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Children’s Olympics games for outside: Cool sports games without physical contact

At the start of the 2021 Olympics in Tokyo, there is the opportunity to organize sports games for the children in your own garden! Based on the spirit of the Olympics, the children can compete against each other in various sports. To make it not only fun but also safe, we have put together several children’s Olympics games that you can play outside and with a distance between the players.

Children’s Olympics Outdoor Games: The Planning

Children's Olympics games host ideas

Organizing a children’s Olympics in your own garden is not difficult. Fortunately, there are many sports games that can be played without special equipment. We list several suggestions for the different disciplines for children in elementary school below. Good planning is necessary to guarantee fun. The games should test the skills and speed of the little athletes and promote team spirit.

Children’s Olympics for children in primary school: Day 1

Sports games by far for children in primary school olympic flame

On the first day, the children can sit down and paint and decorate their team jerseys as they wish. You can also make an Olympic flame torch out of cardboard, baking foil, and tissue paper first. While the children are forming the teams and trying on the jerseys, you can prepare the garden for the upcoming sports games. Remove stones in the lawn so that they do not become a trip hazard.

Children’s Olympics, day 2

Children's olympic games medal award from sweets

You can start on the second day! Each team has to go through several disciplines and the parents award points and write the result of each child on a special stamp card. At the end you can organize an award ceremony, in which all athletes can take part. The children then receive lovingly crafted medals and individually wrapped gifts.

If you want to organize a children’s Olympics for a child’s birthday, the activities on the first day can be omitted. If the local Corona regulations do not allow many people to gather outdoors, the family can play together in the garden.

Sports games for children: Disciplines without physical contact

Children's Olympics games with distance ideas for stations

Below we list several suggestions for non-physical sports games that the little athletes can go through. Team games in which the children individually overcome obstacles and then hand over a baton are particularly suitable. This promotes team spirit, but plays with a distance from each other. It is also a good idea to arrange the stations so that the children can relax after a physical activity. For example: after a sprint, a tire hike or an obstacle relay, a risk throw or bowling can follow. Divide the children into several teams. Each team should have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 6 participants.

Suitable sports games by far: Relay races, kenguru run, like jumping on one leg like a stork, long jump or mat long jump, team throw or risk throw, bowling.

The children’s Olympic stations at a glance

An overview of the children's Olympic games stations

We have put together a total of 10 stations and described them together with the necessary materials. Eight to 10 stations are ideal for children in primary school. Most games do not take up a lot of space, but they should be played on a lawn. If the garden isn’t big enough, you can build 5 stations first and then put the next 5 together.

  • Station 1. Obstacle board
  • Station 2. Long jump
  • Station 3. Race, sack race, obstacle course
  • Station 4. Long throw
  • Station 5. Bowling
  • Station 6. Javelin throwing
  • Station 7. Rhythmic gymnastics
  • Station 8. Archery
  • Station 9. Water features
  • Station 10. Balance beam

Sports games for outside: Station 1st obstacle relay

Obstacle relay ideas for sports games with distance for children in elementary school

The participants are divided into teams. Half of the participants stand behind the marking cones at the start, the other half behind the target marking cones. The parents are also divided into two groups – the first is at the start, the second at the finish. Time begins with “Go”. Each participant can only run once, then has to hand over the baton and run back. The children can choose: either they jump over the pool noodles or they crawl through below.

Children's Olympics Outdoor games for children

Necessary materials:  

  • 5 pool noodle obstacles in different colors.
  • 4 marking cones
  • a stopwatch (you can also use a stopwatch app on your phone)

Where in the garden can you set up the obstacle relay: Near the terrace, the summer house, in the shade of a tall tree. As the children play one after the other, they should have a comfortable seat in the shade.

Maximum height of the obstacles: 60 cm. Distance between the obstacles: 1 meter. You need a total of 5 square meters for the game and, depending on the number of players, 2-3 free square meters behind the start and finish cones.

Sports games for children: Station 2. Long jump

Children's Olympics stations long jump for children in primary school

All participants from a team line up at the start. The other teams can sit around the mat. The first participant takes a run-up and makes a long jump. The parents measure the jump distance and mark the landing point with chalk.

Necessary materials:  

  • a mat (you can cut the mat out of fabric and tape it to the lawn) or
  • Chalk spray for lawn with which you can draw the mat on the lawn. The spray is water-based and disappears as soon as you water the lawn or it rains.
  • Chalk of different colors
  • a tape measure
  • 2 marking cones

Children's Olympics games two-legged jump

The right place in the garden: In partial shade, in the sun. You need one and a half meters for the mat and about 2-3 meters for the run-up. If the lawn is shorter than 4 meters, the children can make a two-legged jump without running a run. The driveway is also ideal for a two-legged jump.

