf that looks extremely real these days. This can also decorate the joints between the individual terrace slabs made of concrete.

Concrete terrace with colored accents

Terrace slabs-concrete-dining-table-wood-green-chairs-gravel-joint-raised bed-round

The gray look of the concrete terrace slabs also brings out colorful garden furniture and accessories. This is proven by this example with green garden chairs, a colored carpet and attractive flower pots.

Large concrete patio slabs

Terrace-slabs-concrete-large-front garden-deco-trees-entrance

Concrete terrace slabs in large format are particularly pleasant for designing the garden. These can be arranged quickly. Such were also used for the design of this modern garden path. The idea of ​​filling in the joints with colorful ground cover is also interesting.

Concrete flooring slabs

Terrace slabs-concrete-wall-garden design-patio-seating area-wooden furniture

These terrace slabs form a spacious terrace on which shade is guaranteed by large trees. This round terrace is framed by a low wall in white color and some bushes.

an attractive garden path

Terrace-slab-concrete-pretty-garden-benches-lawn-trees-throw pillows

Here is another nice idea for designing a garden path from concrete patio slabs. These serve as practical stepping stones, which are separated from each other by wide joints made of grass.

Concrete in wood look


With the right mold, you can create such effective designs for the terrace slabs yourself. You get panels that look like wooden boards. Use it to decorate the terrace floor and no one will notice the difference.

Garden path made of concrete terrace slabs in two rows


Depending on the size of the terrace slabs and the width you have planned for the garden path, you can even arrange two rows. The tropical plants make this garden look very exotic.