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Children’s overnight party ideas – tips on decoration, entertainment & food

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Hardly any child does not love parties followed by an overnight stay. Whether as a conclusion to a birthday or as a pajama party without a special occasion does not matter. It’s always fun. But since there are many different variants and you want your child and friends to have a good time, you don’t want to go wrong or forget anything. In addition, ideas in terms of decoration, food and games are always very welcome for a successful party. And this is where we come in. We have put together some overnight party ideas that you can consider for your party so that everyone present has plenty of fun and the process of the overnight party is perfect. Start planning now and put together an overnight party checklist!

Overnight Party Ideas – When should the party be held?


Of course, the weekend is best for celebrating. However, Friday and Sunday have their disadvantages. You are still at work on Friday and after work you don’t have enough time to prepare everything you need to do. Sunday is followed by Monday, when everyone has to work or go to school. So that makes him unsuitable too, unless Monday is a public holiday. So there’s only Saturday left to implement your overnight party ideas. Here you have all day until the evening or late afternoon to make all the preparations. You can also sleep in well on Sunday and end the party with a delicious and relaxed breakfast.

Where will you stay??

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The best place to stay depends on several things. On the one hand this is the weather and on the other hand the number of guests that influence the overnight party ideas. In bad or cold weather, you will of course spend the night in the house. The living room is usually best for a large number of people, as this is usually where the most space is available. But maybe there is enough space for everyone in the nursery itself. Overnight stays in tents are very suitable and popular for the summer. Just make sure that there are enough tents and you may ask guests to bring them. There should be enough mattresses so that guests don’t have to sleep on the hard floor.

Invitation to the overnight party


The overnight party invitation is an important part that should not be forgotten and which should be given special attention. Here you not only note the date and the start of the party, but also everything that the guests should bring with them so that nothing is missing in the end. A pajamas or a nightgown belong among other things. But of course the toothbrush shouldn’t be missing either. If many people are expected and you as the host do not have enough towels available, ask that you bring a towel with you. Sleeping bags and cuddly toys are also beneficial and even desirable. Depending on what games and activities are planned, clothes to change or long or short-sleeved clothes can also be included in the planning. If you are playing with water or by the pool, a swimsuit is necessary.

These are all things that you should think carefully in advance and note on the invitation card to the overnight party so that all of your overnight party ideas work out too. You’re sure to make a good impression if you make the overnight party invitations yourself. These can be tailored to the party theme and also made by your child. Come up with something nice. It doesn’t have to be something complicated right away.

Decoration for overnight party

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Guests and hosts can really get into a party mood with the right party decorations. If your pajama party has a specific theme, it is of course advisable to choose and design the party decoration accordingly. Use overnight party ideas with matching motifs and colors. Otherwise, just bright colors are very suitable, as you know from parties. Garlands, pennant chains, lanterns, lanterns and much more can be used to design the garden or living room.

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With regard to the decorations, there are all sorts of craft ideas for the overnight party. Your child is more than welcome to help with this. Paper is particularly suitable as a material for handicrafts for the overnight party, but other materials can of course also be used. On our site we offer a number of ideas and instructions on this topic that can be copied quickly and easily.

Overnight party ideas for the meal

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When it comes to the food, too, the options are very diverse. A sandwich evening can also be prepared from the classic dinner with the children’s favorite food (e.g. spaghetti or pizza) or you can put together a buffet of different finger foods and snacks. Vegetable sticks, mini hamburgers, sandwiches or cupcakes for dessert are just a small selection of overnight party ideas that you can choose from. You can also find some recipes and ideas on our website. You can also learn from us how to decorate sandwiches and open rolls as an idea.


After the overnight stay, an appropriate breakfast must of course also be offered. And after the exciting evening there is also a lot to tell in the morning. Breakfast after the overnight party doesn’t have to be complicated either. Instead, choose overnight party ideas that are quick and easy to make while filling the many hungry guests. Pancakes or waffles, for example, are great. Or maybe someone would be happy about a simple bowl of corn flakes. Nothing special has to be bought for this. What you already have at home is definitely enough. Just make sure there is enough of everything.

Overnight Party Games – What to Do at an Overnight Party?

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In principle, you can assume that the children can also wonderfully occupy and entertain themselves. Just in case and so that the evening really doesn’t get boring, it can certainly be an advantage to prepare a few ideas for the overnight party for entertainment. Have cards or board games ready, or do some research to see what games might be played at the party. In bad weather, the DVD for the overnight party can also be a savior. But maybe a movie night is already planned in advance? Then of course there should be enough films ready for the overnight party, from which the guests can choose something suitable.


When the weather is nice, games for the garden can be implemented and various night hike ideas in the evening. Not only is a night hike on a child’s birthday a great idea, but also for unrelated parties. However, such a hike also requires a certain amount of preparation. Surprise effects and a creepy story that puts everyone in the right mood is just part of it.

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The game ideas for the party are of course also chosen depending on the gender of the guests. For example, different games are suitable for an overnight party for girls than for an overnight party for boys, but this does not mean that others are not also suitable for both genders. For example, girls like to do their hair and make-up, while boys might prefer to build something. The best thing to do is to discuss this with your child in order to find cool games for girls or for boys, and to provide or organize them.