Team games for children: Station 3rd race, sack race, obstacle course

Sports games for children with distance sack race

The classic sprint is too boring for the kids? Then these ideas come up on how to make it funnier. The rules: The children compete on a 30 m long route. Different variations are possible: hopping on one leg, sacking, walking sideways.

You can also set up a course system with plush toys and play equipment and divide each team into pairs. The first player looks at the course and then tries to run around the obstacles in the slalom with his eyes closed. His partner can give warning signals if necessary.

Sports games with distance for children parcours run obstacles with eyes closed

Necessary materials:  

  • Linen bags
  • Plush toys, play equipment

The right place for the course: In the middle of the lawn. The spectators can sit in a circle around the players so that they do not wander through the garden.

Children’s Olympic Games for outside: Station 4. Long throw

Team games for children Team throwing ideas in the garden

The children from a team line up at the start. The first participant tries to throw the ball into a bowl or bucket from a meter away and gets one, two or three points for each throw.

The necessary materials:

  • Cloth ball
  • three different sized buckets or bowls

The right place in the garden: near the garden fence.

Children’s Olympic Games: Station 5th cone

Sports games with distance for children to play bowling

The team lines up at the start. The cones are set up in a diamond shape: one cone in front, two cones offset behind it, three further cones offset behind it, then two more cones and the last cone at the very back. The participants try one after the other to hit the cone with the ball. Each participant has only one attempt, then he sets up the pins that are hit. The team that knocked over the most pins wins.

The necessary materials:

  • 10 marking cones (alternatively: returnable bottles made of hard plastic or cans)
  • 1 soccer ball (alternatively: 1 tennis ball)

The right place in the garden: near the garden fence

Sports games for the Children’s Olympics: Station 6. Javelin throwing

Children's Olympics Games for outdoors long throw.jpeg

Each child has three spears (three straws) to throw into a bowl from a meter away. The player can choose the bowl. If he doesn’t hit her, he gets 0 points. If he hits another bowl he gets a point. If he hits “his” bowl, he gets 2 points.

The necessary materials: 

  • Craft cardboard for the target
  • Compasses and pencils (for drawing the Olympic rings)
  • three-four bowls
  • Straws (squeeze one end of each straw)

The right place in the garden: on the garden fence

Sports games for outside: Station 7. Rhythmic gymnastics

Sports games for children for outdoors Children's Olympics ideas rhythmic gymnastics

For a change, you can organize a music party with the kids. Each participant has 30 seconds to demonstrate their dance skills. Points are awarded to all participants.

Necessary materials:

  • 2 curtain rings with a diameter of 5 cm
  • Decorative ribbons, 5 cm wide, in rainbow colors

The right place in the garden: On the terrace

Children’s Olympic Games for outside: Station 8. Archery

Sports games for outdoor archery

Archery with a difference: In this game, each participant has to shoot the arrow through a hoop. The area in front of the tire is divided into three zones. Each participant has three attempts. First you shoot from one, then from two and at the end from a distance of three meters. The parents add up the points. Then the child retrieves the arrows and gives them to the next participant.

Necessary materials:

  • A bow and arrows with a suction cup or
  • You can make the arch from swimming noodles or from clothes hangers

The right place in the garden: Around a tree where you can hang the tire.

Team games for children from 3 years: station 9. Water games

Water games in summer at a distance_ Swimming

If there is a pool in the garden, then you can perform various water games.

Swim: One child from each team can take part in the competition. A swimming style is determined. Whoever gets to the other edge of the pool first and then quickly swims back to his team receives one point.

Relay games: There are two bowls three meters from the pool. Each team gets a sponge. The participants stand by the pool. The first participants soak their sponges in the water, then quickly run to the bowls. Everyone squeezes their sponge over their bowl and then quickly runs back to their team. There he passes the sponge on. The game ends when one team fills their bowl to the brim.

Children’s Olympic Games: Station 10. Balance beam

Children's Olympics games balance beam course

Put several spoonerbords together to create a course. The children from a team have to master the course one after the other as flawlessly as possible. The team that masters the obstacle course the fastest wins and gets points.

Necessary materials:

  • 3-4 spoonerboards

The right place in the garden: Niches and corners, takes up little space.

Children’s Olympics running card

children's olympics stamp card to print out free of charge

To guarantee fun on the day of the Children’s Olympics, all you need is a stamp card. This then remains a nice memory of the sports festival in your own garden. Simply download the free stamp card and print it out. Then the sports games can start!